A Great New Little Handbag: The Alegria Amie Wristlet!

If you’re anything like me, you need  – and I do mean need – a variety of purses. I need a purse for everyday (actually multiple purses for different colors of my wardrobe). I need dressy purses. I need bags for when I travel that are easy to carry regardless of how much walking I do. I also need little wristlet handbags when I’m just dashing out and about or don’t want to carry my big voluminous everyday bag. I’m excited that Alegria, the great shoe company that puts those spectacular patterns on their shoes, has introduced little wristlet bags with lots of “personality!”

The Amie is a little handbag made of patent leather. It’s a great size: 3.5” x 7.25”. It’s durable, which is perfect for me since I tend to toss handbags around and therefore am hard on them. But what called me to these bags is the variety of colors and patterns available. These bags just scream “fun!”

This bag is available in the following patterns: Peace and Love Black Patent Leather, African Leopard Patent Leather, Western Romance Patent Leather, and Midnight Garden Patent Leather. They’ll go with all sorts of outfits, and are easy to just grab and go! I love the size; it’s perfect for my wallet, keys, cell phone, and small hairbrush.

Don’t you think this would make a terrific gift as well? It might be just the thing for the woman in your life who seemingly has everything else.

Handbags from the shoe company that encourages “happiness” for your feet are a great thing. Check out the Alegria Amie Wristlet for yourself, for your friends, for anyone who likes a little whimsy in their handbags.


UGG Bomber Jacket Series – Warmth and Historic Flight Jacket Style for Everyone!

Bomber jackets have been around since the early 20th century. They were originally created for pilots, and back then the cockpits weren’t enclosed! Imagine how cold those people got. The bomber jacket became really popular during World War II (my dad had one when he was stationed in England and he loved how warm it kept him). These jackets remain stylish and popular even today, and UGG has bomber jacket-styled boots that emulate the original rugged style and provide all the warm comfort you’d expect in an UGG boot.

The UGG Bomber Jacket styling comes in the Classic Tall in Prune, the Bailey Button Bomber Jacket in Grey or Chestnut Sheepskin, or the Bailey Button Triplet Bomber in Chocolate/Natural sheepskin. What makes these look a little different than the conventional Classic Tall, Bailey Button and Bailey Button Triplet is that the sheepskin on the outside is smoother and less suede-like. As a result, it looks more like those old leather bomber jackets that are in vogue. This different texture really gives the boot a richer appearance. I love the way it feels on the outside as well as the inside!

As always, UGG boots are made with the finest quality genuine twinface sheepskin, which wicks away moisture and helps keep your feet dry and comfortable. The EVA sole is flexible and light. You can really tell the difference between UGG boots and their cheap knock-offs. Don’t settle for any less than authentic UGGs!

For a vintage and classy look, consider the Bomber Jacket versions of the UGG Australia Classic Tall, Bailey Button, and Bailey Button Triplet. This timeless classic will make a great addition to your wardrobe.

New for Winter: More Rugged Shoes from Allrounder by Mephisto!

Sometimes you just need rugged shoes. Mephisto, a leader in quality footwear, has an entire division devoted just to these shoes: Allrounder by Mephisto. There are brand new styles ready and waiting for your outdoor activities, so take a look!

The Men’s Shogun is a fantastic shoe for those weekends in the Great Outdoors, or even as a casual yet rugged shoe for everyday wear. You’ll love the cushioned, anatomical footbed that makes walking so comfortable. (If you need to use an orthotic, you can always remove this footbed.) Shock absorption is outstanding in this model, as is the durability of the outsole. This is a great all-around rugged shoe for men.

In women’s styles, check out the Naroma. I love the Naroma because it’s waterproof! It’s a sporty-looking shoe with a black nylon and suede upper, and orange accents in the upper and in the outsole. The removable foam latex insole has a really helpful arch support, perfect for helping your feet stay comfortable during those long hikes. The shock absorber heel is also really handy for helping you avoid fatigue. The rugged outsole is just the thing you need for those uneven, slick surfaces.

 Allrounder by Mephisto even came out with a Mary Jane style, called the Niro. If there’s such a thing as a girly yet rugged shoe, this would be it. The Niro has a 1-inch heel, and a strap over the top of the foot, yet has all the properties of a rugged hiking shoe. The outsole has grip even on slick ground, the shock absorption is outstanding, and the soft latex foam padding provides additional comfort at the instep and ankle. Given it’s a Mary Jane style, it’s a breeze to get on and off too!

Before that next outing in the Great Outdoors, take a look at the rugged shoes of Allrounder by Mephisto. Your feet will appreciate the comfort over all sorts of terrain.

Get the Finest in Ventilation with Aetrex Copper Sole Socks

As I’ve been looking through footwearetc.com to see what sort of holiday gift ideas I can come up with, I came across some socks that have really interesting properties. The Aetrex Copper Sole Socks are more than just everyday socks, they’re the ultimate socks for keeping your feet cool and dry.

Remember those Chilean miners that were trapped for 69 days? According to Aetrex, the miners were given Copper socks after 36 days to help them combat the warm, humid conditions in the mine. Amazingly, these socks actually improved the condition of the miners’ feet even while they were still in the mine! How is this possible?

These socks contain copper ion technology developed by Cupron. This technology has been clinically proven to help prevent the formation of bacteria, fungi and odor. It also helps improve skin texture and appearance. These copper ions are embedded in the yarn and are guaranteed to last for the life of the sock.

Aetrex Copper Socks also contain additional cushioning, flat seam construction to protect against any irritation, and Spandex to hug your foot. The socks are available in white (unisex) and men’s brown and black dress socks.

Aetrex considers these socks to be the healthiest socks on the market, and it’s hard to argue with success. The superior ventilation properties make these socks the benchmark in what you should look for in a comfortable sock. Give them a try and see what you think. If this technology worked for the Chilean miners, imagine how comfortable it can make you feel!

UGG Australia Sheepskin Care Kits for the Ultimate Protection of your Boots

Let’s face it, UGG boots are an investment. They’re an investment in style, quality, and warmth. They also aren’t cheap, so why not protect that investment? I want to make mine last as long as possible, so that’s why I’m so happy with the UGG Sheepskin Care Kit.

The last thing I want is for my nice boots to get stained and dirty. The Sheepskin Care Kit contains both a sheepskin brush with stain eraser, and a 4 oz. bottle of Sheepskin Cleaner. That cleaner is fantastic; it really removes tough stains, and brightens the entire boot. Now I don’t have to worry if I accidentally step in a puddle and get a little mud on my boots.

Sheepskin breathes well, but sometimes your feet can still get a little too warm. Eliminate any odors with the Sheepskin Freshener. There’s no need to have smelly boots this winter with this product around! It’s specifically designed for UGG products, so you know you can trust its quality.

My favorite part of the Care Kit is the Sheepskin Protector. I apply this spray all over my boots each season, and it really helps protect against water/snow and dirt. My priority is to keep my boots looking as new as possible, and the sheepskin protector is my best weapon against the elements.

The UGG Sheepskin Care Kit is only recommended for use on the twinface sheepskin boots and slippers in the Classic, Ultra and Ultimate collections.

Be prepared for the elements and protect your investment this winter. Check out the UGG Sheepskin Care Kit. You’ll be very happy you did!