Drew Shoes: for when your feet need some TLC

Seems like everyone I talk to lately has some sort of issue with their feet. Plantar fasciitis, arthritis, diabetes, neuropathy; you name it, sore feet are everywhere. But I just discovered a brand of shoes that cater to “special needs feet”: Drew Shoes.

Recommended by many podiatrists, Drew Shoes are built with some special features specifically intended for those with different types of foot pain.

One of the most important attributes of Drew Shoes is the added depth in the toe box. This is especially nice for people with sensitive toes, such as those with diabetes or arthritis. The added depth also provides extra room for orthotics, if necessary.

Ever notice how when you have foot pain, you are less stable on your feet? Drew shoes can help add stability with their extended medial heel stabilizer, and steel shank under the arch. These help provide support, and allow for less slippage in the heel area. The wide shank and lightweight outsole give additional metatarsal stability.

The padded tongue and cushioned collar also make your feet feel pampered; these put less pressure around your Achilles tendon, and the top of your feet than in conventional shoes.

Just because these shoes are kind to your feet doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice style.  In fact, there’s a wide variety of styles that both men and women can wear for very different occasions. Need casual shoes? Take a look at the Delite Mary Jane for women (I particularly like the gray version), or Atlas, for men. Need something dressier? Women can feel very formal with the Isabel Mary Jane, and the men’s Arlington can even go with business attire.

Just because your feet may need some extra care doesn’t mean they have to LOOK like they do. Drew shoes provide stylish comfort in easy-to-wear models!

New Italia “Air on Feet” Shoes Can Stimulate Your Reflexology Points!

Everybody loves a good food massage. Some people swear by acupressure on various points of their feet, citing all sorts of holistic properties and stimulation points that correlate to all sorts of areas of the body. But now there’s a shoe that contains technology that relates to the concepts of reflexology: the New Italia “Air on Feet” collection.

I have to admit I’m always a little skeptical of eastern-medicine philosophies. But I can safely say that whether you buy into the concept of reflexology or not, the New Italia shoes FEEL great.

Perfect for both casual and more formal wear, the “Air on Feet” collection is handmade from the finest Italian leather, and the soft leather footbed is incredibly comfortable. My favorites are the Kosumi Toe in white/beige – it can go with any outfit for a casual outing, and the Twister in black leather. If you’re looking for a really comfortable dressy, low-heeled shoe, this is the one!

The arch support in the collection provides support while relaxing the foot and stimulating reflexology points. Reflexologists believe that this stimulation can improve energy circulation and be of great benefit to vital organs. It’s the same principle as acupressure; if you press on certain points in your foot, other parts of your body may benefit besides your foot! I don’t know how to evaluate if this is really working anywhere else in my body, but it definitely feels good on my feet.

Another great design aspect of the Kosumi Toe: it contains an adjustable buckle toe strap. This way you can customize exactly how tightly or loosely you want that part of the shoe to fit. I’ve never seen this done on any other flip flop-type shoe, and I think it’s a fantastic idea.

The “Air on Feet” collection is currently composed of the Kosumi Toe, Kosumi Scuff, Twister, and Capretto. Watch for more designs to follow! Discover how principles of reflexology can make your feet feel GREAT with these shoes.

The Bailey Button Boot from UGG Australia – available in new colors and with more buttons!

Just when you think that UGG Australia couldn’t possibly come up with new styles, they do it again! And they’ve done it to my current favorite model, the Bailey Button!

The popular Bailey Button boot has been around for a little while, but now UGG Australia has introduced it in some fantastic new colors! If you like jewel tones, you’ll love this boot in Jester Red, Cobalt, and Blackberry sheepskin. These gorgeous colors are brand new and are sure to be a hit with UGGs fans.

The Bailey Button boot continues to supply exceptional warmth and comfort due to the cozy sheepskin lining, and soft foam insole. The cuff can still be rolled down or worn up, depending on your mood and style preferences. But now you can have some exciting colors to add to your wardrobe! Just note that the first couple of times you wear them, these darker colors may transfer onto your socks, etc.

If you like buttons, UGG has the ultimate boot for you: the Bailey Button Triplet. This Ugg boot has all of the wonderful features of the Bailey Button, but in a taller boot with three buttons on the side. It’s similar to the Classic Tall, but with the button and loop closing that makes the Bailey Button so attractive. The Bailey Button Triplet is available in some exciting new colors as well: Chocolate, Grey, Deep Atlantic, Black, Chestnut and Sand Sheepskin. Choose a color to suit your mood!

Be sure to check out the Bailey Button and Bailey Button Triplet for some stylish warmth and comfort this fall!

Get out and play with Chaco Shoes!

Looking for some rugged shoes that can survive lots of outdoor activities, yet still support your feet? Take a look at Chaco shoes.

Chacos are exceptional shoes for casual wear, particularly for folks who tend to overpronate as they walk. The BioCentric footbed was designed with the help of a pedorthist, and its contours help ensure that your foot is as stable as possible. This allows for extra comfort and reduced pronation. The “aggressive” arch support, sculpted heel cup, and heel risers give you maximum support, shock absorption, and lateral stability as you walk. All of these factors led the American Podiatric Medical Association to award its seal of approval to these shoes.

A huge plus in my estimation is that the EcoTread outsoles are made from 25% recycled rubber. Now I can feel morally superior and politically correct with my footwear! They are great if you’re going “green” in your lifestyle.

Available in both men’s and women’s styles, Chaco shoes may even help prevent injuries caused by poor posture, and rotation issues. This can help alleviate problems to your back, hips, and knees.

The Chaco Flip Leather Eco Tread in Shitake Nubuck Leather is a really nice, all-around flip flop for men, and can be worn with extremely casual or slightly dressy clothing. In women’s shoes, I particularly like the Chaco Aurora in Bungee Cord Leather: the perfect flip flop for all occasions! Another really fun shoe is the Chaco Zong X EcoTread in Multi Red, which even has adjustable straps for a custom fit – even around the toe!

So go out and play in some Chaco shoes. They’re the perfect summertime rugged yet stylish footwear.

New for Fall from UGG Australia: the Delaine

It’s never too early to start thinking about comfy UGG boots for cooler weather. I just realized this when we were on vacation on July 1st and ended up having to light a fire in the fireplace! You never know when a cold snap will hit. Or even if you live in the hot and steamy belt, planning your fall wardrobe can still be fun. Thank goodness UGG Australia has already begun to introduce new models for the fall, like the Delaine!

My daughter, the UGGS connoisseur of the family, has been anxiously watching and waiting for new models to be available. When I told her about the Delaine, and how it is different from the other genuine UGGS she’d seen in the past, she was excited and intrigued!

The Delaine, a brand-new introduction from UGG Australia, has all of the great styling and comfort that you expect from UGGS, with a twist. Think sneaker meets cozy boot. The sole is entirely different than UGGS you may have seen in the past. The gum rubber outsole looks like what you’ve seen on sneakers. In fact, the rubber comes up over the toes! Yet the boot is still cozy and warm, with its sheepskin and leather lining, and soft suede uppers.

You can also get two different looks from the same boots: wear them with the boot shaft all the way up, or roll it down for a fuzzy cuff. I love the versatility of this boot!

While many sneakers have little to no arch support, the Delaine boot is also unique in that it contains over 5 mm of molded arch support. You can feel the difference! UGGS has a boot for everyone now, even for people who need more support.

The Delaine is currently available in three colors: chocolate, chestnut, and black. Watch for more colors, and more fabulous new authentic UGGS coming out for the fall!