MBT Shoes Review: Me and My MBT Kaya Mary Janes

MBT KayaAnd you thought Earth shoes looked oddball! Take a gander at these bad boys! Perhaps you’ve seen these on the feet of over-zealous power walkers and thought, “What is UP with those shoes??” Well, I’m about to tell ya. Say hello to the mother of all rocker-soled shoes, the MBT.

MBT stands for Masai Barefoot Technology. The shoe is engineered to create natural instability, similar to walking in sand or other soft surfaces, which in turn activates the muscular system to stabilize the body in a natural way.  The first time I wore my MBT Kaya’s, it felt like I was standing on mini wobble boards. I had to stand up straight and tighten up my abs and glutes in order to find my balance. But once I took a few short walks, I started to get the hang of my new shoes. In fact, over the last week, I’ve preferred taking power-walks in the MBT over going to the gym. Not only are these shoes comfortable, I can totally feel my whole backside toning up–from calves, to thighs to bum. And my joints? No pain. My knees, hips, ankles are all feeling FINE.  You know what’s so wonderful?  I see the hard sidewalk, but I don’t FEEL it. At all. It’s almost as if I’m really walking barefoot on the beach…except it’s 32 degrees and I’m wrapped in polar fleece.

Hear what Sharon Seagrave, two time Olympian and MBT spokesperson, has to say about her “anti-shoe” experience:

These Boots Were Made for Walking

In recent weeks, the blogosphere has been abuzz – and surprisingly so – over the presidential candidates’ choice of footwear — particularly that of Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin.

Politics aside, one has to admit it is great to see her pull off a variety of styles that have inspired women everywhere to view sensible footwear as chic. Whether you agree or disagree with her personal and political views, you’ve got to admire her choice of shoes that feel as good as they look! “Feel good and look good” is a mantra Footwear etc. believes in and aims to share with the world.

We’ve been paying close attention to Palin’s comfy clogs, signature wedge slides, fashionable patent and croc leather heels, and the notorious knee high boots. In an effort to build on her stylish influence, we offer here a short selection from our popular Dansko, Mephisto, BeautiFeel and Ecco lines that we feel are worthy of a nomination for Election ’08 favorites!

boots-walking1 boots-walking2 boots-walking3 boots-walking4
Dansko Professional Pull-up Clog Mephisto Naiade BeautiFeel Celine Brown Crocodile Leather Ecco Bremen Boot

Walk and Get Healthy with MBT

The folks at MBT shoes have come up with 30 reasons to walk that will get you up out of your seat. Go to mbt30reasons.com to find them all, as well as to find out how to download 30 free songs perfect-for-walking. Take the “30 Walks in 30 Days” challenge, too.

Once you commit to the challenge, visit Footwear etc. to find a stylish, comfortable pair of MBT’s that fit your needs and you’ll be safely on your way.

MBT Shoes

Tina Fey in her Dansko Clogs

Tina Fey in Her Dansko Clogs

USA Today recently published a wonderful piece on the very busy Tina Fey,  star of 30 Rock and now famous Saturday Night Live Sarah Palin impersonator.

A busy woman clearly needs comfortable shoes, and the article notes her footwear choice:

“In an industry in which a woman can be either gorgeous or funny but rarely both, she’s the rare exception. Fey can star in her own American Express ads, chasing Martin Scorsese through an airport, and rock a fancy David Meister frock on the red carpet. But she’s still a comedy nerd, not entirely at home in the spotlight and still most comfortable in her broken-in Dansko clogs, which she slips into on set when the camera stops rolling.

And therein perhaps lies the key to Fey’s appeal. Even when she was first garnering attention for her writing on Saturday Night Live, Fey came across not as a ham, but as the smart, polite girl next door — even as she gently layered on the sarcasm and wit.”

Take a look at what Footwear etc. has to offer in the way of Dansko clogs. We can’t guarantee you’ll be transformed into the next SNL writer/performer when you slip them on, but we’ve heard from many customers that Dansko shoes offers great comfort for those on their feet all day.

Naot Shoes Fit for the Environment

Green Street Naot Shoes ArticleFor most of us a stylish pair of comfortable shoes is a dream come true. They look good, fit well, and make me look fantastic. What more could I ask for?

How about a shoe line that fits the above bill AND walks lightly upon the environment! It’s not enough to think about ourselves these days. With each purchase we now need to ponder, “How will this affect my children’s future on this fragile planet. Is this product ‘green’?”

Naot is a line of footwear we’ve carried for quite some time and now two of their styles, the Naot Matai and Esteem, were featured in the 2008 Going Greener issue of Footwear Plus.

Give these Naot styles a try and comfort of feet can be accompanied by comfort of conscience.
Naot Mary Jane