FitFlops: The Choice of Travelers Worldwide!

Just got back from my first-ever trip to Europe, and among all the amazing sights, I noticed what people were wearing. Much to my surprise, the overwhelming favorite in footwear that I noticed, was… FitFlops! I saw them in the UK, in Norway, in Copenhagen, and even Estonia! I really shouldn’t have been surprised, FitFlops contain the perfect features for weary, traveler’s feet.

The patented Microwobbleboard technology allows you to work muscles you don’t usually use in conventional shoes, but still give some stability. You get the benefits of rocker sole technology, but the back part of the shoe does provide a stable platform. As a result, as you walk, you’ll be working out those leg and gluteal muscles! And being flip flops, they are the perfect summer sandals. Need to do some serious sightseeing? FitFlops will keep your feet comfortable while giving you a workout as you walk. Need to just kick back this summer? FitFlops are casual, cool, and oh-so comfy!

I really like the Oasis, which is available in Black, Stone, and Chocolate suede. Very stylish, and they can go with any casual outfit! This style was one of the most popular ones I saw on my trip!

The Electra is also a terrific model, which you can wear with dressier clothes! Available in Black, Bronze, and Pewter, these shoes provide excellent versatility as well as all the wonderful features that FitFlops provide.

Road tested all over the world, FitFlops are fantastic shoes for your active vacation, or for just kicking back at home.

MBT Fans: New Colors for the Mahuta Available!

Here at Footwear etc. we have SO many customers call us and tell us how much they love their MBT Shoes. They love the new styles, the superior performance over other brands, the way the rocker sole helps tone their bodies, and how this technology actually helps problem feet/joints/backs feel better. We seem to never have enough styles and colors to suit all who love them! But for those of you who love less conventional shoe colors, check out the MBT Mahuta and the new colors available for that model!

As with all MBT shoes, the MBT Mahuta provides all of the properties mentioned above, and in a very stylish shoe. But now, women can get them in not just white, black, or aqua, but violet and gull grey!

MBT Mahuta ShoesI for one absolutely love purple, so if you’re a purple fan, definitely check out the violet MBT Mahuta. The grey and aqua accents make this sporty shoe extra stylish. Rest assured that the combination of these colors is completely tasteful. You’ll love wearing them out on the town!

MBT Mahuta Gull GreyFeeling a little more subdued? The gull grey MBT Mahutaversion with its pink accents help make this shoe a little more feminine, yet doesn’t shout out from your feet! Gull grey goes with so many other colors that you’ll find this shoe really versatile.

Flaunt some new colors in your wardrobe with the new colors of the MBT Mahuta. Put some fun on your feet!

Run Happy® in Brooks Shoes!

Need a new pair of running or walking shoes? Footwear etc. now carries a bunch of models from Brooks, and there’s a shoe to please everyone!

Brooks shoes have an extensive amount of technology incorporated so that they are environmentally-friendly, have outstanding shock absorption, great support and cushioning, as well as flexibility. Here’s a sampling: The BioMoGo midsole is not only long lasting, but it is actually biodegradable; once it encounters the heat of a landfill, anaerobic microbes attack the material and help it degrade as much as 50% faster than other materials. Progressive Diagonal Rollbar technology helps keep pronation under control. The outsoles, with their HPR Plus and HPR Green technology, promote excellent traction and outstanding durability.

Serious runners should check out the Beast. It’s an aptly named shoe for men. This is an outstanding shoe in terms of durability, stability, and support.

A great women’s running shoe is the Glycerin 8. The Brooks DNA technology disperses pressure throughout the shoe and provides individualized cushioning and support for any body build.

Men and Women walkers also have a wonderful choice in the Addition Walker. The nubuck upper is velvety soft and durable, while the sole is slip-resistant. It’s cushy and comfortable, and the roll bar provides outstanding stability.

Brooks feels that people will Run Happy® in their shoes and we agree! Treat yourself to a new pair of running or walking shoes!

Flip Flops in any Color, for any Occasion!

Imagine my surprise when I discovered that Footwear etc. carries over 300 models/colors of flip flops. You could have a flip flop in your closet for each day of the week! You could have a flip flop for each color in your wardrobe. You could practically get a new flip flop each time your mood changes! There’s no shortage of comfortable flip flops in our catalog; here are a few that “called out” to me:

Want rocker sole technology in your flip flops? Check out the models by FitFlop. The Microwobbleboard technology activates muscles in your legs and helps you tone. FitFlops are also superior in shock absorption and help realign your body as you walk. The Walkstar 3 comes in neutral as well as fashion-forward colors and is a great addition to your wardrobe.

For a luxurious, cushioned feel, try the Clarks Latin Samba. It’s a flexible shoe that has extra cushioning and intake vents to help channel out warm, moist air to keep your feet cool. I also like it because it has a flower on the top – definitely a girly flip flop!

Think makes a beautiful flip flop suitable for dressy occasions. The Soso has really cute metallic accents, and a stylish 1 ½” heel. The cork/latex footbed is anatomically contoured for your comfort. You can feel the support and cushioning while you wear a fun-looking sandal.

Men have many choices in flip flops, including those from Olukai. The Ohana is a terrific casual flip flop with a comfortable nylon webbing toe post. The anatomical EVA insole provides support and feels great on your feet.

I also really like the Chaco Flip X Ecotread. This is a waterproof sandal that has a great arch support, and the outsole contains 25% recycled material. I feel so politically correct wearing these shoes! And they’re really cute!

The choices in flip flops are almost limitless, so check out what’s online at Footwear etc. and have fun!

Protect Your Shoe Investment with Collonil Products

If I’m going to make an investment in some good quality shoes, I want them to last as long as possible. Proper care and treatment can help you accomplish that goal, and Collonil has a variety of products designed just for this purpose.

Need to protect your shoes against water damage? Try the Collonil Waterstop Spray. It’s effective on all sorts of materials: leather, nubuck, Gore Tex, etc. The spray foam, which goes on clear, is very quick and easy to apply. Another great feature is that protects against fading as well! Also consider it for handbags and other leather/nubuck/textile products!

Collonil’s Clean and Care Foam is a spray foam that’s great for cleaning and nourishing leather, nubuck and textiles. Just remember to spray the foam onto a cloth, brush or sponge first, not directly on the item. Once you rub it all over the item, use a damp cloth to remove the foam. (Just be sure to try it on a non-noticeable area to be sure that the item is color fast.) My purse, which I throw around all over the place, could definitely use some TLC from this product!

I found a way to make my nubuck shoes look like new again: using the Collonil Nubuck Box Shoe Cleaner. This is a sponge with a soft foam rubber side to roughen the fibers of the nubuck, and a crepe side to clean the suede/nubuck. This product is especially effective if you use it after using a liquid cleaner, letting the item dry, and then brush the nubuck/suede in one direction.

Don’t let water, dirt and assorted wear make your shoes deteriorate! Check out the Collonil products to protect that investment!