Arch Support for your Favorite Sheepskin Boots from Superfeet!

Lots of boots are great for the cold weather, but do little to support your feet. And for those of us with “tempermental” feet, that can be uncomfortable after a while. I am absolutely delighted to see that Superfeet has come out with the Wooly White Unisex Insole. Finally, an insole that is supportive AND warm!

The Superfeet Wooly White Insole can fit into your favorite sheepskin boots, or even rain boots or other casual footwear in which you might want a little extra warmth. The great part of this insole is that it truly provides support for your feet. Ordinarily with many sheepskin boots, the insole can flatten out over time, and your feet will feel like you’re walking on an uncomfortably hard surface. Not so with the Wooly White. As with all Superfeet insoles, you can feel the difference in the heel cup and arch area. The extra support can help alleviate pain from plantar fasciitis, and assist those with overpronation issues. They can also help you keep your body in proper alignment, and therefore reduce stress on muscles and ligaments. A warm and fuzzy insole that’s good for your feet?! What’s not to love?

Covered with 90% Merino Wool, the Superfeet Wooly White Insoles will help keep your feet warm, dry, and supported. What a great gift you can give this holiday season, whether you’re giving new boots or not!

We Love Those UGG Bailey Buttons, and Bailey Button Triplets!

It’s no surprise to all of us at Footwear, etc. that the UGG Bailey Button and Bailey Button Triplet from UGG Australia have become among our best sellers in the UGG family. These popular styles have everything you could want in a sheepskin boot. There are classic colors, like Chocolate, Sand, Black, and Grey to enjoy. There are bright colors, like Deep Cobalt, Jester Red, Deep Atlantic, and Blackberry Wine. And there even are metallics!

Customers are reporting that they love the versatility of both the Bailey Button and Bailey Button Triplet. The Bailey Button is cute as a shorter style when the cuff is extended up, as well as when it’s folded down – then it’s more like a bootie. The Bailey Button Triplet is perfect for those super cold days, when you want as much leg area covered as possible! Keep the cuff pulled up for those days, and roll it down for a different look anytime.

As expected, the warmth and coziness are what customers rave about the most. The warm, breathable sheepskin goes a long way to ward off those fall and winter chills. You won’t find any scratchy synthetics in these boots, and your feet will appreciate the difference!

So as you gear up for the holiday season, consider the Bailey Button, and Bailey Button Triplets from UGG Australia. Show your friends and family how much you care with a pair of comfy, cozy boots!

UGG Classic Styles – New Colors for Fall!

The Classic Tall and Classic Short boots from UGG Australia have been very popular over the years, and this year UGG Australia has added some fabulous colors to the mix!

The usual beautiful colors of Black, Chocolate, and Chestnut are still available for the Classic Tall and continue to be very popular, and now there are some other great colors that are sure to please everyone! Navy and Grey can definitely enhance lots of outfits this season. The Classic Tall in Sand is a great neutral for any occasion. But the really unusual boots are the metallics! You can get Marbled Nickel, Gold, or even Copper! The metallics are definitely different, and really make a fashion statement!

The Classic Short also comes in the standard colors of Chocolate, Chestnut, and Black, but with some beautiful additions for the fall. What do you think of Terracotta (brick-colored)? Grey and Sand are beautiful neutrals that are very versatile. But how about some happy, bright colors like Raspberry Rose, or Country Blue? The Classic Short in Pacific Sea Green, or Aqua Sea are beautiful, watery colors that are perfect to brighten your day. Metallic fans can also be happy with Metallic Gold. A really unusual boot is the Classic Short in Sand Paisley sheepskin – great for setting yourself apart from the masses!

As always, UGG boots are only made from the highest quality grade A twin face sheepskin. It breathes naturally, and therefore keeps your feet cool and dry. No scratchy, artificial feel here! Why settle for anything less?

So check out the fantastic new colors in the UGG Classic collections. Classic models, fabulous styles and colors. You’ll love them!

UGG Boots for Kids – Perfect for this Holiday Season!

I see kids wearing UGG boots everywhere. They wear them to school. They wear them to the movies. They wear them to go out and play – whether it’s warm or cold. They even wear them with shorts! So think of how versatile a gift you can purchase for those little ones you love this holiday season. UGG Australia comes through again with great new styles and colors just for kids!

Boots wouldn’t be any fun unless they came in a variety of styles and colors. This year, kids can be stylish with four different models: the Kid’s Classic, the Kid’s Classic Tall, the Kid’s Bailey Button, and the Kid’s Bailey Button Triplet. These easy-to-wear styles come in a bunch of great colors, like Chocolate, Chestnut, Sand, and Black. There’s a color and style to go with your child’s mood!

UGG Australia takes the quality and comfort of its Kids collection just as seriously as it does the adult boots. The twin-faced, grade A sheepskin is breathable and soft; perfect for keeping those little feet warm and dry. The EVA outsole is flexible and light, so the kids won’t feel like they have cement weights on their feet. And the cushy insole is comfortable and soft, like a big hug.

My absolute favorite UGG boot is only available in the Kid’s Collection; I wish it were available in adult sizes. Who wouldn’t want to wear the Bailey Button Boot, in pink with the UGG logo written in purple all over it? It’s beyond cute! Perfect for that little girly girl in your life.

So gear up for this holiday season with UGG boots. You can feel good giving your child something warm and cozy, and they can feel like they’re the most stylish kids around!

Fit Flops – Not Your Everyday Flip Flops!

I don’t know about you, but I like to wear flip flops year round. There’s nothing better during warm weather, and they’re so easy to slip on when the weather is cool and you just want to run out to get the newspaper. But I hate flip flops that have no support, and fall apart easily. My feet were so happy when I discovered FitFlops; they are everything I love in flip flops.

Let’s face it, most flip flops are boring. But FitFlops are anything but boring! Where else can you get shoes like this with interesting metallic leathers, or patent leather, or even suede? There’s a style for every look in your closet! And you don’t sacrifice comfort for style. In fact, you may want to stay in them all day long!

Thanks to its Microwobbleboard technology, FitFlops create muscle toning properties while also providing outstanding support. They actually increase the amount of time that your muscles are engaged as you walk, and therefore allow your muscles to get a better workout than in conventional shoes. They also absorb shock, and can help reduce foot pain and pressure from plantar fasciitis. You can feel the arch support, which I really love. And they’re fun to wear!

The FitFlop Walkstar 3 in Bronze is a particular favorite of mine. Who knew that there could be dressy flip flops that provide toning properties? I love that you can have dressier attire and still have flip flops to go with your outfit! Perfect for a night on the town. Another favorite is the Oasis in Chocolate – the suede is soft and feels great on my feet. These are wonderful all-around flip flops, great for any occasion or attire.

Don’t sacrifice comfort and potential toning properties just for the ease of a flip flop. Check out the great styles and colors of FitFlops. You’ll never purchase a pair of no-support flip flops again!