Get out and play with Chaco Shoes!

Looking for some rugged shoes that can survive lots of outdoor activities, yet still support your feet? Take a look at Chaco shoes.

Chacos are exceptional shoes for casual wear, particularly for folks who tend to overpronate as they walk. The BioCentric footbed was designed with the help of a pedorthist, and its contours help ensure that your foot is as stable as possible. This allows for extra comfort and reduced pronation. The “aggressive” arch support, sculpted heel cup, and heel risers give you maximum support, shock absorption, and lateral stability as you walk. All of these factors led the American Podiatric Medical Association to award its seal of approval to these shoes.

A huge plus in my estimation is that the EcoTread outsoles are made from 25% recycled rubber. Now I can feel morally superior and politically correct with my footwear! They are great if you’re going “green” in your lifestyle.

Available in both men’s and women’s styles, Chaco shoes may even help prevent injuries caused by poor posture, and rotation issues. This can help alleviate problems to your back, hips, and knees.

The Chaco Flip Leather Eco Tread in Shitake Nubuck Leather is a really nice, all-around flip flop for men, and can be worn with extremely casual or slightly dressy clothing. In women’s shoes, I particularly like the Chaco Aurora in Bungee Cord Leather: the perfect flip flop for all occasions! Another really fun shoe is the Chaco Zong X EcoTread in Multi Red, which even has adjustable straps for a custom fit – even around the toe!

So go out and play in some Chaco shoes. They’re the perfect summertime rugged yet stylish footwear.

New for Fall from UGG Australia: the Delaine

It’s never too early to start thinking about comfy UGG boots for cooler weather. I just realized this when we were on vacation on July 1st and ended up having to light a fire in the fireplace! You never know when a cold snap will hit. Or even if you live in the hot and steamy belt, planning your fall wardrobe can still be fun. Thank goodness UGG Australia has already begun to introduce new models for the fall, like the Delaine!

My daughter, the UGGS connoisseur of the family, has been anxiously watching and waiting for new models to be available. When I told her about the Delaine, and how it is different from the other genuine UGGS she’d seen in the past, she was excited and intrigued!

The Delaine, a brand-new introduction from UGG Australia, has all of the great styling and comfort that you expect from UGGS, with a twist. Think sneaker meets cozy boot. The sole is entirely different than UGGS you may have seen in the past. The gum rubber outsole looks like what you’ve seen on sneakers. In fact, the rubber comes up over the toes! Yet the boot is still cozy and warm, with its sheepskin and leather lining, and soft suede uppers.

You can also get two different looks from the same boots: wear them with the boot shaft all the way up, or roll it down for a fuzzy cuff. I love the versatility of this boot!

While many sneakers have little to no arch support, the Delaine boot is also unique in that it contains over 5 mm of molded arch support. You can feel the difference! UGGS has a boot for everyone now, even for people who need more support.

The Delaine is currently available in three colors: chocolate, chestnut, and black. Watch for more colors, and more fabulous new authentic UGGS coming out for the fall!

On Sale! Limited Availability! Get ‘Em While They Last!

Footwear etc. has a bunch of brands on sale that have limited quantities available. Check out these brands for some fabulous deals!

Acorn: these slippers are perfect for insulating your feet against cold tile, or even to just slip on when you go out to get the paper! Comfy and durable, these slippers contain Poliyou® open cell PU foam that is breathable, wicks moisture, and fights odor and bacteria with natural active carbon and Aegis® anti-microbials. The Wooly Scuff in particular is a wonderful all-around choice for a slipper.

Asgi: among the styles still available, check out the Carina bootie. The Soleplex technology provides comfort and a very unique look. This is definitely a great dress shoe! For Mary Jane fans, there are several choices available. I particularly like the Splendor Mary Jane; the strap comes across the top of your foot diagonally, which adds visual interest as well as comfort.

Dunham: men don’t have to be left out of a great sale. Dunham shoes excel in their waterproof and slip-resistant properties as well as support. For a slip-on, look at the Holyoke – it’s available in brown and black. For a lace-up shoe, check out the Oakdale Sport.

Teva: these shoes are well-known for being superb for the Great Outdoors. You won’t bat an eye if you get them wet while on the trail, or on the boat! The Women’s Cerellais a really cute “ballet flat.” Who’d have thought these could be so stylish?

Xsensible: the perfect shoes if you need a little “give” to the uppers, Xsensible’s claim to fame is that these shoes stretch if you need them to! If you get swollen feet during the day, these shoes can help alleviate the discomfort you might feel by the evening. Available in both casual and dressy styles, I really like the Esmerelda in Brown Stretch Leather – perfect for a weekend outing! Also check out the Style in Pampas Grass Leather/Suede – it has beautiful detailing and can give your wardrobe a new look!

Don’t miss out on these incredible prices! Check out these amazing deals while they last!

MBT Shoes Save the Day!

Every day we receive emails and phone calls from happy (real) customers who LOVE their MBT Shoes!  Hearing these stories make us happy.  We wanted to share the happiness and some of our favorite recent stories with all of our customers.  If you have a story you want to share, please email or call us!

Cindy from Illinois wrote… I just bought my 7th pair of MBTs.  I can not tell you how much it has improved my circulation, balance, back, hip and leg pain.  And my butt is my best feature after a year of wearing MBT Shoes!  It’s just plain gone!!  I wore them the first day with no problems and can’t do without a pair of them everyday since.  I shop, play, walk and work in them and I love them!!  The only problem is it spoils you for any other shoe.  I recommend MBT shoes to everyone – any age.  I get asked if they are those new “other brand” and I say, proudly, “No, these are the original MBTs.  The others can not compare and are note made with the technology that MBT has patented.”  No other is more comfortable or a great exercise than MBTs.  I love my new sandals!  Footwear etc. people are outstanding.  Thanks MBT!!

Irwin from New Jersey wrote… MBT Shoes reduced my leg and back pain significantly, particularly while walking.  I had been suffering for years despite orthotics, swedish clogs and various other shoe concoctions.  I tried a pair from Footwear etc. and am now ordering my second.

Kathy from California wrote… My husband loves his MBT Shoes.  The shoes are supportive as he recently had knee replacement surgery and can comfortably walk as the shoes absorb impact.

George from Missouri wrote… I have been so satisfied with my 15 pairs of MBT Shoes.  I had a spinal fusion 8 years ago.  MBT Shoes improved my posture, improved the weakness in my lower back, legs and core.

Kimberly from Florida wrote… I am a huge fan of MBT Sandals to walk the 3 Day.  I got these sandals on sale and very quickly.  I will be buying another pair later this summer for sure and will start my shopping here.

Thanks again to these happy customers for sharing their success stories with us.  Keep them coming!

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Bunion Sufferers can Rejoice at the Arrival of Fidelio Sandals and Slides!

Got bunions? Now there are shoes designed especially for you – Fidelio sandals and slides!

Fidelio Hallux Sandals for BunionsBrand new to the United States and Footwear etc., Fidelio shoes are specifically designed to stretch so that if you’ve got bunions, you can prevent that squished feeling most shoes provide. Bunions are painful enough, who needs pain from your shoes? You don’t have to put up with pain from your shoes anymore!

Not only do the Fidelio shoes provide great style and comfort for bunion sufferers, they also provide exceptional support. The deep-cupped heel and natural cork insole give superb support, and the air-cushioned sole feels wonderfully soft at the forefoot and heel. Orthotics wearers can also celebrate: the insole is removable and the shoe can accommodate full orthotics.  These shoes are hand-crafted in Austraia with the finest letahers and materials.

I particularly like the fact that the stretch insert for bunions is hidden, so they don’t look like yourFidelio Hallux Sandals for Bunion Relief stereotypical orthopedic shoes. They maintain their stylish design with attractive jewelling, soft vegetable-tanned uppers, and even the top of the insole near the toes matches the upper of the shoe! What a clever design!

Fidelio shoes are currently only available in women’s styles, but you can have choices for the look you want to show off! Casual wear is perfect for the Fidelio Hallux Bunion Relief sandal in tan leather. For a night on the town, consider the Fidelio Hallux Bunion Relief slide in burgundy patent leather. Lots of comfort, and lots of style here!

Don’t suffer from bunion pain anymore, try out some Fidelio shoes! They can make wearing shoes fun again!