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6 Reasons Pedicures Are Good For You!

6 Reasons Pedicures Are Good For You!

If you love getting pedicures then this is the news you want to hear! There are so many benefits to getting pedicures besides looking good.


  1. NAIL HEALTH. Buffing your nails more than makes them look shiny and new, it also encourages blood flow to the toes. Why is that important? The blood flow carries important nutrients to that area, promoting healthy nail growth.
  2. DETECTION OF FOOT AND NAIL PROBLEMS. When you have someone paying such close attention to your feet during a pedicure, they may be able to detect foot or nail problems in the beginning stages. Think about how many feet they’ve seen! Directly consult your doctor if you or your manicurist suspect anything unusual – and maybe stay away from the salon until you get a clear from your doctor!
  3. GOODBYE DEAD SKIN. Dead skin can build up into calluses and that’s just not pretty! Removing the dead skin will keep your feet clean and looking good.
  4. MASSAGE FOR LYMPHATIC & BLOOD FLOW. Don’t go for the ‘on-the-go’ pedicure and forgo the foot massage – in my opinion, the best part of getting a pedicure! Many manicurists have been trained to properly massage feet and hands. Not only do these massages decrease your chances of developing vericose veins, it also stimulates blood and lymphatic flow, giving your feet relief.
  5. INGROWN NAIL PREVENTION. If you’ve ever had an ingrown toenail you know they are no fun. When you cut your toenails, think square edges, not rounded. Pedicures help clean out disease-causing germs, helping to prevent ingrown nails as well. All simple but important steps in prevention.


  • Bring your own files and pedicure tools if possible. This ensures that you are receiving a sanitary pedicure, even though most reputable salons sterilize their tools.
  • Ask the manicurist to push back the cuticles instead of clipped. Cuticles are an essential part of your nails, protecting healthy growth.
  • Don’t wax or shave your legs before a manicure because this creates tiny cuts in the skin, leaving you vulnerable to infection from germs and microbes.

Now that you have plenty of excuses to get a pedicure, go ahead and book that spa date! And you might as well add on a manicure while you’re at it – you wouldn’t want to leave your hands out of similar benefits and relaxation!

Announcing Rockport Cobb Hill Collection + Total Motion Pumps!

Announcing Rockport Cobb Hill Collection + Total Motion Pumps!

Rockport Cobb Hill CollectionBig news from Rockport this fall – Cobb Hill shoes are now part of the Rockport family and will be know referenced as Rockport Cobb Hill Collection. When you combine two incredible brands like Rockport and Cobb Hill, you can expect great things! I know we do.

Since the creation of Rockport Cobb Hill Collection, we have received┬ásome incredible styles for the fall season. I’m very excited to announce our expansion of women’s Rockport shoes this season following the great success we’ve had on with our men’s Rockports.

Perhaps one of the most exciting announcements is the arrival of their dress pumps featured on Good Morning America! They did a segment on the high cost of wearing high heels. Women looking for that sleek, stylish thin stiletto look have suffered through pain and discomfort for the sake of fashion. But in recent years more and more fashion brands have been innovative in combining health, comfort and fashion.

Rockport Total Motion Pointed Toe Pump

Rockport Total Motion Pointed Toe Pump

Rockport Total Motion Kalila T-Strap Pump

Rockport Total Motion Kalila T-Strap Pump








Introducing… the Women’s Rockport Total Motion Collection. These feature extreme cushion padding in the forefoot, heel and arch. Plus, the shoes have foam-backed lining to make them fit like a glove. You could run a mile in these, they are so comfortable! As soon as I tried on the samples I ordered two pairs for myself!

We also just got in some awesome boots and booties made with incredibly soft leathers and on-trend colors. Shop the whole collection here!Rockport Shoes

Transition Your Birkenstocks for Fall

Transition Your Birkenstocks for Fall

Fall Birkenstocks

Just because the cold weather is upon us doesn’t mean you have to say goodbye to your beloved Birkenstock sandals! You know what you need? Birken-socks!

Birkenstock SocksBirkenstock has an incredible line of socks that are so cozy and look so good slipped under the straps of your classic Arizona sandals. Yes, the exposed sock trend is hot right now but do you know who started it long, long ago? Birkenstock.

I personally love wearing these socks with my Birkenstock Arizona sandals and as an added warmth layer in some of my boots. I’ve also started slipping into these at home just to keep my feet warm as it gets colder.

Birkenstock SocksBirkenstock SocksBirkenstock Socks






Don’t forget to apply the cork sealant and leather/suede protectant to your Birkenstocks every 3-4 months (depending on how often you wear them). As the weather gets colder and damper it’s important that you protect your Birkenstocks from the elements! You can find the Birkenstock Care Kit here:

Birkenstock Care Kit

It’s officially BOOT SEASON!

It’s officially BOOT SEASON!

For those of you who love fall, I hope that you also love boots because this year we are bringing you some of the freshest boots in the industry. The styles this year are spot-on with current fashion trends, the quality is out of this world, and the comfort is unexpected.

Here’s a quick look at some of my favorite styles we have available on the site now!

Women's Ankle Boots

Women's Samuel Hubbard 24 Seven Boot

Women’s Samuel Hubbard 24 Seven Boot

Vionic Fall Collection 2016

Women’s Vionic Sterling

EMU Australia Brooklyn

Women’s EMU Australia Brooklyn

Men's Boots


Men's Bluprint Newport

Men’s Bluprint Newport

Men's Samuel Hubbard 24 Seven

Men’s Samuel Hubbard 24 Seven

Men's Keen Targhee II Mid Waterproof

Men’s Keen Targhee II Mid Waterproof

Shop all our Women’s Boots, Men’s Boots and Kids’ Boots at Footwear etc. stores or at