True Balance Technology in New Balance Athletic Shoes, and for Aravon’s Riley and Ria!

I love New Balance shoes. They consistently fit my feet well, through a variety of styles and a variety of sizes as my feet have changed over time.

Now there’s another new style for me to love: New Balance’s True Balance. Another great toning shoe from my favorite athletic shoe company!

As with all New Balance shoes, the True Balance models come in narrow, medium, and wide widths. There’s no sacrifice in comfort here, there’s a width for everyone.

But the exciting part about these shoes is that they are terrific toning shoes! Using their True Balance Sole, these shoes create natural instability so that you unconsciously work a little harder with each step. The solid rubber outsole provides superior durability, and the balance board technology contains a spring system design that helps you tone as you walk. The ABZORB insert also provides great shock absorption, protecting all of your joints. We can all use that, can’t we? And True Balance technology also helps those of us with plantar fasciitis, keeping that sheath stretched as we tone our glutes and calves.

The New Balance True Balance shoes come in several styles, including: the WW850 (which comes in silver, white, black, or light blue mesh), and the WW1100 (which is available in silver with blue, silver with black, or white).

But it’s not just New Balance coming out with the True Balance technology; you can also get more formal shoes that utilize it as well. Enter the Aravon Riley and Ria for everyday wear!

The Aravon Riley (sneaker style) and Ria (Mary Jane style) utilize all of the True Balance benefits but in a shoe you could even wear to the office. The hook and loop closures ensure a custom fit, the antimicrobial sock liners help keep your feet dry and odor-free, and the removable Velocor footbeds allow you to use custom orthotics if you need them. Here are the toning shoes you can use for everyday wear, without them looking like they belong in a gym!

Discover the benefits of the True Balance technology in New Balance and Aravon shoes. There’s a toning shoe for every aspect of your life!

Take Care of those UGG Boots this Winter with the UGG Care Kit!

Let’s face it, UGG boots are an investment. You’re getting the best quality sheepskin available, in very high quality boots. You could get some cheap knock-off, but those don’t hold up the way that Authentic UGG boots from UGG Australia do. So if you’re going to spend the extra money to get the best quality boots you can find, why not protect them so that they’ll last as long as possible?

This is precisely why the UGG Care Kit was developed. When you’re investing in a good pair of boots, taking care of them is important. The UGG Care Kit contains everything you’d need to ensure that your boots look and feel fabulous for as long as possible. The kit contains the following:

Sheepskin Cleaner – this solution removes tough stains, and gives the sheepskin a clean and bright look.

Sheepskin Protector – protects against damage caused by rain, snow, dirt, and stains.

Sheepskin Freshener (my personal favorite) – helps keep your boots from smelling like FEET. It eliminates odor caused by bacteria and keeps your boots fresh smelling.

Also included in the kit are a sheepskin brush and a stain/scuff eraser.

I’m certain that this kit is going to come in handy for me this winter. I don’t want my boots to look good for just a couple of weeks until the weather gets sloppy, I want them looking great all season long (and beyond). So protect your investment with the UGG Care Kit. A little care will keep your boots looking great for a long time!

Dansko Professional Pink Ribbon Clog for the Cure!

I love Dansko products. My Mary Janes have gotten me through work, and some long parties. The Kelsey is my ultimate casual comfort shoe. My go-to shoe for whenever my feet hurt (for any reason) is the Professional. And now, I have another reason to love Dansko. They’ve come out with a Professional in pink ribbon patent leather to support Breast Cancer Research.

For every pair of Professionals in pink ribbon patent leather purchased, Dansko will donate $5 to the Susan G. Komen Foundation for Breast Cancer Research, up to $25,000. Even your shoe choice can help support this incredibly important cause.

The Dansko Professional is the premier clog for all-around use. I regularly wear mine to work, with dressier clothes as well as jeans. I see lots of medical professionals and teachers wearing them; they’re great for when you have to stand on your feet all day. They are slip resistant, perfect for slick environments at work or during sloppy weather. They provide exceptional support and stability. Using the rocker sole has helped keep my feet stretched and alleviates my issues with plantar fasciitis. I love the soft, high-quality leather used for the upper, and the durability of the polyurethane outsole. And now, you can get them in pink patent leather to support Breast Cancer Research. Comfort shoes to benefit cancer research? How can it possibly get better?

Check out the stylish Dansko Professionals in Pink Ribbon Patent Leather. They’re not only good for your feet, they’re great for your conscience too. And who knows, maybe increased awareness to the cause might help someone you love.

The UGG Classic Cardy in Metallic Colors – Have a Sweater for your Feet!

When the weather gets cool, I love to wrap myself up in big, bulky sweaters. They make me feel warm and cozy even when it’s cold and sloppy outside. UGG Australia has had the Classic Cardy for a while, but now they are available in some new and interesting colors: metallics!

 As with all the Classic Cardys, you can have different looks with the same boot. You can wear it pulled up all the way to keep as much of your legs warm as possible (and show off those etched buttons), you can slouch it down for a more casual appearance, or you can even cuff the top. UGG provides a lot of versatility with these boots!

The new metallic colors are especially fun this season. The Cardy is now available in Charcoal/Silver, Black/Gold, and Chocolate/Gold. Think of all the cozy sweaters these boots can complement. Or complement the rest of your fall/winter attire.

With a 50% wool and 50% acrylic upper, the Classic Cardy is a great addition to your cool-weather wardrobe. The suede heel helps provide durability, and the natural sheepskin allows moisture to wick away from your feet. As with all Classic UGGs, the molded EVA outsole is light and flexible so you won’t feel weighted down wearing them.

Just like a big, cozy sweater, the Classic Cardy UGG Boot in metallic colors provides phenomenal comfort and casual style.

Sheepskin from UGG Australia – Be Sure to Get the Real Deal!

Several years ago, I bought a pair of “fake” UGGs. I thought I was saving money and still getting all the benefits you’d get from a sheepskin boot.

I was wrong.

The biggest problem was the fact that my boots didn’t contain high quality sheepskin, like real UGG boots. Why is this a big deal?

Synthetic sheepskin doesn’t breathe. So if my feet got warm, they’d sweat. Moisture would not be wicked away from my feet, like they would in real sheepskin.

Synthetic sheepskin doesn’t hold up over time. It mats down, and feels less cushiony. It also feels scratchy after a while. Real sheepskin feels soft and fluffy even after long-term wear.

Grade-A twin-faced sheepskin, used in UGG boots, is extremely dense and soft, and therefore more durable. Synthetic sheepskin can’t hold a candle to that.

I’ve also noticed that the uppers on my boots have deteriorated much faster than the Authentic UGGs that my friends have. It’s impossible to keep the suede looking good, despite waterproofing treatments. Also the stitching is starting to come undone. The quality of the materials used and the workmanship in their creation makes all the difference in the world.

My next pair of boots is going to be a pair of Authentic UGG Bailey Buttons. The style is really cute, they are warm and cozy without causing my feet to sweat, they hold up over time (a great value!), and provide exceptional comfort.

Be sure to get Authentic UGG boots. Real, high-quality sheepskin and exceptional craftsmanship are worth it. Don’t you deserve that?