How to lace your shoes to alleviate foot pain

Every foot is different, so even though you might have the most incredible shoes you still may experience foot pain. So I recommend looking to where you can get the most customization: the laces!

Different lacing techniques can help alleviate different types of foot pain and discomfort. Here are some techniques to try if you experience the following: slipping heel, big toe rubbing, wide feet, narrow feet, or high arches.Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 2.21.55 PM


SLIPPING HEEL – a slipping heel can cause blisters or raw spots that are incredibly painful. When your heel is slipping that also means your foot is working to keep your shoe from slipping off, so you can become unstable.

Fix It: begin your laces like usual and crisscross the first set under. Then continue crisscrossing on the top until you get to the last two eyelets. On the last two send the laces through without crossing them, then starting from underneath, loop down through the last eyelet and cross it over the shoe and tuck it through the loop you made on the other side.


BIG TOE RUBBING – If your big toe is pushing up against the front of your shoe you could be causing a lot of damaging, not to mention discomfort. First, make sure the size you have is correct. There should be about a thumb-width between the top of your longest toe and the front of your shoe.

Fix It: start lacing your shoes as usual. On your left shoe, pull your lace out more on the left for extra slack. Then take the lace from the right side and pull it all the way to the top on the opposite side and loop it through the top left eyelet. Then take the other end of the lace and loop it underneath the opposite side and then straight across. Mirror this for the right shoe.


WIDE FEET – If you have wide feet but love your narrow-fitting shoes, adjusting your laces can be beneficial.

Fix It: begin lacing as usual, then start alternate going up (underneath) and over until you reach the top.

NARROW FEET – If you have narrow feet and need a snugger fit follow the fix it instructions. Not all lace up shoes come in narrow sizes so this is a good alternative to try.

Fix It: start lacing as usual and tuck the first set underneath. On the second set criss cross the laces first, then cross them again and put them through eyelets on opposite sides, creating a ‘hug’ over the narrow part of your foot.

HIGH ARCHES – If you have high arches, that could mean that you have a higher instep on the top of your foot, causing your foot to rub against the top.

Fix It: start lacing as usual and cross the first set like an ‘x’. On the second set do not cross the laces – just bring them up from underneath and back down on the next eyelet on the same side. Now the laces should be underneath. Depending on your foot, you can either repeat this step to give the top of your foot more room, or you can cross them like normal until you get to the top.



Unique Shoe Storage Ideas

Spring cleaning is upon us and I love finding ways to get the most out of my space. And the biggest key to organizing your home is doing it in a way that is sustainable long term (just like dieting!). The first thing I do is identify the issue at hand and start researching (when I say researching I really mean spending an hour on Pinterest). My problem right now is shoes. I have lots of them. Lots. And lots.

Identify the Problem: a lot of shoes, no proper storage.

Current situation: I store some of my shoes next to my front door on a shoe shelf, and the rest go under my bed in a shoe storage unit or next to my bed for my tall boots. My shoes often end up doubled up and squished under the bed and it’s a pain to get them out… or even remember what I have.


Here are some really cool ideas I came across online. I hope this helps you find something that works for your situation.

1. SHOE LADDER – you can find a great bargain ladder to store your heels. Give it a coat of paint to your taste. It’s a great way to display your shoes and it looks nice!

9 Space Saving Shoe Storage Ideas

2. MAGAZINE/PAPER HOLDERS – have a lot of sandals and flats? This is a great way to store them in a compact space. You can find really cute, stylish holders or super simple and bargain from places like Ikea.11 Space-Saving Ways to Organize Your Shoes

3. SHELVING/CRATES – another really fun, creative way to store your shoes is with some type of shelving. Make it super sleek with glass shelves, or make it more cottage style using painted wooden crates.

Couleur de marde mais idée vraiment cool:


4. SHOWCASE CABINET – want to glam up your space and show off your treasured shoes? Take an old or new cabinet with glass doors, add some more shelves if needed, and show off your footwear!

Hope these ideas are just as inspirational for you as they were for me. This is the fun part! The hard part… actually starting the spring cleaning process. Good luck!

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