Allrounder Niro is just All Around Comfy

Mephisto Niro shoes in navy blue are part of the Allrounder collection. Since most outdoor activities require a specific shoe, it is important to make an educated choice. With more than 40 years experience in making shoes and their understanding of manufacturing hiking shoes, this collection was born. They created a shoe with perfect fit and optimum comfort, which means you’ll want to wear them constantly. It has a 1 inch heel and a grip profile to ensures maximum grip, even on wet surfaces. They were developed with innovative technology to allow for effective shock absorption and long lasting walking pleasure – no shin splints or foot pain. While the soft latex foam padding prevents pinching and rubbing at the instep and below the ankle, so you don’t get blisters and bunions.

Mephisto Niro

Mephisto Wish Comfort and a Cure Together

How cool is this? Mephisto has brought out a limited edition Allrounder shoe called the Wish. Its white/pink design looks great and the shoe is pure Mephisto comfort. The big plus is that for every pair that is sold Mephisto will donate $10.00 to help fight breast cancer. Looks like we can walk in comfort and support a great cause all at the same time.

Mephisto Wish

The Right Socks for the Fussy Feet

Ok I have to come clean, up until today I had never tried the Daneli socks but today I did.  Oh boy they felt so good, like wrapping my feet up in cotton wool.  I am one of those people who only wears socks when they have to, but if I have to then these are the ones I want to wear.  No seams cutting into my toes and and no digging into my leg as the non binding top made them comfortable, they also didn’t slip and slide around when I was walking.  Another plus is that they are suitable for diabetics.  All in all a great find at a great price.

Daneli Dress Unisex Socks - Brown Crew

The Diamond Sparkles for Clarks

Clarks Shoes have brought out some great styles this summer. One of my favorite women’s shoes is the Diamond Sparkle, part of the Artisan Collection, style number 84985. It comes in some great colors, is fashionable and stylish for both skirts and pants. It will definitely be a great addition to my wardrobe and a bargain of a price. Comfort shoes and style for under a $100, no tax and free shipping – what more could you want?

Clarks Diamond Sparkle