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6 Reasons Pedicures Are Good For You!

6 Reasons Pedicures Are Good For You! If you love getting pedicures then this is the news you want to hear! There are so many benefits to getting pedicures besides looking good. PEDICURE BENEFITS: NAIL HEALTH. Buffing your nails more than makes them look shiny and new, it also encourages blood flow to the toes. […]

Drew Shoes: for when your feet need some TLC

Seems like everyone I talk to lately has some sort of issue with their feet. Plantar fasciitis, arthritis, diabetes, neuropathy; you name it, sore feet are everywhere. But I just discovered a brand of shoes that cater to “special needs feet”: Drew Shoes. Recommended by many podiatrists, Drew Shoes are built with some special features […]

Insoles 101!

Chronic foot pain is among the most annoying pain there is. It can just stop you dead in your tracks. Forget about hiking, even normal daily activities can be painful. I learned this the hard way over time; dealing with recurring stress fractures in one foot, and of late plantar fasciitis have each taken a […]