Clarks Un.Crow – My Current Favorite Shoes!

I knew I’d need a pair of shoes for a wedding. I knew I’d need a pair of shoes for my high school reunion. I WANTED a pair of shoes that I could wear with both casual and dressy outfits. I required a pair of shoes that were comfortable, supportive, and cool for the summer. Lo-and-behold, I found the Clarks Un.Crow!

I’ve worn Clarks shoes before, and have always been impressed with their versatility, comfort, and affordable prices. So I knew that the Un.Crow had great potential for me. I can’t wear heels that are too high due to chronic stress fractures, so I was excited to see that the Un.Crow has a 2.25 inch heel. That’s just high enough to look dressy, yet low enough to prevent pain in my metatarsal area.

I decided to try the Un.Crow in black, since I can use black shoes for almost any occasion. Little did I realize how many ways I could wear them! They look great with my dressy outfit (for the wedding), “business casual” wear for my reunion, and I even wore them with jeans to work (making the rest of my outfit look a little more formal).

What I especially love about the Un.Crow is the comfort. I can feel the arch support. The insole is soft enough so I don’t feel like I’m walking on concrete (even when I am!). There are vents that allow my feet to stay cool. The Velcro strap lets me adjust the shoe to fit perfectly whether my feet are swollen from the heat or not! And best of all, they are really attractive. I love these shoes!

Look for the Clarks Un.Crow in black or in brown leather. They might become your favorite shoes too!

UGGS Cove for Warm and Toasty Toes this Winter

I love mini boots. I actually prefer them to taller boots, because I don’t have to worry about how they’re going to look/work with slacks. (Do I tuck the pant legs in, or keep them out? I never know what to do…) Mini boots keep my feet warm, give the rest of my leg freedom to breathe and move, and I don’t have to worry about whether the top is too loose or tight around my calves. But I mostly prefer mini boots for their style, and that plus warmth is why I love the UGG Cove!

The perfect small boot for casual wear, the Cove from UGG Australia has the interesting details that I look for in any shoe. This boot may be for casual wear and even can look a little rugged; it still has a lace detail around the heel that gives an added air of femininity. The rich, soft leather is embellished with a little bit of sheepskin, and the laces wrap around the shaft. The ends of the laces even have little pieces of leather on them, creating a more “finished” appearance.

The Cove should be a phenomenal boot for cooler weather. The lush sheepskin interior will keep my feet warm, yet wicks moisture away and my feet will stay comfortable. Sloppy weather? No problem, the rubber outsole has a ribbed traction pattern. I’ll bet it will help keep me on my feet (as opposed to slipping and falling) in the wet weather. And the insole will definitely be comfortable throughout the season; the leather lined, Poron footbed is squishy and great for when I’m walking or standing a lot.

Available in toast and black leather, the UGG Cove is a fantastic addition to your fall/winter wardrobe. I can’t wait for warm and toasty feet!

Rocker Sole Shoes from My Favorite Running Shoe Manufacturer: New Balance!

I’ve really been looking at various rocker-soled shoes on the market to help out my bouts of plantar fasciitis, and the recurring stress fractures in one foot. It seems logical that they would be the perfect solution to my medical woes: they’d take pressure off my joints, stretch the plantar fascia, and keep the top part of my foot from bending a lot where the stress fractures occur. I’ve had good luck in the past with New Balance running shoes, and was very excited to see that its foray into the rocker sole market looks great: the new Rock & Tone walking shoes!

 You’d actually have to look closely to see that they’re not your typical athletic shoe. The rocker sole is not very prominent looking, but it definitely is there and you can feel it when you walk. I also really like the fact that the sole is rigid, so that I don’t add pressure to the metatarsal area where I tend to get foot pain. But the absolute best feature of these shoes is that they are very lightweight! There is a huge difference in weight between these shoes and many other brands on the market.

 I’ve owned other New Balance athletic shoes and have always been impressed by the quality of workmanship and how well they fit my feet, and I’m delighted that I can add some muscle-toning shoes to my collection. New Balance claims that it can increase your calorie burn by as much as 8% just by normal wear, so I’m very anxious to see those results!

 Just be sure to use your Rock and Tones for walking only; New Balance doesn’t recommend them for other types of athletic activities due to the natural instability that the sole creates. If it makes my legs feel more toned by just walking, I’m happy to go for a stroll!

 The Rock and Tones currently are available in 3 styles, with more coming out soon! I particularly like the WW1442SB, which is grey with a mesh upper. I really enjoy wearing shoes that let my feet breathe when I’m getting some exercise! So be sure to check out these fabulous new rocker-soled shoes, and go for a stroll with style!

Need Some “Happy” Shoes? Try Alegria!

We’ve all classified our shoes. There are the stylish shoes. There are the serious shoes. There are the utilitarian shoes. There are the athletic shoes. There are the shoes that go with your favorite outfit. But now, you can get “happy” shoes! Check out the bright colors and patterns from Alegria!

Who knew you could get shoes that can reflect your sense of humor? And not only are they fun to look at, they’re fun and comfortable to wear! Alegria means “happiness,” and you’ll definitely feel happy when you wear them. Alegria shoes don’t come in boring colors; they come in bright, exuberant colors and patterns. Yes, they come in patterns! How about shoes with peace signs and hearts? Or shoes with flowers? Alegria shoes are definitely not for the Dull at Heart!

Another great feature about Alegria shoes is the fact that it has a mild, rocker sole. It adds spring to your step! Many customers have reported that these shoes help their sore feet feel better, and alleviate pain from plantar fasciitis. The rocker action is mostly close to the toe box, but you can definitely gain some benefits from the rocker sole. Alegria shoes are also slip-resistant, so you can feel more secure if you wear them in wet places.

I especially like the Paloma in Sangria Patent Leather. The red patent leather is festive and youthful-looking. The Mary Jane style is very comfortable, especially since the Velcro strap can be easily adjusted to fit your foot. The insole provides very good support, and is nicely cushioned so that you can stand in them for a long time. They made me feel like I was wearing Dorothy’s magic shoes!

Another great style is the Seville, in Wine and Flowers. Here’s a nice, comfy clog with a beautiful floral-patterned upper. It also has great support and cushioning like all Alegria shoes. If these don’t look like happy, upbeat shoes, I don’t know what would be!

Don’t let your shoes drag your mood down, check out the happy shoes from Alegria. Color therapy plus comfort equals a shoe you can have fun with!

Ladigo and Calafia from Authentic UGG Australia – New this Fall for Men!

My family members who live in cold climates constantly complain about how cold their feet get during the winter months. It’s especially bad when there’s ice on the ground. UGG Australia has come through for men with two brand new styles: the Ladigo and Calafia.

When I showed the photo of the Ladigo to my cousin, he immediately liked the rich leather upper and the fact that the elastic gores make the shoe easy to slip on and off. Yet though it’s a slip-on shoe, it’s versatile enough to wear with both casual and dressier clothing. Having slipped on ice way too many times, I was impressed by the cork-infused outsole since it provides great traction!

Ok, so UGG Australia created a great shoe for casual and dress wear for men. But the BEST feature of the Ladigo is that it comes with TWO insoles! One insole is leather, so you can actually wear this shoe year-round in comfort. When it’s really cold outside, you can switch the leather insole with the sheepskin insole to keep you warm and toasty all winter long.

Men aren’t limited to just the Ladigo. For a different look, try the Calafia. It has the same waxy leather upper as the Ladigo, but it’s in the form of a slide. And it also contains those two fantastic, interchangeable insoles.

Both the Ladigo and Calafia come in Stout and Black leather. My cousin now has the versatility and comfort he’s wanted in some very classy-looking shoes.

Now there will be no more whining about cold feet! UGG’s  Ladigo and Calafia solve that problem!