Cuticle Care: Be Sandal Ready!

Foot CareYou may have the cutest new summer sandals ready to wear, but are your toe cuticles ready to be shown off? Here is a great guide to maintaining healthy, beautiful nails by taking care of your cuticles – when it’s time to pull out your favorite new sandals you’ll be ready!


Follow these steps for cuticle care:

  1. REMOVE OLD NAIL POLISH | if you have any old nail polish on, remove it with a acetone-free nail polish remover. Acetone is harsh and causes your nails and skins to dry out which is why we recommend a polish remover without it.
  2. MOISTURIZE YOUR NAILS | there are plenty of cuticle moisturizers you can purchase, however, we think hair conditioner works just as well! Rub a small amount onto each cuticle.
  3. SOAK TOES OR FINGERS IN WARM WATER | soak your toes or your fingers in warm water for about 3 minutes to soften the cuticle.
  4. PUSH BACK CUTICLES | after soaking in warm water, dry fingers/toes and gently push back the cuticles with a soft cloth. Don’t cut your cuticles! Cuticles offer protection from nail infections and cutting them takes away that defense.

When you take care of your cuticles not only does it make your sandals look even better, it provides a clear, healthy area to apply new nail polish for a smooth, professional look.

Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Dads can be really hard to shop for sometimes. That’s why I’ve put together this quick, easy list of gift ideas for dad. They are pretty full proof  – how do I know this? Because these are some of our most popular men’s shoes and products across both our website and stores.


These are incredibly effective at relieving tension and feels amazing. Plus it’s easy to use on your own which could potentially save your hands from obligatory father’s day massages. The Moji Massagers come in three styles: one is all-over, one is for feet, and one is a travel size all-over massager. Shop Moji Massagers.

Unisex Moji Foot Pro Massager    Moji Mini Pro Travel Massager     Moji Mini Travel Massager



Slippers are a good all-year gift. Most of our slippers feature a rubber outsole making them suitable for both indoor and outdoor wear. This way dad can run out to get the mail or the paper and stay comfy cozy. Shop Men’s Slippers.

Men's UGG Ascot       Men's UGG Scuff


If your dad loves the outdoors, a new pair of outdoor sandals or shoes might be the perfect gift before his next big outdoor adventure. From waterproof features to high traction outsoles, we have outdoor shoes for almost every terrain dad might roam. Shop Outdoor Adventure Shoes.

Men's Ecco Yucatan        Men's Merrell Jungle Moc


Samuel Hubbard is one of our most popular men’s shoes this year and for good reason! Beyond all the comfort technologies these are packed with, they are super on trend. They come in so many colors and are a sure pick for dad this Father’s Day. Shop Samuel Hubbard.

Samuel Hubbard Shoes for Men


Some other great gift ideas for Father’s Day gifts:

Summer Sandals for Him

Sports Team Socks

200 Pairs of Shoes Donated: Naot Events at Footwear etc.

We are so thrilled to announce our #NaotGivesBack events went so well that Naot will be donating 200 pairs of shoes to Cityteam, a nonprofit serving the poor, homeless and lost in the United States and around the world.

First, we’d like to thank everyone who came out to these events in our stores. We couldn’t have done it without you and we are so proud to be apart of communities that show so much compassion and support to those less fortunate. And a big thank you to Naot for hosting these incredible events for such a good cause.

NAOT eventsNaot events

Naot eventsNaot events

Naot eventsNaot events

Naot events

If you’d like to learn more about Cityteam visit their website here:



Study finds Vionic Sandals Effectively Alleviate Heel Pain

There aren’t many shoe companies that can claim the health benefits they wish they could… in fact, there have been several who have made unfounded claims of health benefits and gotten in big trouble when there were no real scientific studies to prove their claims. But it so happens that one of our favorite sandal brands has the study to back up their claim! Vionic sandals have proven to be effective for short-term treatment of heel pain. View the study

Our best-selling Tide II orthotic sandalThe study included 150 heel pain sufferers, and after 12 weeks of wearing Vionic contoured sandals they were 68% more likely to report improved symptoms compared to those wearing flat flip flops. This is no big surprise to us because we have listened to our customers rave about the positive effects of wearing Vionic shoes and sandals. And several of us here at the office wear Vionic shoes as well. I was just wearing mine yesterday!

Want even better news?! These Vionic sandals not only feel good and do good for your body, they look good to! We know how important style is – for many it is more important than comfort. Women have been torturing their feet for years as long as it looked good. But today with options like Vionic, there is no reason to suffer through fashion when you can have it all in one stylish shoe.



Vionic Rhodes Sandal       Vionic Paden Sandal

Vionic Lizbeth      Vionic Tide Sequins

MY TOP PICKS: Vionic Sandals

Vionic Verity Sandal  Vionic Camila Sandal

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POPULAR FOR MEN: Vionic Sandals

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