Need Some Classy Shoes for Work or Play? Check Out Trotters Signature Collection!

Trotters Alana

If you love dressy shoes, you HAVE to check out the new Trotters Signature Collection. These fantastic shoes are gorgeous, and dressy enough for work or semi-formal occasions. With choices of wedges, pumps, slingbacks, flats, and even boots, there are some wonderful choices for all sorts of occasions and attire. All of these shoes contain rich leathers, great cushioning, and flexible soles. These comfort dress shoes work great for you all day long! Here are a few of the stunning examples in this collection:

The Women’s Trotters Signature Alana is a gorgeous new bootie. Containing an inside zipper for easy on-off, this high-heeled bootie contains a suede upper and embossed leather pointed toe. With its 2.75″ heel, this elegant piece of footwear is perfect for the office or a night out on the town. Its striking appearance does not take away from the comfort of the cushioned, leather-lined footbed. And you won’t have to worry about durability from the synthetic outsole. It’s a phenomenal little boot!

Like flats? Check out the Women’s Trotters Signature Cheyenne. It’s not just your everyday flat; it has gorgeous details like a heart-shaped vamp with a decorative leather bow. While it’s easy to wear, it creates a air of elegance due to its 5/8″ stacked heel and sleek style. The luxurious suede upper and cushioned leather footbed are comfortable and stylish, and help make this shoe one that you can wear all day long. I love the fact that it’s lightweight as well as durable, and very classy-looking.

For beautiful, classic styling, look no further than the Women’s Trotters Signature Penelope. It is a traditional pump with a suede upper. Available in a variety of colors, such as Dark Nude, Merlot, Black kid, and Navy kid leather, this gorgeous pump is the perfect work shoe. The variety of colors, however, make the shoe suitable for all kinds of dressy occasions and wardrobe matches. The 2 1/4″ heel makes the shoe easy to wear and comfortable for long lengths of time. Trotters has paid attention to details by wrapping the heel to match the rest of the shoe.

Boot lovers will love the Women’s Trotters Signature Posh Too. This luxurious and elegant calf-leather boot goes with anything! You will love the comfort of the leather-lined, cushioned footbed, and the elastic goring in the shaft for ease of getting the boot on and off. It also comes with an inside zipper, and the 2 1/4″ heel is very stable. The shaft is also generously sized, so if you have slightly larger than average calves, this boot may just be what you need. This boot will wear beautifully all winter long, and you can be assured that it won’t go out of style any time soon!

Check out the gorgeous new Signature Collection from Trotters. Experience the quality and comfort in stunningly beautiful, dressy designs!


Boat Shoes for Men and Women!

Clarks Dunbar Racer

Boat shoes are a fun, hip choice of footwear that can be worn practically year round — spring, summer and fall. They’ve been around since the 1930s and are now available for men, women and even children. No longer regarded as a solely preppie staple in sleek navies, browns and whites, they’ve changed a lot over the years, especially for women. You can find a huge range of boat shoe styles ranging from solids and stripes to even leopard print!

You can start the buying process by checking out the designs from popular brands like Clarks, Sebago, Vionic, and Mephisto. But how do you wear this sporty, casual shoe? Read on for some ideas!

Socks or No Socks?

There are few rules when it comes to making a boat shoe look good with an outfit, but there is one highly controversial topic: socks. Some people will tell you “Absolutely no way, forget about it,” while the other camp simply shrugs and says “Why not?” For the most part, we suggest that you ditch your socks when wearing boat shoes with shorts. If you like having a layer between your feet and the shoes, consider a low-cut pair that can remain hidden below the shoe’s collar. This will not only keep your feet cool in the summertime, but also prevents sweat from soaking into and smelling.

For a Nautical, Beach-Themed Look

Styling a boat shoe is easy, as it is versatile enough to be paired with many diverse ensembles. Women can play up the beachy vibe by complementing the footwear with a pair of cuffed jean shorts and a thick striped, Parisian-style cotton top. Accessorize with a large brimmed hat made of natural, woven fibers and a pair of thick-framed sunglasses. A great look for men would pair boat shoes with some khaki shorts and a polo shirt.

Styling with a Skirt or Dress

If you’re looking for something a little more feminine, don’t be afraid to wear boat shoes with a skirt or even a dress. The slip-ons will keep the overall appearance casual, so this look is ideal for shopping or other informal events. When choosing a skirt or dress, knee-length or a shorter hemline is recommended; boat shoes can look too heavy when paired with a full-length skirt.

Dressed Up with Jeans

When the weather cools, boat shoes will almost always look fantastic with a pair of jeans — especially straight-legged, so the shoe isn’t masked by the longer pant leg. For a fun, preppy look, complete your outfit with a light sweater, layered with a collared shirt underneath.

The boat shoe has been a staple footwear style for nearly a century, and provide a wide variety of wardrobe options as you incorporate this style into your repertoire. Nothing says “polished yet casual” like an attractive boat shoe, making it a must-have for every man and woman.

Annual Sandal Sale!

Merrell TerrapinThere are some phenomenal sandals on sale right now at Footwear etc. It’s still summertime, but you can find some great deals on sandals that you can still enjoy for quite a while this season!

Here are a few models that are selling like hotcakes this season:

Mephisto Women’s Petrea – this classic t-strap sandal comes in black or pewter bucksoft leather, or light sand bucksoft leather. It is a casual sandal with elegant styling that you can wear every day. The hand-made quality of this sandal is unparalled, and the stretch band helps you get a custom fit. The natural rubber outsole provides outstanding shock absorption, and its light weight helps keep you going all day long.

The Ecco Women’s Breeze 3-strap sandal provides the ultimate in a customizable fit. Three straps with hook and loop fasteners across the top of the foot let you adjust the shoe any way you need to, even for making adjustments over the course of a long day of walking. The adjustable strap around the ankle also helps in this way as well. The durable and lightweight outsole provides outstanding shock absorption, and this timeless classic will keep you comfortable for as much walking as you’d like to do.

MBT fans have a wide variety of choices of sale sandals available to them. For men, the Jawabu is a lightweight yet rugged sandal that keeps your feet cool and dry. The adjustable hook and loop straps make the shoe easy to wear and to fit, regardless of how much your feet swell over the course of the day. As with all MBT shoes, the rocker sole emulates the feeling of walking on sand, and many customers have reported that the shoes help ease back, knee, and foot pain (even Plantar Fasciitis). Women also have many choices, like the popular Katika. This shoe is a perfect shoe for casual wear, and provides superb comfort all day long.

Like wedges? Earthies has a gorgeous model in the Teesi. It’s available in Nude or Black suede, and is casual enough to wear with jeans, yet dressy enough to wear with skirts or maxi dresses. What makes the Earthies special is the wellness footbed. Each shoe has a cupped heel, anatomic arch support, and cradled toe area. These little details make a huge difference in how your feet feel over the course of the day. You can have shoes with outstanding support that are really cute for the summer!

Need a rugged shoe? Check out the Merrell Men’s Terrapin. It’s designed for you to go out and play in it! The air cushion in the heel absorbs shock, and the lug sole gives you great traction over hill and dale. The added bonus is the Aegis antimicrobial solution in the lining, so you can help ensure that your feet won’t get smelly in the great outdoors!

Check out these and many other fabulous options at before they run out!


Foot Pain and Other Problems Created by Diabetes

Diabetic Insole

Diabetes, a disease involving too much glucose (sugar) in the bloodstream, can unfortunately cause many serious complications with patients’ feet.  Studies show that about 30% of diabetics older than 40 eventually develop foot problems. The two main issues that diabetics experience are diabetic neuropathy and peripheral vascular disease.

Diabetic Neuropathy

Diabetic Neuropathy occurs from chronically uncontrolled diabetes, which causes nerve damage. Nerves are the wiring of our bodies and transmit information to and from the brain and the rest of the body. A result of nerve damage is loss of feeling, particularly in the legs and feet.  An additional concern is that, due to the loss of feeling, the patient might not feel it when they get a cut or sore on his/her foot. If left untreated, either is vulnerable to infection. Diabetic Neuropathy can also cause burning, tingling, and/or stabbing pain sensations in addition to the numbness, which can be debilitating.

Peripheral Vascular Disease

Peripheral vascular disease refers to a complication wherein blood flow to the extremities (arms, legs, and feet) is compromised and weakened. Not only is this a painful condition, it will also make the healing of cuts or sores especially difficult for the diabetic patient, and can lead to even more serious complications such as gangrene.

Gangrene occurs when tissues die due to loss of blood flow. If gangrene cannot be contained, amputation may be necessary to prevent it from spreading further across the body.

Common Foot Problems

People with diabetes should also be aware of more common foot problems, including athlete’s foot, nail fungal infections, calluses and corns, blisters, foot ulcers and ingrown toenails. While these conditions are typically treated with ease, diabetics do not heal as well as healthy people, so even relatively minor issues should be treated with extra care. Diabetics should pay extra attention to any foot issues while healing to ensure that they don’t spread or grow into bigger, more complicated issues like infections.

How to Care for Your Feet

Proper foot care can help minimize the risk of these types of problems. To ensure positive foot health, diabetic individuals should actively:

  • Examine feet daily for signs of cuts, sores, blisters, and any other sign of injury
  • Wash and dry feet each day — making sure they are completely dry before dressing
  • Rub lotion onto feet daily, except between toes
  • Get early treatment for any signs of a foot problem, no matter how minor it may appear
  • Have a doctor inspect feet at routine appointments
  • Protect feet with socks and shoes
  • Prop feet up when sitting, or wiggle toes and ankles several times daily to enhance blood flow

In addition to these tips, investing in shoes for diabetic or sensitive feet is another great way to keep feet healthy. If no existing foot conditions are present, look for a shoe made of soft materials with good shock absorption. It’s also important to pay attention to size to ensure the shoe isn’t too tight, which can cause chafing and blisters, or too large, which won’t provide good support and could lead to injury.

Diabetic insoles, which can be placed inside nearly any shoe, are designed to provide resilience, shock-absorption, and comfort. If you are looking for something that provides even more cushioning, specially designed shoes for diabetics are also available, which include specialized inserts or have additional room in them for the inclusion of insoles or orthotics. These shoes are created to help prevent foot injuries and improve mobility by relieving excessive pressure, accommodating deformities and limiting the motion of joints.

Take a look at the many products available for those affected by diabetes, at

The Top Eco-Friendly Women’s Footwear Brands Inspired By Nature

Pikolinos Puerto Vallarta

Nature has inspired many innovations in the world. The Wright Brothers studied birds in flight to get a better grasp on the physics of lift for their invention of the airplane; designers have emulated the properties of shark skins as they created swimsuits for Olympians; and a Swiss engineer invented Velcro after examining the burrs that his dog would catch in his fur, and noticed that the burrs contained hooks and loops.  The efficiency, functionality and beauty of nature continues to inspire new inventions and designs across the globe, and this is especially prominent in women’s footwear.  Here’s a rundown of some of the best women’s shoe brands inspired by nature on the market today.

Taos Footwear credits its shoe designs as being inspired by the natural beauty of the American Southwest. The company prides itself on creating comfortable but stylish women’s shoes for everyday use. Crafted from leather and fabric, its footwear is often embellished with decorations like stones and rugged buckles. Taos also does its best to support the environment by recycling in its office, building its shoe boxes out of recycled material, and choosing materials and manufacturing practices that leave as small an environmental footprint as possible.

Pikolinos is a footwear company inspired by the Mediterranean region. Following the stunning vistas and laid-back vibe of this area, Pikolinos turns out unique, thoughtful designs season after season. The respect for nature has translated into its manufacturing processes: all leather used is chromium-free, and vegetable dyes contain no toxic components.

On the other side of the world, Olukai has deep connections to the Hawaiian islands. Olukai creates shoes fit for an island lifestyle, meaning to be able to go from the beach to the forest while maintaining durability. Comfort is another priority of Olukai footwear. Olukai has coined the term, “Wet Sand Principle,” to indicate that as users walk on wet sand, their heels touch the sand first and the sand quickly fills in under the arch while their toes splay out in front. Every pair of Olukai shoes uses a footbed that adheres to this principle, providing long-lasting, anatomically-aligned comfort.

Earthies is another fabulous shoe line inspired by nature. Part of the umbrella company of Earth Brands, Inc., Earthies evolved from a company that focused on the whole-body wellness experience to that which presents a hip collection of holistic-inspired designs in earth-friendly hues, including sky blues, rich browns and vibrant reds. Earthies also takes part in Trees for the Future, whose slogan is “Buy a Shoe, Plant a Tree on Earth”. Its goal is to plant as many trees as possible to offset deforestation around the globe.

Born platform sandals are handcrafted using either full-grain or veg leather to create ultra-comfortable, feminine footwear. Practicality aside, these open-toe creations are works of art. Each sandal design is inspired by nature from all corners of the world, and aims to convey a youthful sense of adventure.

Lastly Birkenstock, a hugely popular company, has been creating earth-friendly and nature-inspired shoes for over a century! It’s not enough that their products are comfortable, unique and timeless; Birkenstock also strives to make sure their assembly is eco-friendly by constructing quality shoes with low waste production.  They recycle all leftover and scrap material when manufacturing, and use boxes made only with recycled paper and printed with environmentally-friendly inks.

What is your favorite line of nature-inspired, eco-friendly footwear?