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UGG Classic II | New & Improved!

It’s hard to believe the UGG Classic Collection could get any better… until now. UGG has taken their most popular UGG boot and gave it a huge upgrade.

The boots are now water and stain resistant, and in general more durable. Now you won’t have to worry about wearing your warm, comfy UGG Classics out in the rain – you’re good! In addition to that major upgrade, they are now using the UGG Treadlite sole for extra cushion, durability and traction on both wet and dry surfaces.

Time to replace your old UGG boots with the UGG Classic II collection for this fall and winter!








Keep Feet Looking Good All Summer Long

iStock_000017833850LargeKeeping your feet looking good in summer can be a challenge, especially when most of us are exposing our feet to nature’s elements more during this time of the year. Here are 7 great tips for keeping your feet looking fresh.


1. APPLY SUNSCREEN REGULARLY when you’re busy putting sunscreen on your face, shoulders and legs, it’s very easy to overlook your feet. By applying sunscreen to yourBadger-SPF25-Unscented-Sunscreen-Lotion feet you could not only avoid a very awkward strap tan line (I currently have a Birkenstock tan line), but you are also protecting your cuticles. Your cuticles protect new nail growth as they emerge, but in the summer it is common that they dry out from wind, sun and sand. So apply the sunscreen – it will help promote healthy nail growth and an even foot coloration! Me and my family use Badger Sunscreens and love them – they are natural, organic and very effective!

2. DON’T SOAK YOUR FEET you know the dry feeling you get all over when you come out of the shower? Same thing happens when you soak your feet. Foot scrubs are a great alternative to softening your feet efficiently.

3. FILE THOSE FEET IN THE SHOWER Microplane Paddle Style Foot Filethere are several feet filers that remove dead skin from the foot. I personally have a filer from Microplane (yes, they also make graters for the kitchen – just don’t get them mixed up!). Pumice stones are also great for removing dead skin. Keep it in your shower and add it into your cleaning routine.

4. NIGHT TIME MOISTURIZING I am a big fan of night time moisturizing because I almost always where sandals and having a slippery foot in sandals is awful in so many ways. So I apply heavy moisturizer right before bed and will often throw some socks on so it doesn’t get on my sheets.

6. GIVE YOUR FEET AIR don’t lock your feet up in socks and shoes all summer. Getting your feet fresh air helps get rid of chemical residue. And give your toenails a break from the nail polish every other month for 4 or 5 days to prevent discoloration of your toenails.

7. EAT FOR YOUR FEET if you notice your feet are swelling try cutting down on your salt intake. Apparently I found out that sugar can cause puffiness too! So watch those summer sweets and try to minimize as much as possible.


New Hoka One One including the highly rated Clifton 3!

Hoka One One at Footwear etc.Over the weekend I participated in a walk/run for the 4th of July in Mt. Shasta, CA. For a small city in Northern CA, there sure were a lot of people from all over who came out and united together as a community for this fun event. Naturally, I paid very close attention to what shoes people chose to wear to this walk/run and I was very excited to see several of the competitive runners wearing Hoka One One running shoes! It’s always fun to see shoes we sell at Footwear etc. out there, being used in the world.


Upon returning from Mt. Shasta I noticed we added 5 new Hoka One One shoes on www.footwearetc.com, including the very popular and highly rated Men’s & Women’s Clifton 3. The Clifton has been featured in several running publications and is all the rave in online forums and blogs. Want to know the reason we love Hoka? They are extremely cushioned AND extremely lightweight. They also feature a meta rocker which helps your foot strike and lift correctly.

Shop Hoka One One

Here are the new arrivals from Hoka One One:

Men's Hoka One One Clifton 3

Men’s Hoka One One Clifton 3

Women's Hoka One One Clifton 3

Women’s Hoka One One Clifton 3

Women's Hoka One One Clifton 3

Women’s Hoka One One Clifton 3

Women's Hoka One One Bondi 4

Women’s Hoka One One Bondi 4

More Hoka One One Features:

  • Lycra ComfortFrame Upper
  • TPU External Heel Counter Provides Support
  • Early Stage Meta-Rocker Full EVA Midsole Provides Signature HOKA ONE ONE Cushioning
  • 10 Degree Heel Bevel Provides Smooth Heel Transition
  • Flat-Waisted Geometry Provides Inherent Stability
  • Strategic Rubber Placement Provides Durability