Spring Sneaker Trend 2016

Sneakers have sneaked back into fashion as one of the top trends of 2016 and I’m very excited about our fabulous selection of sneakers here at Footwear etc.! Throughout most of the shoe industry sneakers tend to be very flat, lacking in any type of arch support. Sure, they look cool, but after walking around at the mall in them for a few hours you might be wishing you considered some of these fabulous sneakers from Footwear etc. – they are so cool and sleek, you’d never know they were full of foot-astic features!


Taos    Taos Freedom & Star

These sneakers from Taos give the appearance of a slim, trendy sneaker while providing amazing features to keep your feet comfy all-day long!

The Taos Freedom is a casual leather lace-up sneaker with subtle metal stud details on the side. I love the footbed in this shoe, it provides just the right amount of arch support and cushion for me. But for others with special foot needs, the footbed is removable so you can easily fit in your custom orthotics. Slightly edgy in style than the Star. The Taos Freedom is available on footwearetc.com in 6 different colors: Navy, Grey, Black, Saddle Tan, Gold and White.

Taos Freedom

The Taos Star is a really fun, easy to wear casual canvas sneaker perfectly paired with a pair of rolled up boyfriend jeans, chino shorts or even a casual skirt! As a shorter, more petite woman, I really appreciate how well they were able to keep these narrow without sacrificing the amazing footbed support. The Taos Star is available on footwearetc.com in 4 different colors: Navy, Red, Black and Stone. Note: these do tend to run a size small for most people, including myself. So if you are typically a size 7, order a 7.5.Taos Star

UGG Sneakers   UGG Eyan II

The UGG Eyan II reminds me of strolling around at the farmers market in the sunshine. The jute detail makes this sneaker really unique and gives it a real summertime feel. No, these sneakers do not feature UGG’s famous sheepskin insole, but they are still extremely comfortable! The UGG Eyan II is available at footwearetc.com in 3 colors: Black, White Wall and Racing Strip Blue.UGG Eyan II

Cobb Hill shoes at Footwear etc.    Cobb Hill Tori

This sneaker is for the standout woman who likes things a little outside the norm. I love how many fun elements Cobb Hill brought into this sneaker and how they made them work so well together… the denim with the rich brown leather and the pink stripe around the sole. An unexpected mix that works so well! And all the excitement on the outside totally masks all the perks on the inside: Dri-Lex Lining for ‘sweat’ control, superior arch support and heel cup, removable footbed, and a TPU shank that provides stability and flexibility. Cobb Hill Tori at Footwear etc.

Clarks shoes at Footwear etc.    Clarks Men’s Trikeyon Mix

This Clarks Men’s Trikeyon Mix leather sneaker is perfect for the guy who likes to dress casual, but not quite running-shoe casual if you know what I mean. These men’s sneakers are not flashy but they definitely are more than just a simple sneaker. These feature an amazing OrthoLite molded footbed and additional cushioning in the midsole. The outsole features Flex3 technology that allows the foot to naturally curve and move thanks to uniquely placed grooves. The Clarks Men’s Trikeyon Mix is available at footwearetc.com in 2 colors: blue and tan.Clarks Men's Trikeyon Mix

New Plae Shoes for Kids at Footwear etc.!

New Plae Kids’ Shoes at Footwear etc.!

We are super excited to expand our selection of kids’ Plae shoes at Footwear etc. Plae shoes are perfect for active kids, keeping them comfy and safe. Here are some fun new styles and how Plae made the Footwear etc. cut!


Plae shoes are so fun for kids and parents! They have interchangeable velcro tabs and the tabs come in so many fun designs. But above that, these shoes are packed with features. They are anatomically formed to naturally contour to a child’s foot, they have incredible traction for both loose and hard surfaces, the toe guard keeps little toes safe, a flexible sole allows free range of motion, and their Eco-Ortholite insole provides great shock absorption.


And here are the new styles you and your kids will love, now available at www.footwearetc.com/plae

Kids' Plae Ty Shoes    Kids' Plae Ty Shoes   Kids' Plae Sam V2.0    Kids' Plae Emme Shoes    Kids' Plae Ty Shoes   Kids' Plae Sam V2.0


Plae shoes is based in San Francisco and they are designed for the needs of children. Since children’s bones don’t totally fuse until they are about 18 years old, the shoes address the requirements of kids’ feet throughout their development. As a result, Go Plae shoes are flexible, adjustable, and durable enough for all sorts of play. The interchangeable tabs adjust to fit thinner or wider feet, and also provide a way to change the look of the shoe so that the child can coordinate colors and patterns with their outfits, or even their moods! Each shoe has excellent traction on a variety of surfaces, contains a toe guard to help protect the toe, and even contains an anti-microbial/bacterial bio-oil insole.

Not only do Plae kids shoes contain all sorts of wellness properties for children, they are eco-friendly. The uppers are made from recycled PET plastic (milk jugs). The EVA heel cup is made from recycled cork, and the shoes adhere to ISO 14001 as certified environment-friendly leather and suede. If that’s not enough eco-friendliness for you, note that the factory in which these shoes are made is solar powered and is a fair labor factory. You can have a completely clear conscience as you purchase these outstanding shoes for your children.


Spring is on it’s way! Sun ‘N’ Sand has your back.

Believe it or not, spring is almost here. March 20th to be exact! Us here in California have already started enjoying some sunny weather, and I for one am very excited to expand my hat collection. We just got some fabulous hats and bags from Sun ‘N’ Sand and I’m already making a wish-list. This is our second season carrying Sun ‘N’ Sand and expect it to be even more popular this year. I mean, take a look at some of the new hats and bags!

Sun ‘N’ Sand Hats

Crane Snap N Go hat

Crane Snap n Go     Crane Snap n Go     Crane Snap n Go

This adorable hat has a 4 inch brim and a bow! We carry it in three different colors to go with all your bathing suits and beach outfits: Red/White stripe, Denim/White stripe, and Black/White stripe.

Tuscany Ribbon Floppy Hat

Tuscany Ribbon Floppy Hat    Tuscany Ribbon Floppy Hat    Tuscany Ribbon Floppy Hat

If you are looking for something a little more resort-like, the Tuscany Ribbon Floppy hat brings a sense of luxury and glam to your look. Add in some big, round sunglasses and loose linen pants for a complete look! Available in Sand, White, Red, and Black.

Sun ‘N’ Sand Bags

So many sizes, styles and colors! How do you choose?

Sun N Sand Avila ToteSun N Sand Coronado Tote

Sun N Sand Malia Tote               Sun N Sand Manresa Tote


Now, what shoes to get?! www.footwearetc.com

UGG Boots: Cleaning & Storing

How to Clean & Store Your UGG Boots

Your UGG boots kept your feet warm and cozy, kept them dry and comfy – all winter long. A now that UGG season is almost to an end, we thought we’d remind you of all the wonderful things your UGG boots did for you so that you remember to treat them with great care while storing them for next winter!


Click here to buy the UGG Care Kit from Footwear etc.!

UGG Care Kit

UGG Care Kit – Footwear etc.

Aside from cleaning your UGG boots, at some point you will notice that the fluffy goodness on the inside of your shoe may start to flatten after a while. If you want to bring the fluffiness back, you can! The UGG Replacement Insoles are simply placed inside your boots, on top of the already existing insoles. This will give you the fluffy, snug fit of a new pair of UGG boots. You can buy the UGG Replacement Insoles here!

UGG Replacement Insoles at Footwear etc.

UGG Replacement Insoles at Footwear etc.


If you have any questions about taking care of your UGG boots, you can call Footwear etc. customer service and we’d be happy to guide you through! 1.800.720.0572

If you take care of your UGG boots, they will last for years to come!



We are keen on Keen Sandals and Shoes!

Keen Sandals and Keen Shoes

We are so excited to welcome back Keen sandals and shoes for the whole family. We just received some really fun new styles, with even more coming soon!

If you have never tried Keen shoes before, you will be very impressed with the incredibly durable construction and comfortable fit. These are great shoes for wearing around the house, or on errands. But they are even better out on the trails!

Women’s Uneek 8mm by Keen

Uneek 8mm by Keen

These are trending like crazy right now! They are so unique, with nylon cord upper and adjustable elastic closure. They are also lightweight and feature a metatomical footbed covered in mircrofiber, a microfiber heel, and amazing traction. You get all bells and whistles while keeping your feet cool and allowing them to breathe.

Men’s Newport H2 by Keen

Keen Newport H2 for Men

This men’s Keen sandal resembles their very popular styles, with breathable design and their famous toe guard so you can hit the hiking trails without worry of injuring your toes. One of my favorite features about this shoe is they are MACHINE WASHABLE!!!


Kid’s Newport H2 by Keen

Kid's Keen Newport H2      Kid's Keen Newport H2

Nothing cuter than your son and his father wearing the same sandals! I love this sandal for kids the same reason I love this sandal for men. They are super durable and even hold up under the craziness and roughness of kids playing. They have to toe guard to protect their little piggies, and they are MACHINE WASHABLE – this is a MUST for kids who have stinky feet! Not only do parents love this sandal, but kids love it because they can still run at lightning speed while having the breeze blow through their feet on warm summer days.

Come see the rest of our fantastic Keen shoes at www.footwearetc.com/keen. More coming in just a few days!