How to Spot Fake UGG® Boots

‘Tis the season for boots from UGG® Australia, and unfortunately there are a lot of knock-offs out there. Given the investment you put into boots, why risk getting boots that might not be the real deal? There are a variety of things to look for in a boot to ensure its authenticity; here are some tips to help you navigate this crazy season so that you can get exactly what you’re expecting.

1)      The easiest way to ensure you’re getting the real deal is to purchase UGG® boots from an authorized UGG® Australia dealer. The UGG® Australia web site, at, has a listing of its authorized dealers (of which Footwear etc. is one). If you’re thinking about purchasing a boot from a vendor not listed there, you might be getting a fake.

2)      If the price listed for your UGG® boot is considerably less at a certain vendor, it’s likely a fake. UGG® Australia dictates the prices at which their products can be sold. If the deal looks too good to be true, it probably is.

3)      Check the sheepskin. If it feels scratchy, it could easily be a synthetic blend. If it separates from the rest of the boot or pulls apart, it may be a fake.

4)      Look at the label on the heel of the boots. It ought to look like this:


If it doesn’t, it’s fake.

5)      Check the workmanship. UGG® Australia prides itself on exceptional quality control. If you see any issues with the stitching or how the upper is attached to the sole, beware.

6)      The packing paper inside the box should be a checkerboard pattern with UGG® all over it. If it’s not, you might have a fake.

7)      If the color is inconsistent, you might have a fake. Again, UGG’s quality control is excellent and they usually don’t allow factory defects of this magnitude anywhere near the public. When in doubt, call your dealer. (Note that if your dealer doesn’t have a phone number where you can talk to a person, you’ve probably got a fake.)

8)      Beginning with products from Fall, 2012, UGG® has added a security label (located behind the sewn-in label of the left boot or shoe) and box sticker. There should also be a card on the inside of the box describing these features in detail. These holograms are difficult to reproduce, so if your box/boot has these items, you’re probably fine. Also check for further details.

9)      The shape of the toe boxes of the UGG® Classic and Bailey Button collections are gently sloped downward and rounded. If they slope sharply or look at all pointy, you might have a fake.

10)   If you see that these products were manufactured anywhere other than China (or perhaps the U.S.), these items are NOT real UGGs. Note, however, that the sheepskin is always the highest quality sheepskin from Australia.

Don’t let fake UGG® boots destroy your holiday season. Make sure you’re getting the real deal. Keep your feet and those of your loved ones warm and cozy in authentic boots from UGG® Australia.


Need Warm Socks? Check Out These Wool Versions!

If you get cold feet during the winter months, consider wearing wool socks. These are the ultimate in warmth and comfort for your feet. Some socks are thicker than others, but it’s important to look for socks that have good wicking properties so that your feet don’t just sweat in the fabric. Here are a few examples:

Thorlo Unisex KLT-13 Hiking Crew Socks – these socks have thick cushioning and made from a wool blend, which helps wick perspiration away from your skin. The cushioning helps reduce shock and the incidence of blisters. This is a great all-around wool blend sock for everyone.

Marcmarcs Women’s #82100 Wool Cotton Socks – With 60% wool, these warm socks are luxurious in comfort. They contain a soft-touch cotton inside the sock and virgin wool outside. They are warm but not thick, and also contain aloe vera for extra softness. These are great socks with which to pamper your feet!

Kunert Men’s Julius Merino Wool Socks – this wool/silk blend is also a luxurious product. There is even cashmere in the mix! You have no need to worry about the top of the sock binding or applying pressure, this socks is specifically designed to avoid that. You will love how this feels on your skin, as the material keeps it warm yet dry.

Wool socks – they’re what to wear this winter!

Protecting Your Boot/Shoe Investment!

Sloppy weather reminds me that I need to break out the shoe accessories so that I can protect my shoes. I feel that if I’m spending money on quality materials, I want to make them last as long as possible. Footwear etc. carries a wide variety of conditioning/cleaning/waterproofing treatments for many different types of materials. Here are a few examples:

Collonil Waterstop Shoe Cream – this is a great waterproofing product for smooth leather and Gore-Tex. You just rub the cream into the shoe and buff with a brush or cloth. This product omes in assorted colors as well as neutral.

Cadillac All Weather Shield Water Repellent Spray – this spray provides great protection against water and stains on leather, suede and nubuck. It’s really easy to use; I sprayed it on my daughter’s suede boots and they’ve held up very well as a result.


Four Seasons Weatherguard Water and Stain Repellent – this is a great product not just for shoes, but even for handbags and the like. It protects leather, suede and nubuck.

UGG® Australia Sheepskin Care Kit – the ultimate in care for your UGG® boots. It contains a cleaner, a protector (to protect against rain, snow, dirt and stains), a freshener (to eliminate odor caused by bacteria) and a sheepskin brush with stain eraser. This product is perfect for twinface sheepskin boots and slippers.

Given the amount of money you spend on boots, keep them looking nice for as long as possible with these and other products at!


Shoes for Vintage Wear!

I really love vintage apparel. You can easily find this sort of attire at boutique shops. Finding shoes isn’t always so easy. Footwear etc. does happen to carry some styles that could definitely work with clothing of this nature. See what you think of these:

Naot Women’s Retro – This two-toned shoe is reminiscent of a classic wing tip style. Available in Slate Nubuck/Grey Herringbone, Black Velvet Nubuck/Grey Tweed, or Brown Shimmer Nubuck/Auburn Tweed, this shoe has a classic style that would work well with time-honored clothing from the past. You won’t sacrifice comfort for style either, since all Naot shoes have an anatomical cork and latex footbed designed just for that.

Clarks Vermont Terrace – Brass studs really bring this shoe to life. It’s a classic slip-on pump with a side zipper, yet it looks stylish enough to work with both contemporary or retro clothing. It’s perfect for a night on the town since the linings help breathability, and the rubber outsole provides traction.

Earth Periwinkle – I love the “hole punch” detailing on this shoe. It’s a classic lace-up with gorgeous style. The contoured footbed makes this shoe feel phenomenal; I love how it supports the arch and supplies shock absorption. I can think of several outfits I could wear this shoe with right now!

Earthies Sarenza Too – this classic pump with its beautiful tie detailing would work well with vintage clothing from the 20’s through the 50’s, as well as contemporary clothing from today It has beautiful detailing on the straps and around the toes as well. What a gorgeous shoe to wear with dresses and skirts! The 2 ½” heel is definitely big enough for visual interest yet low enough to be really comfortable.

Love Vintage-inspired shoes? Check out the many styles available at! You’ll have a shoe for every…decade!

New Bags from Baggalini!

Footwear etc. has just received a bunch of new models from Baggalini, and these bags are really cute! They come in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, and colors, and there’s definitely a bag for every purpose! I love the versatility of these bags. Here are a few that have caught my eye…

The Baggalini Everywhere Bagg – available in Bronze/French Blue, Black/Khaki, or Graphite/Fuchsia, this bag is the perfect bag for your everyday needs. It’s made from crinkle nylon, which makes it very durable. I like the exterior pockets with flap and zip closures so that you have a place for your cell phone and other frequently-used items. With 10 card slots, a key fob, a lipstick/pen holder and a detachable coin/card pouch with ID window and zip closure, this bag can make your everyday life a lot more organized. Why get a bag that’s just a big cavernous pit? Get organized with this bag!

The Baggalini Madrid Tote – I love the lines of this bag. You can hold a tremendous amount of stuff, yet it doesn’t look like a huge behemoth. There are exterior storage pockets, a matching coin purse, and an adjustable crossbody strap. Also made of lightweight nylon for durability, this bag is really easy to incorporate into your daily life. It’s available in Black/Khaki, Espresso/Tomato, and Pewter/Mimosa for your wardrobe choices.

Need a new wallet? Check out the Essential Wallet. It’s actually more than a wallet, in that there’s a cell phone pocket as well. There are interior money, credit card, coin and ID pockets, and a removable wrist strap. This is the perfect little bag if you need a wallet and more. It’s available in Black/Khaki nylon and is very durable.

Check out the beautiful, durable, and versatile bags from Baggalini. They are a phenomenal way to help you get your life organized!