Flip Flops for Fantastic Fun!

You can never have too many flip flops during the warm months. I love how you can have casual versions that you can wear to the beach, or even dressy ones to wear to work (and many styles in between). Men and women both have a lot of choices to choose from, here are a few customer favorites:

Orthaheel makes a beautiful bejeweled flip flop called the Carla. Available in Gold Metallic, Bronze Metallic, Chrome Metallic, and Black Metallic, this phenomenal shoe is dressy enough to wear to work or out for an evening on the town. You’ll especially love how fantastically supportive this shoe is due to its biomechanical Tri-planar Motion Control footbed with deep heel cup. It’s also recommended by  wellness expert Dr. Andrew Weil and by the American Podiatric Medical Association.

An elegant flip flop by Naot is called the Jennifer. It contains a velvet nubuck and leather upper with decorative metal on the straps. It has great traction, and I particularly love the suede-covered cork and latex footbed that provides outstanding support.

The Helen by Mephisto is a versatile shoe that you could wear in both casual and slightly dressy situations. Available in Gold, Bronze, Black, Blue, Brown or Tan leather, this shoe provides phenomenal support due to its cushioned cork footed. You are really getting superior quality with Mephisto shoes, as they are handmade. See what this level of support can do for your feet!

Men also have options, such as the OluKai Kalo.   This comfy flip flop not only has an anatomical compression-molded midsole, it also has soft and thick jacquard webbing with a jersey knit lining. This is a great all-around flip flop for the warm weather months.

Juil has created a great men’s flip flop: the Apollo.  It is elegantly styled, yet can still be worn for casual outings. The anatomically-shaped leather footbed provides support, and the copper inserts provide Energy Flow Technology to help you tap into the Earth’s energy to help give you some spring in your steps. You’ll love how these shoes feel.

Step into Summer with some great new flip flops. You’ll be amazed at how versatile they can be.

Top 5 Reasons to Buy Orthaheel Products

I just bought my very first pair of Orthaheel flip flops. I knew they’d be good for my feet, but I had no idea the profound effect they would have on my life. I have chronic foot and knee issues, along with recurring Plantar Fasciitis. Have they made a difference to me? Absolutely. Here are the reasons why you should purchase them:

1)      There is great arch support. This makes a huge difference if you have “weaker” feet, or are prone to Plantar Fasciitis. I never realized how little support my other shoes were giving me until I put these on.

2)      There is a deep heel cup. This provides excellent stability, even in flip flops and slides. They are the most stable shoes I have ever owned of this type. They’re even more stable than some of my other conventional sandals, and I’ve got flip flops.

3)      The orthotic footbed actually helps you keep your body aligned properly. Misalignment definitely exacerbates my chronic knee issues (due to a floating kneecap). I find I have less knee pain because I’m aligned properly in these shoes. This would be amazingly beneficial to those with back problems as well.

4)      They are endorsed by the American Podiatric Medical Association and by Health and Wellness expert Dr. Andrew Weil. If those folks say these shoes are good for your feet, you can believe them!

5)      Orthaheels are stylish. Often, shoes that provide orthopedic value are just plain ugly. These are not. There are plenty of styles available for both men and women that look good on your feet as well as feel good. In fact, my teenaged daughter, who typically dislikes my shoes, actually said that these were nice. You have no idea how high that praise is.

I happened to get the Orthaheel Women’s Tide. These are great all-around flip flops that I can wear to the beach, or even out on the town because they are attractive. I’m even wearing them to work, as I type this. Yes, I don’t want to take them off. There are many other attractive and comfortable styles in the Orthaheel line (like Mary Janes and slides), check them out. There’s definitely one for everyone, and you will LOVE how they’ll make your feet feel and look.

Avoid Stinky Feet With Merrell Footwear!

I never knew what a big deal the Aegis® Antimicrobial Treated shoes were until a few friends of mine were complaining about their sandals. I was initially baffled, since all of the brands they wore were good, supportive, high-quality shoes. But they all had one complaint: hot, sweaty feet create really disgusting conditions in which bacteria and fungi can grow and cause all sorts of food odor. One of them specifically mentioned the need for antibacterial infusions into the footbed. After poking around a bit I found the solution to their problem: Merrell shoes!

Merrell shoes are meant to be rugged. The manufacturer assumes you’re going to go trekking through the great outdoors, getting them all mucky and requiring good traction on rough terrain. But as part of that, many of the shoes have footbeds treated with Aegis antimicrobial solution, which can greatly improve your chances of your shoes staying fresh and clean on the inside.

The active ingredient in the Aegis® Microbe Shield forms a colorless, odorless, positively charged polymer that bonds with the treated surface. When a microorganism comes in contact with the treated surface, the cells are actually punctured and killed by the shield. The best part of the Aegis® Microbe Shield is that it lasts indefinitely, so you won’t have to reapply anything or worry about odor or fungus issues in the future.

Some of my favorite Merrell styles containing the Aegis® Microbe Shield are:

Merrell Women’s Lilyfern: This slide is so easy to wear and comfortable! There is great shock absorption due to its air cushion in the heel. I also love the molded nylon arch shank since I require good arch support even in sandals. It’s lightweight and durable, and just what I need for the summer months.

Merrell Women’s Jungle Moc: This is a fantastic rugged shoe for all year long. I wear this shoe with jeans for casual outings, and have even hiked in them. The anatomical footbed  gives me the support I need over all sorts of terrain. These are truly bombproof shoes.

My husband loves the Merrell Men’s Terrapin. It’s a great sandal that he wears all the time – even when he needs to dress up a little. These shoes contain outstanding shock absorption, but what makes them really special is that the Aegis antimicrobial solution really helps keep foot odor at bay. (We all appreciate that!)

Don’t put up with stinky feet! Check out the Aegis® Antimicrobial treated shoes from Merrell. Say goodbye to foot odor!

Great New Handbags from Baggallini!

I love updating my handbags with the seasons, or for special purposes. I need a new casual handbag for the summer, so I’m delighted to discover the great models from Baggallini. This brand was created by two flight attendants who value order and organization, so I’m thrilled that my handbag can finally be tidy! Here are some of my favorite styles:

The Sydney Bagg – this might be my next summer travel bag. I like the removable, adjustable crossbody strap, which makes it easy to keep from falling off and frees up my hands. It’s not too big to wear across the body, and I love all of the pockets, especially one that can hold my camera without being bulky.  As with all Baggalini bags, it’s made from lightweight, water-resistant nylon so it will be durable and useful in all sorts of weather. Now I just have to plan a trip to go with my handbag…

The Hobo Tote Bagg – I love the look and versatility of Hobo bags. Baggallini’s version is perfect when you need your bag to hold a LOT of stuff! With three exterior pockets and a nice, large back pocket, I can put in all my “essentials!” Not only does it also have a removable coin purse, the back pocket converts to slide over a suitcase handle. How fantastic is that? Ok, so maybe I need TWO travel bags for this summer!

For a nice, everyday bag, check out the Paris Bagg. It’s a great size, with many useful pockets. I really like the zippered cell phone and PDA pockets in particular. Available in bronze, black, or silver, it’s an amazingly versatile handbag. This could easily be your go-to bag for seasons to come!

Need organization? Check out the fabulous handbag styles from Baggallini. You’ll love how organized it will help you feel!

New Sandals from Alegria!

Sandal fans, Alegria has some beautiful new styles you’ll love! I’ve always loved Alegria’s colors and patterns, now you can find those in a variety of sandal styles! Need support in your sandals? Look no further. You’ll love the fun they add to your wardrobe! Here are a few favorites:

The Alegria Violet is an incredibly comfortable slide with an adjustable strap for a custom fit. Available in Navy Rose, Opal Pebble, and Multi Floral leather, the Violet is a fantastically easy to wear shoe for your casual outings. I love the removable interlocking footbed system that contains latex, memory foam and cork, and the arch support really makes my feet feel great.  I’m really partial to slides, and this one is versatile and beautiful.

The Carina is a stylish thong with a beautiful  leather upper. The mild rocker outsole definitely provides the support lacking in most flip flops, and is incredibly comfortable. I really like the embellishments by the toe post and the horizontal strap (which vary depending on what color you get). As with all Alegrias, the mild rocker outsole helps propel you forward yet provides a stable base. The shoe is hand sewn and leather lined for added comfort.

Need a sandal with a heel strap? Check out the Verona. With three – that’s right, THREE adjustable straps, you can’t get a more custom fit. It’s available in fun colors like lime, ocean, pink and several others. You’ll love how it makes your feet feel as well as look!

This is just a sampling of the new sandals available from Alegria. Let those bright colors and patterns give you some fun with your wardrobe!