Challenge #19: Show Us Your Shoes Weekly Giveaways

Footwear etc. Facebook Challenge

Earth Day has come and gone, and we’ve learned a little more about our Facebook fans… You’re a very creative bunch! Your recycling ideas are remarkable! And you’ve left us craving more of your creativity!

Challenge #19: The Show Us Your Shoes Weekly Giveaways start 4/28/10 and run all through the month of May. To enter, simply upload photo(s) of yourself wearing our shoes to our shiny new Facebook page fan photos section. Every Friday, one fine photographer will be rewarded a brand new Footwear etc. virtual gift card with a value of $50.

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Challenge #18: The Earth Day Giveaway

Footwear etc. Facebook Challenge

Did you know that April 22nd will be the 40th anniversary of Earth Day? It’s true! And to get in the spirit, we’re kicking off this next contest to our Facebook fans, asking them to share their conscientious creativity.

Challenge #18: The Earth Day Giveaway starts 4/9/10 and runs through 4/22/10. To enter, simply tell us how you reuse / recycle your shoebox on our shiny new Facebook page. (Fan photos are worth two entries!) One recycling recipient will be rewarded a brand new Footwear etc. virtual gift card with a value of $50.

If you’re new to the weekly Footwear etc. Challenge, you can read the (very simple) rules here. If not, you’re all set: Become a fan of Footwear etc. on Facebook to get started!

Dr. Weil recommends: Orthaheel flip flops, slides, and sandals!

Now that winter is finally over, isn’t it fantastic to go out and enjoy the warm weather and give our feet a chance to breathe? No more confining winter shoes; it’s time to break out the flip flops and sandals! But do you have to wear flip flops or sandals with no support in order to be stylish? Absolutely not! Check out our new Orthaheel products!

 Orthaheel Seaside SlideDesigned by podiatrists and recommended by Dr. Andrew Weil on the Oprah show, Orthaheel flip flops, slides and sandals contain a built-in orthotic profile. The beauty of this is that they restore the natural alignment of your feet, which improves hip alignment and knee function. Orthaheels also reduce excess pronation – which can lead to flat feet. The deep heel cup provides Who wants to be in pain when you just want to dash out to the grocery store or go to the beach? I love the fact that they take literally 2 seconds to put on (the benefit of flip flops!) yet provide the comfort and style that I require! (And don’t we all require and deserve that?)

 Orthaheel Tide SandalWith their flexible soles yet outstanding support, they are not only great for your feet and joints, they look great too! From casual styles like the Tide (available in fun colors like green, pink, and denim) to more dressy styles like the Seaside (available in Brown or Black Croc Leather), there’s a flip flop or sandal for all kinds of occasions. I’m excited to see sandals that I can wear on weekends or after work, but I think I really love the Seaside in Black Croc Leather because it’s perfect for a night out on the town! And men shouldn’t feel left out of the equation; the Ryder and the Kinetic are great options for them.

 Orthaheels are endorsed by the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA), but you don’t sacrifice style for comfort. I have tried the flip flops, and they are light years more comfortable than any other flip flop I’ve ever owned. There are lots of new styles due out in April and are available for pre-order, so be sure to take a look! And don’t forget that there’s a 30-day money back guarantee, even if you have worn them outside! If Dr. Weil thinks they’re good enough for Oprah, aren’t they good enough for you?

Challenge #17: The Orthaheel Giveaway Contest

Footwear etc. Twitter Challenge

Since our last two challenges have been on our brand new Facebook page, we thought we’d stir things up and head back to Twitter for this challenge. (And since we just started carrying a new line of sandals, we also figured we’d give away a free pair!) This challenge runs 4/2/10 through 4/7/10 and one colossal contestant will come away with a complimentary pair of Orthaheel Sandals of their choice from

To enter Challenge #17, simply follow us and tweet: “#Win Orthaheel sandals. Just follow @Footwearetc and ReTweet”

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Lynco Orthotics – #1 Insoles for Foot Pain

Aetrex Lynco L900

Do you own a pair of shoes that you just absolutely adore even if they’re not the most comfortable? I own a pair of boots that I just can’t let go. Many the miles they have traveled with me – from the hilltops of Barcelona to the streets of San Francisco. But with my high arch, I don’t quite get the support that I need and it has taken a toll on my poor feet. What does one do? Enter Lynco Orthotics by Aetrex to the rescue! Slip these bad boys in your shoes, and you will experience IMMEDIATE relief. No need to spend hundreds on doctor prescribed insoles – I found Lynco Insoles provide unmatched support and balance at an affordable price! The Lynco L900 Shearling Orthotics were perfect for my boots!

These extraordinary insoles feature a shearling fiber top cover that provides luxurious cushioning and shock absorption. The insoles are Cupped, which cushions and stabilizes the rearfoot and are recommended for those with medium and high arch feet like myself. This particular style comes with a Neutral forefoot option, for those who do not need metatarsal support. However, if you have ball-of-foot pain, then you should go with the Lynco L905 or Lynco 925 (which come in a Posted rearfoot option for those with flat or low arch feet).

What’s also great about these insoles is that shearling is a natural insulator –keeping your feet dry and allowing your feet to breathe comfortably. Who says boots can only be worn in winter? Might I add, the Lynco Shearling L900 series for men and women adds arch support for UGG Boots – and are fashionable all year-round.

Here’s what customers are saying about the Lynco Shearling L900:


By cold feet from raleigh, nc

I searched to find more of these. Thank you. I use them as insoles for boots which normally don’t have good arch support. The plus is the shearling type warmth. I just bought 3 more pairs.


By MeMe from San Antonio, TX

I have a high instep, high arches, a Morton’s neauroma at the ball of my left foot AND I have fibro. I managed to find a pair of winter boots that I could tolerate but they had NO arch support which seemed to aggravate the neauroma. This orthotic provided wonderful, sturdy arch support and was pure comfort the very moment I tried it on. I live in TX so I don’t have many days to wear my boots but when I do, I skip through the day with my Aetrex Lynco Sheepskin L900 Women’s Orthotic. The product is great and so was my shopping experience with Footwear etc. Thank you all so very much!

Outstanding arch support

By Linda from Cheyenne, WY

I bought these to put into my slippers because I have a lot of problems with my feet. I rarely wear shoes at home only my slippers. My feet are in awe, they are warm and without pain due to the arch support I found in these insoles.

Not sure how to select the right insoles for you? Don’t fret – Here’s the lowdown on some of the most popular styles of Lynco Orthotics:

Dress – The Lynco Dress L500 series is ideal for dress shoes and fits most footwear styles. It features a full grain leather top cover, a molded Pedic™ core for stability and resilience and a suede bottom to prevent sliding inside your shoes.

SportLynco Sport L400 series is designed for athletic, casual and comfort footwear, providing arch support and weight redistribution. It features a high-tech Carbosan top cover that cushions the foot and absorbs shock. Plus, anti-odor and anti-bacterial helps keep feet clean and healthy.

CasualLynco Casual L600 series is great for casual and comfort footwear. Featuring a high-tech Carbosan top cover that cushions the foot and absorbs shock and anti-odor and anti-bacerial top cover material.

Conform – The Lynco Conform L200 series is often recommended to protect and comfort the diabetic foot and the hyper-sensitive arthritic foot. The unique Plastazote top cover customizes to your individual pressure points to redistribute pressure from sensitive areas.

So whether you have a medium, high, low, or flat arch, or foot pain in your rearfoot or forefoot, there is a Lynco insole for every soul!