Announcing the Fall 2011 Collection from MBT Shoes!

For those of you who love MBT shoes and have been anxiously awaiting the new styles for the fall, your wait is over! The new collection from MBT is out and available! There are a bunch of new styles available that you can use for a variety of purposes; check these out and see what you think!

My favorite shoe in the new collection is the Chakula. Available for both men and women, this Gore-Tex shoe is fantastic for those times you want a shoe to use for exercise walking, or a stroll around town. You don’t have to worry about getting caught in the rain with this shoe! The Gore-Tex lining may be waterproof, but it’s permeable so that your feet can stay cool and dry. As with all MBTs, the rocker-sole bottom creates natural instability and can help you improve your posture and balance while you tone your muscles and reduce pressure on your joints. The rubber outsole is perfect for shock absorption and traction, and I love the athletic styling of this shoe. It’s available in a variety of colors as well!

Other great athletic shoes are the Mila for women, and the Siku for men. They both come in several colors, and are wonderful all-around athletic shoes. You’ll definitely feel toned and may notice alleviation of pain in your joints when you walk in these.

Men, do you need a dress shoe? Check out the Bosi. It’s an elegant leather lace-up shoe that’s available in brown or black. You could easily wear these with a suit. These are the perfect dress shoes if you need to be on your feet. (Trial lawyers, this could be your ultimate work shoe!) The Bosi is a fabulous shoe for any dressy occasion. Just because you need to dress up doesn’t mean that your feet should hurt!

A nice oxford shoe for women is the Pata. Available in smooth leather or split leather/suede, this shoe works well for casual wear without looking like an athletic shoe. I particularly like the Taupe Grey Split Leather Suede version; I could wear that one with most of my wardrobe. It’s a really nice all-purpose shoe.

Boots are a big part of the 2011 Fall Collection. MBT has created several boots in a variety of heights, for men and women. Keep your feet cozy and comfortable with MBT’s rocker-sole technology in any of these boots:

For women, check out the Kisiwa. It’s available as an ankle boot as well as a high model. This style is elegant enough to wear to work or out on the town. The high boot is available in black leather and taupe nubuck, while the ankle boot comes in black leather. I could easily see wearing the high boot with a dress or skirt. The ankle boot is really comfortable not only because of the rocker-sole bottom, but the elastic gore on the side helps you get the boot on and off easily. Beautiful, comfortable, and practical!

Two other boots for women are the Nafasi mid and the Wia. The Nafasi Mid has a unique lace-up design, giving you a custom fit. It makes for a very sporty boot; perfect to wear with jeans or other casual attire. I love the richness of the leather. The Wia looks a little more rugged, and has a few laces at the very top of the boot so you can hold the top snug around your calf. The Wia is available in both coffee leather and moonstruck leather; as soon as I saw the photo of the moonstruck, I had a flash of Julie Christie in Dr. Zhivago. While she didn’t wear the Wia, you can still feel like a movie star in this boot!

Men also have some great choices in boots. The Kitabu comes in both an oxford shoe as well as a high (just over the ankle) boot. It’s sporty and rugged-looking, perfect for casual wear. The GTX model (the oxford, not the boot) is very handy for sloppy weather since it contains Gore-Tex. You’ll love the informal style in this lace-up boot or shoe.

The Kizingo is a beautiful dress boot for men. Available in black leather or coffee nubuck, it’s elegant and easy to wear. This ankle-height boot is a great alternative to conventional oxford-style shoes for the office or dressy occasions. Isn’t it great that men finally have lots of options in dressy shoes too?

Lastly, MBT’s flagship shoe, the Ari, is already getting rave reviews from customers. This completely redesigned sole is the winner of this year’s Red Dot Award for Product Design. The Ari is a limited edition shoe, and has the most advanced ventilation system on the market. See why this shoe is radically different from all the rest, and why customers think it’s a phenomenal investment.

So there they are. The Fall 2011 Collection from MBT has something for everyone. I know which will be my favorites; how about you?


Soft and Cozy Slippers for that Cool Weather!

As the weather cools down, I love having my feet stay warm. I may still be able to wear sandals during the day, but the nights get chilly. I’m so happy to have found some new cozy slippers: Ciabatta’s!

Made from high quality sheepskin, these slippers are a luxury for your feet! The insole is cushy and soft, the sheepskin is breathable so that your feet can stay comfortable and dry, and the outsole is made from skid resistant rubber. Perfect for running outside to get the newspaper in the morning!

There are a variety of styles and colors to choose from for both men and women. Here’s a sampling:

The Joyce Slip-On is a mule-styled slipper that’s easy to get on and off, and versatile as it keeps your feet warm and cozy. It’s available in chocolate, tan, and navy. Somehow I can easily see my daughter rolling out of bed and wearing these to school! I wouldn’t put it past her; but at least I know her feet will be cozy as she races off…

Another really cute slip-on shoe is the Glide Scuff Slip-On. Similar to the Joyce Slip-On, the Glide comes in some adorable colors! I’m especially fond of girly colors like lavender and pink, but it’s also available in sand and tan. My mother really likes pink; that might make a really good holiday gift….

I absolutely love the Ciabatta Hi Top Bootie. This style is available for both men and for women, and in my humble opinion is the ultimate cozy slipper. Why have your heel be cold when the rest of your foot is nice and toasty? The sheepskin completely envelops your foot and provides phenomenal softness and comfort. The Hi Top is available in sand for men, and tan for women, and is sure to be a hit for those of us who really want our entire foot to stay warm and cozy.

Men have a couple of other options to choose from: the Moccasin, which is available in chocolate, and the Step-In Velcro, available in tan. You get all the comfort from the wonderful sheepskin insole and slip-resistant rubber outsole, but in a moccasin style or an adjustable Velcro slide model. The latter is particularly great if you are prone to swollen feet, or have sensitive feet and need to be able to adjust the width.

Don’t go through cool weather with cold feet! Try the new Ciabatta slippers. They’ll make perfect holiday gifts too!

Back Again for Fall 2011 – Ariat Shoes!

If you like cowboy-styled boots, chunky clogs, or equestrian-inspired designs, this is the brand for you. Ariat shoes are specifically designed for equestrians, so you can wear them both at home and on the range!

I particularly like the Ariat Shada boot. The laser cut design and stitching details make this boot highly decorative and stylish. My equestrian friends think it’s perfect to wear when they ride, and although I’m a city slicker I still enjoy the western styling to wear with jeans or a denim skirt. The Duratread™ sole is made from composite materials and is durable and flexible. It’s even resistant to oils and slippage! But the full-grain leather is what really sells me on this boot. It has fantastic quality and fantastic style for your inner or outer cowgirl.

I love clogs with backs, and the Ariat Bella fits the bill perfectly. The full-grain leather upper has a padded collar and elastic gore for comfort, yet also has hand-stitched embroidery. What’s not to love? Another great feature is the arch and heel support by the ATS® shank. This shank also cushions the foot, promotes good posture, and enhances stability. And it’s cute!

For a sleek, ankle boot, check out the Ariat Spat 3. You could easily wear this when you ride, or when you play. It’s a very classy design that also contains the ATS® footbed, with the leather upper’s spat detailing and embossed basket weave panel. There’s even a foldover flap with a three-snap closure and hidden elastic gore for extra flexibility. This gorgeous boot would be suitable not just for riding “English style,” it would be lovely for a night out on the town.

Like equestrian-styled designs? You’ll love the new styles available from Ariat. They’re not just for the horsey crowd, there’s a place for them in every wardrobe.

New for Fall: the 2011 Collection from UGG Australia!

I love the fall. I love how the weather becomes cool and crisp, and the leaves on trees change color. That cool weather makes my feet cold, so I’m delighted to see the new arrivals from UGG Australia! Here are just a few of the new collection:

The Broome II is a fantastic rugged-looking boot with a molded rubber outsole. It’s durable, and provides great traction. The soft leather gives you a luxurious look and feel, and the zipper makes it easy to get on and off. Best of all, there’s a removable and replaceable sock liner that keeps your feet wicks away moisture and keeps your feet comfortable and dry. You can get serious mileage out of this boot!

Like booties? Check out the UGG Classic Mini. Available in chocolate, chestnut or black sheepskin, it has all of the features of the Classic series in a boot that’s shaft is about 5” high. It has the same grade A sheepskin, the cushioned foam covered with a sheepskin sock liner that wicks away moisture, and the light and flexible EVA outsole found in all of the Classic boots.

Even the Classic Short is available in two new fun colors: Nopal Dark Green, and Lapis Blue. These beautiful jewel tones give you more options to play with in your wardrobe. But as always, the fabulous cozy sheepskin makes your feet feel totally pampered. (And I for one live to be pampered.)

More styles will be arriving soon! So check out the new arrivals from UGG Australia. There’s an UGG boot for everyone!


Freshgear Toe Socks Give High Performance Wear to Sport Socks!

I remember toe socks from my wild youth, when they were typically knee-highs, and all sorts of exotic colors and patterns. Today, they are making a comeback, and in a subdued yet high performance model from Freshgear.

Available in white, the Freshgear Unisex AFX Performance Sport Toe Sock is the perfect sock for both casual and athletic wear. It’s great that the sock doesn’t show, yet provides outstanding comfort. You can wear them by themselves for an extra-sleek look, or under conventional socks. Wearing them under other socks actually can help reduce your chance of getting blisters!

These socks are specifically designed for people who are prone to blisters, foot odor, and “athlete’s foot.” They’ve actually been treated with an antimicrobial finish that can eliminate up to 99% of bacteria and fungi that cause foot odor or mildew. What a huge win; there is NOTHING worse than mildewed socks. Trust me.

What’s also great about the antimicrobial protection is that it’s renewable! All you have to do to get maximum coverage is wash them in a white laundry load with detergent and bleach. That process reactivates the protection! If only that could occur for the rest of the laundry…

Freshgear toe socks also promote increased air flow and moisture-wicking properties to keep your feet cool and dry. Give them a try and see how much more comfortable your feet can be.