UGG Australia Sheepskin Care Kits for the Ultimate Protection of your Boots

Let’s face it, UGG boots are an investment. They’re an investment in style, quality, and warmth. They also aren’t cheap, so why not protect that investment? I want to make mine last as long as possible, so that’s why I’m so happy with the UGG Sheepskin Care Kit.

The last thing I want is for my nice boots to get stained and dirty. The Sheepskin Care Kit contains both a sheepskin brush with stain eraser, and a 4 oz. bottle of Sheepskin Cleaner. That cleaner is fantastic; it really removes tough stains, and brightens the entire boot. Now I don’t have to worry if I accidentally step in a puddle and get a little mud on my boots.

Sheepskin breathes well, but sometimes your feet can still get a little too warm. Eliminate any odors with the Sheepskin Freshener. There’s no need to have smelly boots this winter with this product around! It’s specifically designed for UGG products, so you know you can trust its quality.

My favorite part of the Care Kit is the Sheepskin Protector. I apply this spray all over my boots each season, and it really helps protect against water/snow and dirt. My priority is to keep my boots looking as new as possible, and the sheepskin protector is my best weapon against the elements.

The UGG Sheepskin Care Kit is only recommended for use on the twinface sheepskin boots and slippers in the Classic, Ultra and Ultimate collections.

Be prepared for the elements and protect your investment this winter. Check out the UGG Sheepskin Care Kit. You’ll be very happy you did!


New Balance 1123MC – For All of Us, Not Just for the Serious Runner

Given that I have assorted foot problems, I always look for athletic-styled shoes that provide exceptional support for whatever activity I might attempt. Most of the time for me, that’s just walking. I particularly needed a reliable shoe for all the walking I knew I’d do on my last vacation, and went back to my favorite brand of athletic shoes: New Balance. I have yet to go wrong with this brand, it has everything I need. I was intrigued by the 1123MC, even though it’s technically a running shoe, but it ended up being a great shoe for me! Here’s why:

This shoe is designed as a high-mileage trainer for runners who require maximum motion control and stability. While I am not a runner, I definitely need the stability. My right foot is prone to stress fractures, so having the extra stability and support is very helpful. This shoe contains Abzorb SBS, which is an engineered foam that provides outstanding shock absorption in the heel and forefoot. For enhanced stability, there is a rollbar that controls pronation and supination.

This shoe also contains the usual outstanding features found in all New Balance shoes, including a wide, high toe box to allow your toes room to move, exceptional durability, lightweight comfort and support, and mesh in the upper to help keep your feet cool. The 1123MC got me through Europe, and it gets me all through my neighborhood on my daily walks. I feel good about choosing a shoe that provides all the stability I need to avoid reinjuring my foot.

Runners tell me that this is a superb shoe for over and under pronators. Avoiding repetitive stress injuries is key to a successful athletic shoe, and the 1123MC provides as much stability and support as you can get in a running shoe.

Even Diabetics can feel good about wearing this shoe given its outstanding support properties and roomy toe box. It’s even rated under Medicare/HPCS code A5500 as a bona-fide Diabetic Shoe. Available for both men and women, it’s a great shoe for everyone!

Don’t be intimidated by a shoe that’s advertised as “a high mileage trainer” if you’re not a runner. The New Balance 1123MC is a fabulous shoe for all of us.

In Praise of the UGG Bailey Button!

Cooler weather has arrived, and I’ve been anxious to get a pair of boots. Unfortunately, sometimes boots don’t fit me around the ankle or the calf. Leave it to UGG Australia to have the perfect boot for those of us who have more of a challenging fit: the Bailey Button!

The Bailey Button has all of the amazing features found in all UGG boots. In particular, you can’t go wrong with the genuine twinface sheepskin. It’s of the highest quality, and naturally wicks away moisture to help keep your feet dry and cozy. The EVA sole is light, flexible, and durable. It’s a phenomenal boot for the cool weather. But what makes this boot perfect for me is the one-button closure design. It’s easy for me to slip on and off, and fits my calves and ankles beautifully.

I also love the versatility of this boot; you can wear the shaft up or cuff it down for two very different looks. It looks great with leggings or skinny jeans, and you have the option of tucking in slacks or wearing them over the top of the boot.

The UGG Bailey Button is available in Grey, Chocolate, Chestnut, Black,  Jester Red, Cobalt Blue, and Sand.  But that’s not all; if you love a little glitz in your life, check out the Bailey Bling. Yes, you can have your UGG boots with some glamour.  Available in Grey or Black, the Bailey Bling is just like the Bailey Button but with a beautiful Swarovski crystal instead of the wooden button.  This is a limited-production boot, so be sure to get yours before they’re sold out!

A Great Gift for the Holidays: Four Seasons Full Cedar Shine Box

My dad had a shoe shine box that he used to take care of all his dress shoes. Granted, he wore his dress shots a lot, since he wore suits to work every day. Being the frugal guy he was, Dad believed that he needed to get as much mileage out of his shoes as he could. I have many happy memories of helping my dad shine his shoes on Saturday mornings, and lo-and-behold Footwear etc. now carries a very similar shoe shine box from Four Seasons!

The Four Seasons Full Cedar Shine Box is a phenomenal gift for your favorite shoe connoisseur. The cedar box not only smells great (perfect to keep in your closet), it holds all your essential shoe shine accessories. The box comes with a wood and horsehair shine brush, 2 wood and horsehair shine daubers for applying shoe polish, a can of black and a can of neutral-colored shoe polish, and a shine cloth. The top of the box has a slant board on which you can work on your shoes with full accessibility and ease.

This beautiful and practical shine box is an elegant gift for anyone who loves to take care of shoes. Make those investments last by taking care of your shoes! Keep your shoe shine materials contained and accessible in the Four Seasons Full Cedar Shine Box. Maybe you can create some happy memories with your family too!

As Seen on “Oprah’s Favorite Things”: The UGG Classic Cardy!

I love seeing what Oprah comes up with for her list of her favorite things. Sometimes there are some really interesting items there that I wouldn’t necessarily have found otherwise. But one item on her list I’m already very familiar with, and I think just as highly of it as she does: the UGG Classic Cardy. It’s like a sheepskin cardigan sweater for your feet!

The versatility of this boot is fantastic. Your feet stay really warm and cozy because of the soft, sheepskin insole.  You can also get a variety of looks by changing what you do with the shaft of the boot. Want to wear it with skinny jeans or leggings? Button the boot all the way up! Want a casual look? Scrunch the shaft down a bit. Want to wear it under slacks? Fold the shaft down.  Your look can change with your mood, your wardrobe, or the weather!

This is also a nice boot for those of us with thicker calves. The heathered merino wool gives so that your legs don’t have to feel constricted. I also particularly love the way they look and feel when they are folded down. It really does seem like I’ve got a comfy sweater on my feet; just what I crave during the cold weather.

Footwear etc. has the UGG Classic Cardy available in both gray and black. I can easily see both of those in my wardrobe!

UGG boots are perfect as holiday gifts. You’re giving a gift of warmth and cozy comfort to your loved ones. Oprah would never steer us wrong, check out the UGG Classic Cardy from UGG Australia. It’s an easy addition to your holiday list that everyone will love.