Put a Spring in your Step with Gravity Defyer Shoes!

Those of us with foot pain are always looking for new products to help us get through each day. Any type of shoe that can alleviate joint pain, or absorb shock, or reduce fatigue has to be good! Footwear etc. is excited to announce the arrival of Gravity Defyer Shoes, which help in all those areas.

The unique design of Gravity Defyer shoes provides a wealth of benefits for your feet. The VersoShock Trampoline Heel membrane provides outstanding shock absorption. The Smart Memory Master Spring works with the trampoline membrane to provide a smooth transition between movement, and comfort while standing still on hard surfaces. These shoes actually help propel you forward! Twin Stabilizers help keep your feet from pronating. The EVA midsole provides a gentle rocker motion while protecting your metatarsal bones.

Other benefits of the Gravity Defyer shoes include: a removable insole so that you can wear orthotics in them, and the AVS3 ventilation system to help keep your feet cool and comfortable.

Gravity Defyer shoes are available in athletic styles as well as dressy styles. There are even fisherman-style sandals!

Check out the new Gravity Defyer shoes at Footwear etc.  You’ll literally have a spring in your step as you alleviate foot pain.

Vacations – Always a Great Excuse for New Shoes!

It’s always so exciting to plan for a vacation – what to see, what to do, what to wear! Are my existing shoes up for the task at hand? How much walking will I be doing? Are there any formal occasions I need to plan for? What sort of attire will I need, and how can my shoes complement this? So many decisions…

Footwear etc. offers a myriad of types of shoes for many occasions. On my grand adventure, I’ll be doing lots of walking. Given that I have some foot issues anyway, I wanted to find a really stable, supportive shoe that I could count on. My choice? The New Balance WR1123MC. I’ve been a big fan of New Balance shoes for years, particularly since they come in different widths, always have a nice wide toe box, and are of excellent quality. Given my recurring stress fractures, plantar fasciitis, and Achilles tendonitis, I wanted to have a really stable shoe with good arch support and a roll bar to help keep me from overpronating. This shoe fits the bill in all of those areas. I’ve been wearing them to walk around my neighborhood in preparation for our trip, and I think my feet should hold up just fine. I love the support and comfort, and they are lightweight too. Fabulous shoe.

But I can’t live with just walking shoes alone! I like wearing sandals in the warm weather, and I love some of the new styles out right now. Again, I need supportive, stable shoes, so I decided on the Naot Trovador. The cork footbed provides phenomenal support and feels absolutely terrific. I’m finding that they actually help alleviate some of my chronic foot pain. These are also the first sandals I’ve owned that my daughter has wanted to borrow! This gladiator-style shoe is very fashion-forward and looks great with both casual and dressier outfits.

We’ve got formal nights to contend with too. What should I wear with the ubiquitous Little Black Dress? I’m opting for the Beautifeel Women’s Star. These are truly special-occasion shoes. This elegant pump is adorned with little roses for a touch of extra femininity! These handmade shoes feature superior shock absorption and flexibility in a durable, stylish shoe. Ever have a shoe practically call out to you from your computer? This one did it for me. I adore the gorgeous styling of this shoe.

Don’t forget about helpful handbags! I’m trying out the AmeriBag extra small Healthy Back Bag. This should make it easy for me to carry around what I need every day, without being bulky or obtrusive. For a small bag, it really holds a lot. Perfect for the wallet, sunglasses, cell phone, passport, etc. I also love the fact that it’s practically maintenance-free. I’m using a microfiber version, and it’s easy to clean with a damp cloth. You can use it on one shoulder, or crossing your torso for added security.

Don’t forget to plan your footwear for your next vacation! There’s a shoe for every occasion, and your feet will thank you!

The Lightest Running Shoes You May Ever Own: The New Balance 890s

New Balance has a reputation for putting out high quality, well-built, supportive athletic shoes. I have been a big fan of the wide toe box and outstanding support qualities; these shoes have always felt wonderful on my feet. Runners now have a new option that’s even more attractive: The 890 series is 30% lighter than comparable running shoes of other brands. If you’re running for many miles, every ounce makes a difference. Why not treat your feet to the lightest high performance running shoe out there?

The lightness of this shoe is created by the REVlite midsole foam compound. The 890s are 1.6 oz. lighter than even the Nike LunarGlide. This midsole is very durable and long lasting, making this shoe an exceptional value.

Another feature that sets this shoe apart from the masses is that it is specifically designed for those with neutral gaits (or even those who slightly underpronate). In fact, the May/June 2011 issue of Women’s Running magazine awarded it “Best Neutral Shoe.”

Available in both men’s and women’s models, the New Balance 890 series offers optimal ventilation, stability and support, shock absorption and durability. While it was designed for serious runners, it’s a great shoe for anyone who has a neutral gait.

See what a difference a 30% less weight makes as you run! Check out the New Balance 890 shoes!

Earth Shoes for the New Millenium!

We all remember Earth shoes from decades ago. Comfortable, but a little clunky-looking. Earth has migrated into the New Millenium by creating updated designs using environmentally-friendly materials. These are not shoes from the ‘70s, these are fashion-forward shoes for today and now!

The key to Earth’s healthy benefits is the 3.7º incline of the sole. With your heel a little lower than your toes, your body weight becomes redistributed and allows you to utilize muscles differently – strengthening and toning them. Other benefits include an anatomic arch support to provide extra support to your foot and work together with the incline of the sole. And in all Earth shoes, there is Biofoam cushioning – which molds to the shape of your foot and provides great shock absorption. Don’t forget the environmentally-friendly materials used in these shoes; each pair utilizes 70% recycled materials. Your shoes can be politically correct!

But are they still clunky-looking? No! In particular, I’m fond of the Instinct in green leather. It’s a wonderful all-around shoe for everyday wear. I could really use these for dashing out to the store, or for casual outings. Fun, and easy to wear!

Another shoe I like is the Imply, in moss leather. The hook and loop strap on the top of the foot and around the heel make it adjustable for a custom fit. Perfect for a summer stroll, and you’ll feel those toning benefits as you walk.

Earth Shoes for today’s savvy shopper. Comfortable, environmentally friendly, AND stylish!

MBT Jambo – A Great New Shoe for Casual Wear!

Here at Footwear etc. we get lots of calls from customers extolling the virtues of MBT shoes. They help with a litany of joint problems, foot problems, back problems, and fans of these shoes can’t say enough positive things about them. Many customers really like the models with the lower-profile soles; they provide all the benefits of MBT’s rocker-sole technology, yet don’t look clunky like the older models. I really like the improvements MBT has made in the appearance of its new models, and I have to say that one of my favorites is the new Jambo for men and women.

If you like the look of canvas lace-up shoes, you will love the Jambo. It’s casual, yet comfortable and versatile. I love the fact that it provides all the benefits of rocker-sole shoes, but doesn’t really LOOK like a rocker sole shoe. You definitely feel the rocker when they’re on your feet, but to just look at them you’ll notice that it’s very subtle and unobtrusive in appearance.

 I also really like the fact that the shoe is fairly lightweight. Many rocker-sole shoes can be heavy, and while they provide great benefits to your body, I prefer shoes that don’t weigh a lot. These fit the bill. I also really like the fact that the toe box is slightly wider than in many of the new MBT models; it gives my toes a little breathing room. And they’re cute; I can’t wait to take these on vacation!

 Available for women in Red, Black, and Military canvas, and for men in Black and Navy canvas, the Jambo is a great shoe for many occasions. Have fun with MBT’s stylish canvas shoe!