Foot Massagers to Soothe Your Tired Feet!

Foot Massager

At the end of a long, hard day, a foot massage can make the difference between a relaxing evening and a painful evening. A bona fide massage by a skilled professional is the ultimate way to help your feet relax and de-stress from the wear and tear you’ve put them through all day, but we don’t always have the opportunity for this luxury. However, there are some products out there that can help ease the discomfort of sore, tired feet, and you don’t even have to make an appointment anywhere! Check out these products that are available at

Foot Rubz Surefoot Foot Massage ball – discover the wonderful feeling of lots of nubby pieces on your skin! Just roll this ball under your feet (or actually anywhere you have tired or sore muscles) and you can discover the benefits of acupressure and massage on your muscles. Control the depth of the massage with the pressure you expend on the ball. Customers have reported that the results last for hours!

Foot Rubz Surefoot Foot Massager – this cylindrical roller also combines acupressure and massage to invigorate your foot muscles. Doctors have recommended using devices like this to help alleviate foot pain from Plantar Fasciitis. You will also notice better circulation in your feet after you use this. It’s a great way to help you relax your foot muscles.

Foot Rubz Surefoot Full Body Massager – the perfect device to help reduce tension, increase circulation, and relax muscles, you can use this all over your body. The device looks like a mini dumbbell that you roll over the areas in pain. It’s small enough to use anywhere (home, office, etc.) but you can still get a great massage out of it based on how much pressure you apply. Those little nubs can really work magic on your tired muscles!

Birkenstock Unisex Noppy Massaging Foot Mat – this mat has many tiny nubs that massage your feet as you rub them over it. Use it to help massage your feet and increase circulation by walking in place on it for 3-5 minutes daily. Its kneading action can truly help your feet feel revitalized.

Have tired, aching feet? Try some of these fabulous foot massagers to see how to rejuvenate yourself!


Shoes with Floral Motifs!

Aetrex Kendra

I am a sucker for anything with flowers. I love wearing floral prints, having flowers around the house, feminine styles, you name it. I’m excited to see the wide variety of floral shoes and accessories here at Footwear etc. Whether it’s a purse, a sandal, a sock, a clog…there’s something floral for everyone. Here are a few of my favorite items:

Anuschka Organizer Wallet/Clutch – this gorgeous hand-painted clutch wallet depicts lilies. Each wallet is one of a kind; they are hand painted by artisans in India. Containing high-grade leather, this stunning wallet is also practical in that it contains two zipper pockets and space for a lot of credit/reward cards.  I can’t even express how stunning the hand painting is, though. What a treat it is to have a one-of-a-kind product!

Vionic with Orthaheel Technology Tide Floral – this is one of the most subtle floral designs I’ve seen for flip flops, and it’s on the ever-popular Tide model! This flip flop comes in Pink Leather Canvas or White Leather Canvas, and the upper contains strips of floral canvas. If you like flowers but don’t want something that’s so “in your face,” this is a shoe to try. Plus, Vionic shoes contain incredible arch support and deep heel cups so that you have one of the most supportive shoes ever. I could never wear flip flops for any length of time before I discovered Vionic products, and now I live in them all summer long. They help my entire body feel better, and I adore the floral pattern on these shoes.

Aetrex Women’s Kendra – the floral pattern on this thong style sandal is stunning! It contains pinks, purples, and yellow, and also has some decorative metal accents. But it’s not merely a pretty shoe, it also contains memory foam cushioning and a removable footbed with Aetrex’s patented Mozaic Customization Technology, so you truly get a custom orthotic fit. I love the subtlety in the pattern, colors, and the outstanding comfort of this shoe.

Arcopedico L14 – this easy-to-wear slip-on shoe has a lovely and subtle floral motif in the upper.  This is a marvelously lightweight shoe, with an upper made from Lytech (which stretches), and an anatomically-designed footbed. Available in Pearl Flowers Lytech or Brown Flowers Lytech, the upper is very subtle but still a beautiful floral pattern. It’s not just beautiful, it’s also water resistant, breathable, and even machine washable! If you like Vegan shoes, this is a great shoe for you!

Alegria Hula – sometimes you just need a big, in-your-face flower on a shoe. When that happens, this slide is for you. It’s a wedge style with a lovely floral accent on the upper. The Fuchsia Class Leather is a nice, bright pink, which is just a happy color! The great thing about this particular sandal is that it’s a wedge, so that your weight is evenly dispersed across the footbed and you can feel secure with this shoe even if you aren’t used to wearing heels. I also love the latex, memory foam and cork footbed; it is incredibly comfortable. You can even customize the fit with the adjustable elastic strap. Fabulous shoe!

These are only a few of the gorgeous floral designs of shoes and accessories at Footwear etc. Get your flower fix now!


Product Spotlight: Birkenstock Arizona!

Birkenstock Arizona

Birkenstock sandals have been around for many years, and one of the quintessential models is the Arizona. It’s available for both men and women, and has been consistently popular for a very long time. This year is no exception; this model is selling very well and customers continue to rave about its comfort. What makes this particular shoe such a big deal?

It’s all about the footbed. It’s made from cork and natural latex, and is anatomically shaped. This footbed provides outstanding arch support, a deep heel cup, and a wide toe box so that your toes won’t feel confined. There is even a toe bar that lets your toes grip and flex, which in turn helps stimulate circulation, and helps you to maintain balance. All of these features work together to distribute your body weight along the entire shoe, and help keep your spine and legs in proper alignment.

The greatest thing about this footbed is that it ends up molding to your feet over time. What a great way to achieve a truly custom fit! Many customers report that the shoes actually become more comfortable over time! Your feet will love the superb shock absorption and breathable footbed. And if you ever need to replace the footbed, you can do so without having to get an entirely new pair of shoes!

Other great features about the Soft Footbed include the high sides, which help provide stability and motion control, and the extra layer of cushioning foam between the top layer suede footbed liner and the layers of cork and jute. If you want to pamper your feet, this is the way to do it!

The upper for the Arizona is available in leather, patent leather, suede, or Birko-Flor, which is a unique material made of acrylic and polyamide felt fibers that feels like a smooth leather. The styling isn’t girly or especially masculine, which makes it a great shoe for anyone. The Arizona is available in a variety of colors, so there’s a version perfect for everyone. The two large buckle closures let you customize the fit, and thus satisfies my criterion for making this shoe comfortable and versatile.

Take a look at the Birkenstock Arizona. It’s a classic for comfort and style, and your feet will love all the wellness properties built into it!


Ankle Supports – For When You Need a Little More Stability

ASO Ankle Stabilizer

In my house, we’re veterans of ankle support usage. For years, it seemed like someone always had a sprained ankle, or some sort of strain in the area. Ace bandages would sometimes work, but were a pain to adjust. Some ankle supports were difficult to get on and off. Some of them would make our feet and lower legs sweat, making us even more uncomfortable than when we first put them on! But now there are a variety of products that make ankle support much more comfortable. Check out the following items available here at

Med Spec ASO Ankle Stabilizing Orthosis – this is a popular ankle brace that provides enough support that even athletes can find it helpful. Recommended by medical professionals as well as athletic trainers and coaches, this brace can fit into almost any shoe! It’s easy to get on and off with the Speed Lace Closure, it’s machine washable, and will fit in any type of shoe.

Aircast Unisex Airport Ankle Brace – this durable brace actually contains foam-filled aircell cushions. You can get both compression and stabilization with this brace, and the shell around your ankle is semi-rigid. This particular brace is excellent if you are recovering from a substantial ankle sprain.

The Orthosleeve Unisex Foot Sleeve FS6 – this sleeve functions like a compression sock around your foot and ankle. It can help for mild sprains, but is superb for foot conditions like Plantar Fasciitis. You can feel the compression right under the arch of your foot, which really helps alleviate Plantar Fasciitis symptoms, and the mild compression in the upper portion of the sock adds slight support. It’s a viable alternative to an ace bandage for mild sprains, and the compression can also help conditions like Achilles Tendinitis and circulation issues.  It also fits perfectly into all of your shoes, since they are much like a compression sock. since I have personally found these to be helpful when Plantar Fasciitis rears its ugly head in my life.

Need foot and ankle support? Check out these products at and you’ll wonder why you haven’t used them before now! They can really make a difference in your everyday movements.



Pantone’s Color of the Year: Marsala, as Reflected in Shoes!

Trotters Lonnie

Pantone is the world-renowned authority on color, and designates a “color of the year” each year. This chosen color tends to show up in all sorts of manufactured products: from shoes, to furniture, to clothing, you name it. Manufacturers wait for Pantone to come up with the color of the year and often will create lines centering on that color. Customers expect to see new color trends based on Pantone’s choice, and shoe manufacturers definitely comply. This year’s color is “Marsala.” While not all manufacturers will use the term “marsala” in their color descriptions, they will definitely use other wine-based terms. Look for examples in burgundy, Bordeaux, cranberry, and cherry, just for starters.

Here at Footwear etc., we carry a lot of shoes in the “wine” color classification. These wine-like colors can go great with a variety of types of clothing and color combinations.  Here are some examples:

The Arcopedico R6 is a slip-on wedge shoe that comes in Bordeaux Mali. It’s casual, lightweight, and supportive. These shoes are handmade in Portugal and stretch as your feet need them to. The vegan-friendly synthetic upper has dual-side goring for a secure fit, and a tremendous amount of padding in the footbed for cushioned softness.

A fabulous new sandal from Dansko is the Pasha. It’s a t-strap sandal with two adjustable hook and loop straps that is available in Wine Veg Leather. With beautiful etching on the t-strap and metal embellishments, this sandal is casual and versatile to wear with a wide variety of outfits. The cork and memory foam footbed provides outstanding support and molds to your foot for a truly custom fit. What’s not to love?

Trotters makes an elegant peep-toe wedge called Lonnie in Merlot Glazed Kid Leather.  This is the perfect comfy shoe for the office! The 1 ¼” stacked heel is just high enough to make it dressy, but low enough that you can walk in it all day long. I love the fabulous cushioning too. It’s easy to wear, and a great value!

Even men have gorgeous choices in this color class. One example is the Men’s Orthofeet Lincoln Center in Cordovan Leather.  This is an easy-to-wear slip-on with an adjustable hook and loop strap. It has elegant lines with its decorative perforations and topstitching, as well as an anatomical arch support and deep heel seat. This shoe is a great choice for anyone who suffers from foot conditions such as Plantar Fasciitis, Diabetes, pronation, and the like.

Pantone’s color choice of Marsala (or any wine-related color) is a fabulous wardrobe choice. This color is really versatile and your shoe choice can be fashionable and trendy as well as comfortable. Check out a pair of shoes in this color range from Footwear etc. today!