Feeling Unbalanced? The EvenUp Foot Leveler Might Help!

I’m not talking about feeling a little mentally unbalanced, I’m talking about feeling physically unbalanced. If you’ve got one leg that’s a little longer than the other, or more commonly if you’re injured and have to wear an orthopedic boot, feeling physically unbalanced can be really painful. I remember when I had to wear an orthopedic boot when I had a stress fracture in my foot, I experienced a lot of pain in my hips due to walking unevenly. How ironic is it to have to go through pain elsewhere in your body as you get an injury to heal?! At last, those of us who have a height difference between their legs – particularly in the case of those wearing orthopedic implements – have a solution to this problem: the EvenUp Foot Leveler.

What the EvenUp Foot Leveler does is add a little extra height to an existing shoe. It’s a device that you put over your shoe so that you can be properly balanced. It’s dramatic how something as innocuous as a height differential between your legs can cause so much pain; the Foot Leveler can greatly improve your life as you heal.

Sizing for the Evenup works based on the measurement of the sole of the shoe (NOT your shoe size).  Size small correlates to a sole measurement between 10 inches and 11 ¼ inches. Size Medium works for a sole measurement between 11 ½ inches and 12 ¾ inches. Use a size Large for a sole measurement between 13 inches and 14 ½ inches.

There are actually two layers to the EvenUp, which can help you customize the height. The bottom layer is 1.3 cm thick. If you need a little more height, add the top sole to create an additional 2.1 cm. This can make a difference in your comfort level!

You don’t have to experience pain just from being physically unbalanced due to leg length or in particular when you have to wear an orthopedic boot. Try out the EvenUp Foot Leveler. Don’t go through extra pain while you heal from an injury!


Fabulous New Shoes for Spring from BeautiFeel and Naot!

When it’s cold and sloppy outside, I like to think of how wonderful the warmer weather will be.  With warmer weather comes great new shoes! Seeing the new styles from BeautiFeel and Naot is a real morale booster and really makes me look forward to the spring. Need to indulge in a warm weather shoe fantasy? Here are a few models to help you get in the mood for Spring:

BeautiFeel is known for superb quality and outstanding comfort, and they don’t disappoint with the Stefania sandal. Available in Black or Champagne Luminous Suede, this slingback sandal is sure to become one of your favorite dress shoes. The footbed is pillow soft, and the latex rubber sole provides a comfortable and durable base. I really love the luxurious suede upper with its decorative button. This is an elegant style for those special occasions. I’m ready to use these for a night out on the town!

 An elegant flat from BeautiFeel is the Skyler. What sets this beautiful flat apart from the masses is the heel-to-toe footbed, which is anatomically contoured so that it reduces shock and stabilizes your arch. It’s like walking on memory foam! The anti-slip outsole is flexible and durable as well. This may be your most comfortable flat, and the gorgeous styling makes this a versatile show that can go with a variety of outfits. You can’t beat the quality of BeautiFeel shoes; check them out and see how they can change your life!

I absolutely LOVE Naot shoes. I have two pairs of sandals and I can’t wait to expand my collection with some of the new styles for the spring. A beautiful platform slide that is appropriate for both dressy and casual wear is the Enchant. Available in Polar Sea/Navy Patent Leather , Black Rave/Black Crinkled Leather, or Mirror/Metal Leather, the Enchant is an incredibly versatile shoe. As with all Naot shoes, there’s an anatomical cork and latex footbed that provides outstanding support for your feet . I love the 2 ¾” height of the heel yet the wedge makes it so easy to wear.

Need a shoe that looks great with dresses as well as jeans? Check out the Naot Revere. This Black Raven/Black Patent Leather shoe is perfect to go from a casual day at work to an exciting evening out. The 2” heel height is just high enough to be girly, yet low enough to be easy to wear. I love the cut-out details on the upper, they visually lighten up the shoe and provide some extra elegance. I rely on arch support and deep heel cups for comfort, and this shoe contains both. I’m excited to try this out!

Indulge yourself in some exciting shoes from BeautiFeel and Naot. I look for any ways that I can pamper my feet, why not do so and improve your mood at the same time?


If You Like UGG’s Classic Cardy, You’ll LOVE the New UGG Leland!

There’s an UGG boot for everyone. I love how the cardy is like a warm sweater for your feet. Now, you have another option in that realm: the UGG Leland. It’s even more luxurious, and why not pamper your feet this winter?

The Leland is a wool/cotton blended and lambswool/cashmere blended boot. You’re not just putting on a sweater for your feet, you’re putting on a bit of luxury! The Leland not only has that warm and cozy “knitted” shaft, it also has a cushioned foam insole with a sheepskin sock that keeps your feet comfy and dry. I love the versatility of this boot; you can wear it up (like knee socks), fold it down, or even slouch it down for an informal look.

Leland also has four side buttons on its 8” shaft, and a suede heel (for durability). As always with all UGG products, it contains the highest quality sheepskin liner, which holds up great over time and wicks away moisture to help keep your feet comfortable.  Available in Black/Charcoal Cotton Knit, this boot is sure to be a hit in your household! Check it out while it’s still available!

Remember Earth Shoes? Now there are New Types for Everyone!

I remember the Earth shoes from the ‘70s. They had a negative heel, and were fairly clunky-looking. But they were popular and comfortable, and reflected the fashion sense of the day. Earth shoes are back, and updated for today’s tastes in fashion and comfort. There are actually three Earth brands available: Kalso Earth Shoes (the original wellness shoes with a negative heel), Earthies Shoes (very fashion  forward wellness shoes), and Earth Shoes (contemporary designs for the everyday working woman).

Kalso Earth shoes feature a negative heel, setting your heel slightly lower than your toes. Why is this a good thing? It helps you improve your posture and reduce stress on your joints. It also allows you to emulate the feeling of walking barefoot in sand, which is optimal for not just your feet but your entire body. The positioning of your body makes a world of difference in how your joints feel, so Kalso Earth excel in that realm. These shoes are available for both men and women, in a wide variety of styles!

For women, I particularly like the Kalso Earth Women’s Daily. It’s a great all-around shoe for everyday wear. It’s an easy to wear, slip-on shoe with a soft leather upper. You could wear this to work with dressier attire, or with casual clothes. Available in Black, Navy, Almond and Rosso, this could be your next favorite shoe!

A great shoe for men is the Kalso Earth Men’s Classic Too. Available in Bark Leather, this lace-up shoe is versatile enough to go with most of your wardrobe. It also doesn’t look clunky, so you can get all the benefits of the negative heel and have some style as well.

If you like feminine-styled footwear, you’ll love Earthies shoes. They are really stylish, fashion-forward designs that feature cupped heels, cradled footbeds, and a graduated arch support. Women can feel confident that they’ll get great support and comfort in very cute shoes!

The Earthies Cristiana is a gorgeous bootie with cutouts in the upper and a peep toe. This suede shoe has a 3” heel and a zipper in the back for easy on-off. Yet even with that heel, the cradle toe area distributes your weight away from the toes, and the anatomic arch provides outstanding support . Who knew that a shoe this beautiful could feel good on your feet?

Earth Shoes are designed for the everyday working woman. These contemporary designs include dress shoes for work, and casual shoes for the rest of your life. I particularly like the fact that they are stylish but don’t have huge heels, and are versatile enough to wear with most of my wardrobe! Comfort is key in this brand; each shoe contains a padded heel area to displace shock, reinforced arch support for stability, and multi-density latex cushioning to really pamper your feet.

My current favorite Earth Shoe is the Wisteria in Bat Leather. The footbed feels really soft and comfortable, yet supportive, and I love how the leather straps are actually two different shades of brown. The 2” heel makes this shoe really comfortable and easy to wear and I can spend an entire work day in these shoes with no issues at all. It looks good with dress slacks as well as jeans too!

The Earth brand – meaning Kalso Earth, Earthies, and Earth Shoes – covers all your footwear needs. Find a pair that makes you happy today!

The UGG Bailey Button Mini: the Perfect UGG for ME!

I love UGG boots but I’ve always had some minor issues. The talls and the shorts don’t fit my calves properly, I can’t get the Bailey Button Triplet because my daughter has one of those (and heaven forbid we actually have the same style boot!), the Bailey Button has been an option, but now I have an even better choice for me: the UGG Bailey Button Mini!

What makes this boot perfect for me is that it’s just tall enough to keep my feet and ankles toasty warm. I tend to not wear pants tucked into boots, so having something taller is really unnecessary for me. I’m also really pleased that UGG Australia listened to its customers who had issues getting their feet into the Classic Mini boots; the seam around the top can make it a little challenging to get on and off. The Bailey Button Mini eliminates this issue; the boot is easy to get on and off because of the button closure and the side seam on the boot. It’s cute, stylish, and warm. What’s not to love?

As with all UGG boots, the Bailey Button Mini contains the highest quality twinface sheepskin available. This genuine sheepskin wicks away moisture and helps keep your feet warm and dry. They are durable, light and flexible, and contains an elastic closure with a wood button to keep the boot closed. The boot shaft height is 5”, perfect for keeping your ankles warm and not getting in the way of your slacks. Yet the boots also look great with any attire, like leggings or the like. I’m thrilled that there’s an UGG boot that is absolutely perfect for my needs! It’s available in a variety of colors, like chocolate, chestnut, boysenberry, sand, black, and tea rose. There’s a color for every outfit in your closet!

Definitely check out the UGG Bailey Button Mini. You’ll love how it makes your feet feel, and how it complements your wardrobe.