Walking Can Be Light as a Feather with the Ecco Biom Walk!

Have you noticed that many walking shoes can feel heavy? In order to supply the support needed for a good walking shoe, manufacturers often add a lot of bulky material. They might not start out feeling heavy, but if you walk a long time, they can feel like cement blocks on your feet! Not so with the Ecco Biom Walk series; they’re the most lightweight walking shoes I’ve found yet!

With its anatomically-shaped last, the Ecco Biom Walk 1.2 helps you achieve a very natural walking motion. Don’t be fooled by the lightweight design; the shoes are definitely supportive and strong. I love the durability of the rubber outsole, and the comfort of the textile uppers and lining.

Available in black/titanium and in silver/concrete, the Ecco Biom Walk 1.2 provides a fantastic alternative to heavy, clunky walking shoes. Who knows, maybe the reduction in weight can help you walk longer and farther! Don’t sacrifice support in your walking shoe, check out the Ecco Biom Walk 1.2!

The Perfect Liner for Barefoot Technology Shoes: Injinji Toesocks

I used to buy socks in packages of 6 at the big box stores. They were nothing special, and they never held up for very long. My feet would sometimes sweat in them, wicking properties weren’t that great. Occasionally the seams would rub strangely on my feet. I thought this was normal, they’re just socks, right? Little did I know how amazing a pair of socks can feel on your feet until I tried on a pair of Injinji Toesocks.

I was apprehensive about these socks, given that I typically don’t even like to wear flip flops due to the bar between my toes. What a surprise, these socks are amazingly comfortable even for fussy feet like mine! There are no seams to irritate your feet or toes. In fact, having the toes separated lets your toes function naturally with no restrictions. This design even dramatically reduces friction between the toes – who needs blisters from your toes rubbing together? And the CoolMax® fibers help keep your feet cool and comfortable!

Injinji Toesocks are not only great all-purpose socks, but they are specifically helpful for use with Barefoot Technology shoes like the Vibram FiveFingers. They even feel great when used with shoes such as the Merrell Glove series, or New Balance Minimus Shoes. I even like them in my regular casual shoes (non-Barefoot Technology)!

There are several heights to the Injinji Toesocks: Micro, which comes up to your ankle; Mini, which reaches just above your ankle; and Crew, which ends at about mid-calf. There are even socks specifically designed for use during Yoga – those contain slip-resistant grippers on the soles so that you can feel secure as you exercise indoors.

Injinji Toesocks are perfect for everyday wear as well as with those spiffy Barefoot Technology shoes that are all the rage these days. Check them out for a unique fit and feel!

More Sandals to Expand Your Collection!

Summer is approaching, and you can never have too many sandals, can you? I need casual sandals, dressy sandals, rugged sandals, in all sorts of colors and styles. A sandal for every mood? Why not? Check out these new models from Olukai, Dr. Andrew Weil, and Chaco!

The Olukai Kukuna is one of those exceptional shoes that you can easily wear for both everyday purposes and for a night on the town. I love the pattern on the leather straps! Those straps are also soft and comfortable since they’ve been oiled, tumbled, and distressed. The anatomical compression-molded EVA midsole provides comfort as you go about your activities. I’m looking forward to taking these to work and then out to dinner!

Olukai has also come out with the Men’s Kono, a spiffy slide for casual wear. The hand-sewn leather or nubuck upper has decorative stitching for visual interest. As with all Olukai shoes, the anatomical, compression molded EVA footbed provides great support. Added bonuses are the removable and washable PU sockliner, and the anti-microbial/anti-odor treatment applied to the microfiber suede lining and footbed cover. This is a great all-around slide for men.

Dr. Andrew Weil has a women’s flip flop called the Restore, which I love because it’s girly! You get phenomenal support benefits from all of Dr. Andrew Weil sandals, and now you can also get stylish and feminine styles! Dr. Andrew Weil sandals are recommended by the American Podiatric Medical Association and feature a motion controlling footbed, recycled slip-resistant outsole, and orthopedic footbed. These cute flip flops blow the stereotype of what people think orthopedic shoes should look like. You get far more support and comfort from these than you would from many other flip flops. And they’re available in a bunch of colors! The men’s version of the Restore has all of the supportive features of the women’s version, in a more masculine style.

Chaco has also come out with some great sandals, with Vibram outsoles! The Z1 (for men and women) and Z2 (for women) with the Yampa outsole is a fun sandal you can use for all sorts of outdoor activities! They’re slip resistant, and the platform sole helps you keep your body in proper alignment and provides excellent arch support. It’s the perfect shoe for water sports, or for going to the beach, or …you get the idea!

Don’t wait to expand your Sandal collection; Olukai, Dr. Andrew Weil and Chaco have a lot of fantastic models to choose from so you can have a different model for every occasion!

Finnamic by Finn Comfort – Rocker Bottom Shoes with Stability and Hand Craftsmanship!

Toning shoes are typically designed to create natural instability, which helps you utilize muscles your body hasn’t been using already. This instability forces you to stand a little straighter, get more of a muscular workout in your feet and legs, and many customers have reported outstanding results from wearing these shoes. But the typical rocker bottom shoes aren’t for everyone. If you require exceptional arch support, a deep heel cup, etc., you won’t find these features in most toning shoes. If you crave the outstanding quality of a handcrafted shoe, your options have been nonexistent. If you want the benefits of rocker bottom shoes yet have stability issues of your own, you haven’t been able to get them. Until now; Finn Comfort has come to the rescue.

Finn Comfort is known for its outstanding quality shoes. Each pair is handcrafted in Germany. The orthopedic footbed is anatomically designed to provide exceptional support and comfort.  But now the Finnamic collection features a mild rocker sole to gently help you improve posture, alleviate stress on your joints, and tone your muscles. This is the first stable rocker sole shoe I’ve ever seen, and these shoes are incredibly comfortable!

The Sausalitois a cute summer sandal that you won’t want to take off! The hook and loop straps customize the fit around your foot, and the cork footbed provides phenomenal support. Who knew you could get all that in a rocker bottom shoe? These are incredibly comfortable and I can see wearing these as I trek around on my summer vacation.

The Ikebukuro is a comfy oxford that again gives you the best of both worlds: stability and rocker bottom toning properties. This is a great all-around shoe that you could wear every day! Why not treat your feet to something feels GREAT, with styles that go with all sorts of outfits?

If you’re looking for some stability and support while getting rocker bottom benefits, check out the Finnamic collection by Finn Comfort. They are unique, and amazing!

Make Sure Your MBTs are Real, not Fake!

Here at Footwear etc., we get a lot of phone calls from customers who have been scammed. How is this possible? We all want to save money on shoes. Many disreputable companies take advantage of this by creating sites that carry knock-off shoes at deeply-discounted prices, and call them authentic MBTs. Unfortunately, many people unknowingly purchase shoes from these companies and don’t find out until it’s too late that they didn’t get the real deal.

How can you tell a scam? There are several tell-tale signs to look for. First, does the web site in question have a phone number where you can speak with a human being? If not, don’t order from them! Second, does the site sell any models or colors that are not listed on MBT’s web site (www.mbt.com)? If so, don’t order from them! Third, has your credit card been billed by an address in China? If so, you’ve been scammed. (Do note, however, that even some authentic MBT models are made in China. However, you shouldn’t be billed by a company in the far east.)  Did the shoes fall apart fairly quickly? They probably aren’t real MBTs. Finally, is the web site listed as an authorized dealer on MBT’s web site ? If not, don’t order from them!

Footwear etc. is proud to be one of the largest authorized dealers of MBT shoes. You can always rely on us to carry authentic MBTs. Not only do our retail stores and our online shop have an extensive variety of MBTs, we even have a concept store devoted to MBTs within The Core by Footwear etc. (located in Palo Alto, CA). We take MBT authenticity very seriously and work hard to ensure that you get the quality you expect from these shoes.

Even our customers have remarked about how good it feels to not have to worry about whether the MBTs they order from us are authentic. Here are a couple of samples:

“This is my second time ordering from this website. I was afraid of getting fakes, so I made sure to order from a place that also had actual stores. I was more than pleased with my MBT shoes as well as the shipping and packaging.”

“I chose to shop at Footwear etc. because I felt secure that I am getting the “real thing” (MBT’s). In my thorough research, Footwear etc. seems to be the most popular and trusted site for ordering a wide selection of real MBT’s at reasonable prices.”

Don’t take a chance on getting fake MBTs! Be sure you purchase from an authorized dealer, like Footwear etc. Many people have learned the hard way, save yourself a lot of grief!