Fabulous New Models from Gabor!

Gabor 35.421.17

Gabor footwear has a lot going for it! They always have very fashion-forward styles, and tremendous comfort features in each shoe. They’ve come out with their fall line, and I’m excited about a bunch of the styles they’re showing! Here are a few that have caught my attention:

The Gabor 35.421.17 – If you are looking for a dressy shoe, you’ve got to try this one. It’s an elegant black nubuck pump with elastic straps. I absolutely love this shoe – it works well with dresses, skirts, even dressy slacks. It’s completely versatile, and with its 1 ¾” heel, incredibly comfortable. There aren’t a lot of dress shoes out there that you could wear all day long, but you could certainly do so with this one. Night on the town after work? No problem! The synthetic sole is really durable, and you’ll love the shock absorbency of the footbed. And it’s gorgeous!

The Gabor 35.649.27 Ceylon is a stunning leather boot. It’s suitable for dressy or casual attire, and has elastic goring and a side zipper for easy on and off.  The leather is soft and luxurious, and is lined with microfiber to aid in breathability. It is flexible and lightweight, and is amazingly comfortable for all-day wear.

The Gabor 35.644.27 National – a leather lace-up ankle boot with distinctive style! The side zipper allows for easy on and off, and the lacing adds almost a Victorian air! Don’t be fooled by its beauty, it’s incredibly comfortable due to its shock absorption, breathability, and flexibility. I can’t wait to wear this one with dresses!

The Gabor 34.160.27 – a casual ballerina flat with accent stitching and elastic goring. This could well be your go-to everyday shoe, it’s so incredibly comfortable and versatile.  The air cushioned soles feel great as you take each step, and the soft leather lining also feels like you’re wearing a glove on your feet. Ballet flats are among the most popular styles of shoes, and for good reason! This particular model excels in all things beautiful and exceptionally comfortable.

The Gabor 35.414.57 – This fabulous shoe can go from the office to the nightclub without missing a beat. It’s a casual slip-on shoe that is dressy enough to wear with more formal attire.  It’s easy to get on and off with the zippers on the sides of the upper, and the softness and comfort are unparalleled. The flexibility makes this shoe really easy to walk in, and you’ll love the luxurious Tropic Oil Nubuck upper.

This is just a smattering of what’s available from Gabor this season. What’s your favorite?


Luxury Shoes with Orthopedic Footbeds from Joan Oloff!

Joan Oloff Julia

If you love heels and luxurious materials, you have probably found over the years that it’s tough to also get a comfortable wearing experience along with them. Most women’s shoes with heels can cause all sorts of discomfort to your back, knees, and all areas of your feet. Joan Oloff Shoes, on the other hand, are specifically designed to make your body feel great, even while wearing fashion-forward heels and flats.

Joan Oloff is actually a podiatrist, and has seen a lot of foot problems over the years. She knows that women will continue to wear heels despite doctors telling them to wear “sensible shoes.” That’s why she developed her own shoe line: to make fashionable shoes as comfortable and supportive as possible so that women won’t keep damaging their feet for fashion!

Joan Oloff shoes are handmade in Italy, and contain patent-pending technology that makes high-fashion, high-heeled shoes into comfort shoes. Using the finest materials available in factories with the best reputations in Italy, Joan Oloff shoes combine quality with fashion and comfort to make them the ultimate in the shoe industry.

Models include: the Diana – this beautiful slide is available in Black Suede/Patent, Red Suede/Patent, and Lux Bronze Leather. The luxurious leather footbed is cushioned for superior comfort, and the gorgeous styling reflects fashion-forward design.

The Carol – small-heeled shoes do not have to be boring! This model, available in Black Suede/Patent or Red Suede/Patent is elegant yet comfortable enough to wear to the office all day long. The stacked heel provides visual interest with its different color blocks, and the bow on the toe box adds feminine flair. This model is clearly a successful example of how to marry comfort and classic styling in one piece of footwear.

The Julia – a dressy pump with unexpected yet elegant detailing.  This shoe contains both suede and patent leather for visual interest. Its classic elegance is reflected in the lines of the shoe, and the low heel and cushioned leather footbed make this shoe ideal for the office and beyond. You will love the versatility that this shoe provides, and it may become your very favorite pair of pumps!

If you don’t want to compromise on your fashion sense for “sensible” shoes, try shoes by Joan Oloff. How can you possibly go wrong with high fashion shoes designed by a podiatrist?!


Work-Ready Shoes from Dansko: Work Wonders!

Work Wonders Camellia

Dansko has an outstanding reputation for providing superior quality and style for incredibly comfortable and supportive shoes and clogs. They have long been favorites of restaurant workers, medical professionals, teachers, and anyone who needs to be on their feet all day. Now, Dansko has a specialized line called Work Wonders, which caters specifically to folks who need slip-resistant shoes.

Who benefits from these types of shoes? Factory workers, chefs and other restaurant workers, people in the medical profession, hairdressers, and anyone else who encounters wet floors on the job.  (They are also great if you’re merely klutzy and would like to feel a little safer on your feet!)

What makes these great? The outstanding shock absorption, the slip resistance, the Cleansport NXT Organic Odor Control and moisture-wicking linings (to keep your feet fresh all day long!), the removable footbed (to allow for the use of custom orthotics), the easy-to-clean properties, the phenomenal arch support, and superior durability make these shoes the perfect shoes for people who need their shoes to really perform over time.

An added bonus is that these shoes are easy to clean, and unlike many clogs, are lightweight! This is a fantastic feature that can be particularly appreciated by those who are on their feet all day. (Who wants to pick up a seeming lead weight on your feet at the end of the day?) Also note that they have been tested for dry, wet, and oily/wet indoor surfaces.

Two examples of these fantastic shoes are the Camellia and the Clover. The Camellia is a fun clog that fits similarly to the Dansko Professional, but has slightly different styling on the upper and on the sole. The outstanding arch support and shock absorption make this clog a favorite among nurses, and you’ll love how they make your feet feel over the course of a long day.  This is definitely a favorite of mine for those days when I find myself standing a lot during the day.

The Clover is a classic and stylish Mary Jane with an adjustable hook and loop strap. This shoe can be worn with casual or even dressier attire, and may just prove to be your favorite Mary Jane shoe ever! With its exceptional comfort and classic styling, you can feel confident that your feet will look great while the shoes provide slip resistance and support.

Work Wonders by Dansko is a fabulous new brand dedicated to those who work hard and need their shoes to work hard right along with them. Feel confident and comfortable in these shoes today!


Correct Toes – Help Your Feet Achieve Strength and Alignment by Spreading Your Toes!

Correct Toes

There are a LOT of folks out there with significant foot problems, like bunions, hammertoes, and even plantar fasciitis. There’s a new product available that can provide some relief of these issues: Correct Toes!

This product spreads out your toes. Why does this matter? When you’re a baby, your toes are naturally splayed. Strength and flexibility are inherent in your feet at birth. But as you age and wear shoes, you can develop a wide variety of foot problems. (Shoes can actually create problems like bunions and plantar fasciitis!) Spreading your toes provides natural arch support, alleviates foot pain, encourages circulation, helps improve balance and stability, and strengthens your foot muscles.

Correct Toes are anatomically designed. What makes this product unique is that you can wear it INSIDE your shoes! Most toe spacers are so big and bulky, you can’t FIT them inside footwear. But with these, you can! Just check the toe box of your shoes to make sure that there’s enough space. (Avoid wearing these with pointed-toe shoes!) The product is hypoallergenic, antimicrobial, and appropriate for most skin types. Correct Toes is made of a medical-grade silicone, which provides comfort, flexibility, and durability.

Don’t wear Correct Toes inside high-heeled shoes! They are meant to be worn in slippers or shoes that are flat, flexible, and have wide toe boxes (the area where your toes go in the shoe).

Are they easy to care for? Absolutely! If they get dirty, just wash them by hand with soap and water and air dry them.

You can wear Correct Toes whether you’re doing physical activities or when you’re just sitting around resting. You may find that you’ll need to build up time in your Correct Toes to feel comfortable; wear them in increments of ½ to 1 hour per day, and then add an additional hour per day just to get used to them.

Do NOT wear Correct Toes with orthotics. You may find that the arch support will no longer fit you correctly and the benefits from Correct Toes will be nullified.

If you’ve been looking at toe spacers anyway, you may notice that this product is more expensive than those of other manufacturers. Why is this? 1) They were designed by a podiatrist, so the toe spacing isn’t arbitrary. 2) The quality of the materials is higher than other products. 3) These are the only toe spacers designed to be worn INSIDE shoes.  4) Given the anatomical design, you can attain medical benefits from these.

If you’re suffering from foot pain, consider trying Correct Toes toe spacers. They might just be exactly what you need to feel better!


New Superfeet GO Insoles Available!


I love my Superfeet insoles, but now Superfeet has come out with EVEN BETTER insoles: the Superfeet GO Premium Insoles. These are higher-end insoles with additional support and comfort features, so they are slightly more expensive than the other Superfeet models. Why should I even consider switching to the latest and greatest product from this company? There are lots of reasons!

The first feature to catch my eye is the deep heel cup. This will definitely provide shock absorption and stability, even more than in the regular Superfeet insoles.

Each of the GO Premium insoles is extra cushioned. You can feel the difference in the density and the thickness of the cushioning.

Depending on which insole you use, you can experience all the benefits of a couple of types of top covers. The GO Pain Relief insole contains a Vibram Diflex top cover, which consists of perforated durable foam blended with an anti-microbial and anti-fungal treatment. This molds to your foot so that you can achieve a personalized support experience. The rest of the GO Premium Insoles (GO Comfort, GO Men’s ¾, GO Women’s ¾, and GO Women’s High Heel) contain a Clarino top cover, which is a plush and durable microsuede fabric that feels great on your feet. Each insole even contains an EVOLyte orthotic cap, which is a carbon fiber blended polymer that provides strength and support.

Here are the features of each insole:

GO Pain Relief: contains Vibram Diflex top cover, a closed cell base foam, a convertible heel stabilizer, EVOLyte orthotic cap, and a deep structured heel cup.

GO Comfort: contains Clarino top cover, Poron slow recovery memory foam middle layer for extra shock absorption and comfort, neutral rounded heel, EVOLyte orthotic cap, and a deep structured heel cup.

GO Men’s ¾ and Go Women’s ¾: this ¾-length insole is designed to fit in a wide variety of dress as well as casual footwear. It contains a Clarino top cover, a neutral rounded heel, EVOLyte orthotic cap, and a structured heel cap.

GO Women’s High Heel: specifically designed to fit into high-heeled (2”+) footwear. It contains Clarino top cover, EVOLyte orthotic cap, and a shallow structured heel cup to assist with all-day impact protection.

The added benefits of Superfeet Go line are incredible, and you’ll really be able to feel the difference. If you need exceptional comfort and support, and relief from pain, these insoles made with premium materials and professional-grade support will fit the bill!