Announcing a Fabulous Brand for ALL Runners: Hoka One One!

Hoka One One Odyssey

If you’re interested in running – as a beginner or as an elite athlete – Hoka One One (pronounced Hoka Onay Onay) has some fabulous shoes for you.

These aren’t your ordinary running shoes. These shoes feature a unique midsole geometry. What does this mean? It has a higher volume, softer density, and greater rebounding foam than your typical running shoe. It’s the antithesis of minimalist running; in fact, these shoes have been referred to as maximalist running shoes. There’s a lot of foam cushioning to help give you an energizing, stable stride.

How does it work? First off, there is 50% more cushioning than in your standard running shoe. Think of the phenomenal shock absorption that this extra cushioning provides! There is also a balanced Meta-Rocker that contains a low heel-toe differential and a sculpted outsole radius. These encourage a guided foot gait cycle, and supports proper running form from heel strike to toe off.

These shoes are really lightweight! This is especially helpful if you’re running long distances and need your shoes to make each step as comfortable as possible (and not add to the burden!).  The shoes contain an EVA formulation that is 30% lighter than the standard running shoe.

Stability is also a big goal for Hoka One One shoes. The technological innovations continue with the Active Foot Frame midsole geometry, which allows your foot to sink deeply into the midsole. It actually adapts to a wide range of feet and running styles! This is just about a custom experience as you can get.

And if all of this didn’t convince you, Hoka One One shoes also have midsole grooves that will shed water quickly. Running through puddles is not a problem!

Men and women currently have several choices of models. The Valor is specifically designed for running on man-made surfaces. You’ll appreciate the superior shock absorption on those surfaces that just don’t give. The Odyssey works well on a variety of types of surfaces, and the Vanquish is the best for road work. You can choose your shoe based on the surface on which you’ll be running, and it doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or an elite runner. These shoes fit the bill for anyone who wants to get out there and run!

For a very different running experience, try the new models from Hoka One One. These phenomenal shoes can make any run not just different but better!


Pose Your Pet Instagram Contest – First Winner!


Congratulations to Larry Colvin, @larrydoc09 on Instagram, for being our first winner in the Pose Your Pet Instagram Contest! He has won a $25 gift card for this adorable picture!

Want to enter the contest for a $50 gift card? Post your photo to Instagram! For complete contest rules, click here.



Naot Sirocco Boot Featured in In Touch Weekly!


Many people love to read about celebrity news, lifestyles, fashion, and beauty, and one of our favorite brands was recently featured in In Touch Weekly magazine. Naot footwear, known for its outstanding support and style, has developed a gorgeous new ankle boot called the Sirocco. This particular model is getting lots of attention from being highlighted in In Touch Weekly.  This magazine is geared toward younger readership, and this boot can appeal to a wide variety of ages.

Naot Sirocco

What makes this boot so special? It’s all about the luxurious materials. Who wouldn’t love the gorgeous two-toned leather upper? Naot only uses the finest materials in its products, and you can feel the quality in the soft, supple design. The Sirocco is available in Black/Grey leather, Crazy Horse/Saddle Leather, and Volcanic Red/Ruby Leather. The western style is timeless and appropriate with any age group.

Comfort is also unsurpassable. The leather lining is breathable, and helps keep your feet cool and dry. (Sweaty feet is the absolute last thing you’d want to have in a boot, right?) Naot’s removable, suede-covered cork and latex footbed actually molds to your feet to give you a custom fit. The cushioning from the footbed makes this boot so easy to wear that you’ll want to do so all day long. It’s also really easy to wear because it contains a zipper closure and a pull-on tab. You won’t have any problems getting the boot on and off with these!

But that’s not all! It features hand-sewn stroble construction, which makes the boot strong and incredibly flexible. I also really love the durability of the outsole; it’s made out of polyurethane and is lightweight, yet helps prevent slipping. What more could you want in an ankle boot?

As the savvy readers of In Touch Weekly would attest, it’s all about the style. The two-toned style is really classy, yet informal. This boot is perfect to wear with skinny jeans, or leggings. Even a skirt would look fabulous with these boots. Use them for a casual, western look or even a bohemian look!

Check out the Naot Sirocco Boot – you’ll love it as much as the In Touch Weekly readers do too!


Footwear for those New Year Resolutions!

Gravity Defyer Super Walke

With the start of every new year invariably comes the resolution to get fit, lose weight, or just become healthy. The footwear you use can make a huge difference in how your body responds to exercise.  Without adequate support, you could be prone to injuries, and therefore nullify all of your good intentions! Look for shoes containing good arch support, a deep heel cup for stability, a wide toe box to let your toes have adequate room, a durable outsole, and good ventilation in the materials used in the shoes. Other features that could be helpful might be a rocker sole, motion control features if you tend to pronate, and lots of cushioning for shock absorption.

Here are a few models that have piqued my interest this season:

Gravity Defyer shoes contain VersoShock Trampoline Technology, which is a phenomenal method for shock absorption and assists in forward propulsion as you walk. One of the best selling models here at Footwear etc. is the Super Walk. It’s available for both men and women, and is a very lightweight yet rugged model. I am particularly impressed by the fact that the shoes are 30% lighter than previous models, and that the breathable mesh upper helps keep your feet cool and dry. It’s available in a variety of colors as well. This model is a great shoe for a hike in the woods or a walk through town.

New Balance makes some outstanding styles for running, walking, or even trail running. One of the most popular models (and I just so happen to have one of these myself) is the 1540. It’s available for both men and women, and is a phenomenal shoe for motion control due to its roll bar. I love the wide toe box; it lets my toes feel like they have plenty of room. The arch support is outstanding, and I definitely pronate less when I wear these shoes.  I can walk for miles with the outstanding cushioning as well.

Vionic with Orthaheel Technology has some outstanding choices in its catalog for athletic-styled shoes. The Contest for men and the Venture for women are new examples of stylish athletic shoes in a variety of colors that have superior arch support.  The Contest is available in Navy, Charcoal, Black, or Light Grey synthetic mesh, and the Venture is available in Fuchsia, Black, Turquoise, Silver, or White synthetic mesh. Each of these models is great for walking all day long, weekend wear, or just walking about town. They’ll provide long-lasting comfort and support for your daily activities.

If you love rocker sole shoes, you’ll love the MBT Sport 3. It’s one of the best selling athletic styles for both men and women. Available in white, black, or grey leather/mesh, this versatile shoe is cool, lightweight, and provides the natural instability that all MBT shoes provide. It’s also a great model in that if you need a custom orthotic, you can take out the insole and pop the orthotic in. This is the quintessential rocker sole shoe: lightweight, good style, versatile. It definitely makes you stand up straighter and find your own center of balance. Many customers have reported that pain caused by Plantar Fasciitis is eased when they wear rocker sole shoes.

So go get up off the couch and move this year! Try out these and so many other athletic shoes at and make this the year you get fit!