Join the Wave of the Future with Clarks Wave® Footwear!

We all need good walking shoes. They don’t always have to look like athletic shoes either; you might want to have something a little more formal yet provide outstanding support, and make walking the fun experience it’s supposed to be. Clarks has an entire collection of shoes devoted to exactly this premise: the Clarks Wavewalk™ collection.

The Wavewalk™collection carries the seal of acceptance from the American Podiatric Medical Association, and is designed to make walking much more of a joy.  How does it work? The collection contains a unique curved sole. This sole allows you to use your natural momentum to roll forward smoothly with each step. This mild rocker sole minimizes the impact of each step. Superior shock absorption helps reduce stress on your joints, resulting in less body fatigue as well.

There are a variety of styles available for both men and women. A few favorites include:

 Clarks Wave.Tackle

The men’s Wave.Tackle – this slip-on shoe is the perfect casual shoe for sloppy weather. It’s waterproof and contains a durable rubber outsole that provides outstanding traction and durability. Stretch gores in the upper allow you to get the shoe on and off easily. It’s a great rugged shoe for everyday wear. It’s also orthotic friendly, in that it contains a removable OrthoLite® footbed.

3-clarks-wave-cruiseThe women’s Wave.Cruise  – This Mary Jane-styled shoe is elegant enough to wear to work or out on the town, yet contains the same outstanding mild rocker sole and support features of all the other shoes in the collection. The removable EVA heel support allows for the use of orthotics, and the removable dual density OrthoLite® footbed adds cushioning and shock absorption. This is a great shoe to wear almost anywhere!

Clarks Wave-PioneerA great lace-up shoe for men is the Wave.Pioneer – this is a wonderful shoe for casual wear, yet provides phenomenal support and mild rocker sole action so that you can walk for hours on end. I really like the casual style of this shoe; this would be a suitable shoe for weekend wear, or for any casual occasion. Its classic style combined with the OrthoLite® footbed and mild rocker sole make this shoe a can’t miss item!

Clarks Wave-ShelterThe Clarks Wave.Shelter – even boots are available in this collection. With a side zipper for easy entry, this boot is also lined with faux shearling for warmth and softness. You can walk for miles in this cozy, comfortable boot.

These are only a few of the many possibilities from the Wavewalk™ collection. Try them for a fantastic walking experience!

Bootights® – the Ultimate Comfort When You Want to Wear Tights With Your Boots!

Let’s face it, wearing tights with boots just isn’t necessarily as comfortable as wearing socks with boots. For one thing, tights are a lot thinner. Ever had your feet slip in your boots when you wore tights? It’s a weird feeling. Tights also don’t keep your feet as warm as socks, nor do they provide any kind of support whatsoever.

But there’s a solution to this problem: Bootights®! This product combines the best of both tights and socks, all in one garment. Here’s how it works:

BootightsThe sock and the tight are attached! You won’t see the sock portion unless you take your boot off. You pull them on just as you would any other tight, but your feet will feel a big difference in that portion of the garment.

The sock portion has moisture-wicking properties so that your feet can feel warm and dry.  It also contains mesh on the top of the foot area to allow for more breathability too. What I particularly like is that there’s compression arch support and heel cushioning. Who knew that your tights could give your feet support?

The tight portion is also amazing. They come in a variety of patterns and colors so you can have lots of variety in your wardrobe. But there are comfort features as well, like the dig-free waistband that won’t roll or bind. You can feel the high quality in the material, as well as the all-over support.

Bootights® have been featured on Oprah, The View, and Good Morning America (just to name a few sources). They are catching on like wildfire! You can have this amazingly comfortable, stylish tight in your wardrobe too – check out the colors and patterns at and feel more comfortable in your boots than ever!

Orthotics Users! Have We Got a Brand for You…Padders!

Here at Footwear etc., we have a lot of customers who need to wear orthotics for a variety of reasons. But not all shoes can accommodate these inserts. If you’re sick of trying to make a shoe fit with your orthotic, check out the Padders brand.

This British company has been around for almost 100 years, and prides itself on its quality and customer service. But the shoes are really what set the brand apart. They are ideal for people who have wide feet and/or wear orthotics. A really interesting aspect is that these shoes come with not one, but TWO insoles. You can truly customize your fit.

Why two insoles? If you need an orthotic, pop out the removable insole and insert your orthotic. You should get a great fit with the extra support you need. Have a wide foot? Pop out the removable insole and just use the remaining insole.

Another feature that I really like is the design of the toe box. Even if you have wide feet, the way the toe box is designed prevents your feet from LOOKING wide. In fact, the design helps your feet look narrow. Add to that the soft leather upper and flexible sole, you’ve got a very comfortable shoe!

One model I really like is the Sandy. Available in Black or Bronze leather, it features an adjustable Velcro closure so that you can customize the fit. This is a great shoe for everyday wear or even dressier slacks.

Another model that caught my attention is the Sheila. This shoe is casual enough to wear every day, but dressy enough to wear with a dress or skirt. It features elastic criss-cross straps that allow you to easily get the shoe on and off, yet keeps it securely on your foot. It’s a beautiful shoe that you can use for a wide variety of occasions.

Padders is a fantastic brand for folks who need orthotics, have wide feet, or just enjoy comfortable shoes. See how well they work for you!

Some Fabulous New Shoes from Gravity Defyer!

If you’re looking for a shoe to help alleviate foot and back problems, check out the new models from Gravity Defyer!

The Super Walk is a model available for both men and women, and is a fantastic athletic-styled shoe. You will LOVE all the benefits of the Gravity Defyer technology, and the styling of this shoe is attractive. The best part of this shoe is that it’s 30% lighter than previous models from Gravity Defyer, and contains all new construction methods and materials. Your feet can breathe due to the lightweight mesh upper, and you’ll even gain 1 ¾” to your height!

Another great model is the Nexta II. Available for men, it’s even 40% lighter than previous models! It’s a rugged, athletic-styled shoe that is perfect for walking/running or generic casual wear.

Gravity Defyer shoes contain the brand new VS2 VersoShock™ Reverse Trampoline sole. What this sole does is absorb the shock that your feet experience as you strike your heel on the floor, and then the rebound from the inner springs helps propel you forward. You’ll find that every step you take will be soft, and this technology helps eliminate the negative effects of walking on hard surfaces.

If you have pain from Plantar Fasciitis, Over Pronation, Achilles Tendonitis, or other foot maladies, check out the shoes from Gravity Defyer. Alleviate pain as you put a spring in your step!

Our Most Popular Plantar Fasciitis Aid: The Features! Unisex Plantar Fasciitis Sleeve

Here at Footwear etc., we are very attuned to our customers who have pain in their feet. Plantar Fasciitis is a common ailment that is an inflammation of the plantar fascia tendon of the foot. This condition can be caused by overuse of the tendon, improper shoes, etc. and can be extremely painful. One of the best selling and popular products we carry is the Feetures! Unisex Plantar Fasciitis Sleeve.

How does this product help? It provides gentle compression to lift and stabilize the plantar fascia. Your foot will feel the support in the arch, and your circulation will be improved. The compression in the arch area also will help ease heel pain. The great part of this sleeve is that you can wear this at any time of day, even with shoes! You can even wear them while sleeping to help reduce that annoying heel pain that you get first thing in the morning when you get out of bed. How easy is that?

There are six zones of support, and those produce graduated compression to help improve circulation. Wearing them at night, under socks with shoes during the day, or even while running are all great ways for this product to help alleviate your pain from Plantar Fasciitis. It’s easy to get on and off, and is machine washable. It’s available in white with black, or black with white in several sizes. The Feetures! Unisex Plantar Fasciitis sleeve may change your life, so give it a try!