SoftWalk “Grey’s Anatomy” Brand: the Meredith!

Softwalk Meredith

If you’re a fan of the medical drama, “Grey’s Anatomy,” you can understand why medical professionals require easy to wear, comfortable shoes. The typical hospital setting does not give you any time at all to deal with discomfort of your own! You might need to be on your feet for extended hours at a time, and your feet will have to deal with whatever support your shoes contain. Clogs are often the choice for medical professionals as well as teachers, restaurant workers, and others who need to be on their feet all day long; but not all clogs are created equally. Hence, SoftWalk – which is known for its outstandingly comfortable shoes, sandals, and clogs – has come up with a special model of shoes honoring the TV show, “Grey’s Anatomy.”

SoftWalk has produced the model called Meredith. It’s a clog for women that is perfect for wearing all day long, and being on your feet all day long. Nurses in particular will love this shoe because it provides every benefit a nurse would need, and help alleviate any existing foot pain as well. Specifically, this shoe is lightweight and flexible, with slip-resistant rubber inserts in the sole – great for a busy ER, doctor’s office, or even a commercial kitchen. The upper has a nice, wide toe box so that your toes have room to move, yet your foot can stay secure in the shoe.

With its padded color and side v-elastic goring, the Meredith provides comfort properties that really make a difference as the hours spent in the shoe add up. The dual density footbed is ideal in supplying cushioning to pamper your feet all day long. That footbed is lined with a soft, antimicrobial microfiber lining with heel and arch inserts for great support. The lightweight, flexible outsole actually returns energy with each step you take. There’s even a nylon shank in the sole to help ensure that you stay stable in the shoe.

As with all SoftWalk shoes, the patented eggcrate footbed cushions your feet and makes you feel like you’re walking on air. It’s almost like you’re taking your feet to a spa, even if you’re just going to work!

And they’re cute! The Meredith comes in a variety of colors: Dark Grey Brush Off Leather, White Box Leather, Navy Leather, Black Patent Leather, Black Box Leather, Black Leather, and my personal favorite: White Floral Patent Leather. It’s the perfect shoe for nurses (especially if you enjoy wearing patterned scrubs). Any of the black leather clogs would be perfect to use in a restaurant setting. If you need a dressier shoe, try the black patent leather version!

SoftWalk products are perfect for everyday wear, and the Meredith in particular is great if you need slip resistance as well as outstanding cushioning and support. You don’t have to be a “Grey’s Anatomy” fan to appreciate the beautiful style and comfort that these shoes provide, but if you ARE a fan, you can doubly appreciate what medical professionals have to go through on a daily basis. Let SoftWalk’s Meredith help you get through YOUR days with comfort, control, and style!

Propet Rejuve Shoes: When Your Feet Need a Little Extra TLC

Propet Helen

Propet has long been a manufacturer that has offered quality footwear for a wide variety of sizes, or feet needing special care. Now, Propet has new technology that helps you restore your gait to its optimum position for wellness: Rejuve Motion Technology!

Designed by Podiatrist Dr. Harold Schoenhaus, the Rejuve Motion Technology is designed to cup your heel and give your foot correct alignment. This helps you control the position of your heel with each step you take. Without the features of the Rejuve Motion Technology system, your feet may not only start out being misaligned, your feet may pronate (roll inward) as you proceed through the gait cycle. This improper alignment as you walk can cause pain in your feet, knees, and even back. That is why the Rejuve Motion Technology system is so vital: to keep your feet in the optimal alignment so that you can reduce improper stress on your joints. Those of you with Plantar Fasciitis should take note: these shoes may help alleviate your symptoms!

The Rejuve Motion Technology system is built into a multi-layered footbed. The top sole is contoured, and contains an asymmetrical shape to add cushioning and stability. The cut-out deep heel seat contains a U-shaped design that provides lateral and medial support and a deep cup so that your foot remains aligned properly. The EVA Midsole is a layer of cushioning that provides excellent shock absorption. Lastly the rubber outsole supplies traction and excellent durability.

A great model that reflects this outstanding technology is the Women’s Helen. It is available in Gunsmoke/Pink Nubuck, or Denim Blue/Silver Nubuck. It’s a casual sandal that is perfect for everyday or weekend outings. The three hook-and-loop straps help ensure as customized a fit as you can get, and the microfiber sock lining helps keep your feet cool and comfortable. The upper contains comfort padding, so that you can not only feel that the shoe stays on and fits properly; it’s also soft on the top of your foot. The EVA midsole is cushioned for comfort all day long. Durability is ensured by the high performance rubber outsole, which also gives you some great traction!

If you’re looking for some phenomenal shoes that help keep your feet from pronating, as well as having a wide selection of sizes for feet needing extra TLC, check out the Women’s Propet Helen Rejuve. This may be the shoe that really sets you free from pain!

Tips to Picking Hiking Boots

Merrell Moab Mid

When your feet hurt, you hurt all over. For this reason, buying the right hiking boot is a project that requires preparation and careful consideration.

Depending upon how rigorously you engage in this popular hobby, you will have different footwear needs. If you hike at least once each year, you can get away with a much different boot than if, say, you intend to hike the Continental Divide Trail this summer.

Different Levels of Support

The features that enable a boot to withstand the longevity of a trek across great distances and treacherous terrains are also what make the shoe heavier. The footwear might include thicker protective material, high-impact soles and waterproofing. On the other hand, these added benefits can cause the boot to become much weightier and slow down the average amateur. Therefore, honestly determine the kinds of environments in which you anticipate using the hiking gear; a stroll through a city park may be complemented by lightweight walking shoes from brands like Naot, while days on the Appalachian Trail will require much sturdier alternatives.

Preparing for the Elements

The materials used in walking footwear are widely varied, and each textile carries its own set of pros and cons. Thinner options like mesh, nylon and suede are utilized to encourage the flow of oxygen in order to prevent the buildup of heat and perspiration. Of course, this does not offer as much protection from the weather like heartier, waterproofed leather, which consequently allows limited breathability. Hence, it is important to research the temperature and hiking conditions of your next destination before making your purchase.

Get Into Your Feet

As you try on the boots, close your eyes and ‘be your feet.’ Do you feel any irritation? Is there a seam or fold on the inside of the boot that you can actually feel? Know that, on the trail, this little sensation may likely become a full-fledged blister. To make an educated judgment call about whether or not the hiking boots are for you, try on the footwear with the socks and orthotic insoles you intend to wear on your journeys. Any pressure, pinching or squeezing should disqualify the boot.

There are benefits to ordering the hiking boots online – starting with the fact that you can try on the footwear at multiple points throughout the day. Because our feet slowly swell from morning to evening, what may be the perfect fit at noon might not feel the same around dinnertime. Footwear etc. will allow you to exchange the shoe for free so you can be 100% satisfied; click here to learn more about our shipping policies.

Good hiking boots can be a big investment. More importantly, the fit and quality of the boot can make the difference between an exhilarating day on the trails and a miserable waste of time, energy and opportunity. Be protective of your feet and treat them for what they are: your greatest mode of transportation. To begin the search for the perfect pair for you, check out the outdoor boots from New Balance, Merrell and Wolverine.


My Favorite Dressy, Elegant Shoes: Marchez Vous!

Marchez Vous Ophelia

One of my very favorite brands has come out with a bunch of new models for the spring, and they are absolutely FABULOUS. Marchez Vous, which means “to walk,” is a really fashion-forward company that makes amazing shoes. Designed by Yeardley Smith, the voice of Lisa Simpson of the TV series “The Simpsons,” this line is known for its incredible quality and phenomenal style. These shoes rival big name brands like Prada and Manolo Blahnik for their gorgeous designs, yet are approachable for the discerning woman who wants high style at a price that won’t bankrupt her. Why are these shoes SO amazing? Let me tell you…..

First and foremost, it’s all about the designs. I absolutely love elements like the curvature to the heels, or the stunningly rich colors. From flats, to kitten heels, to high-heeled pumps, there are gorgeous styles to suit anyone.

Yeardley Smith insists on five quality standards. All Marchez Vous shoes have to be comfortable, sexy, witty, unexpected (using unconventional materials, etc.) and timeless. The timeless aspect really resonates with me; how many of us can say that we’ve got barely-used shoes sitting in our closets that we can’t part with, yet just don’t fit in well with the current fashion trends? I know I’ve got a few of those… but they’re not from Marchez Vous!

Given I have a wedding to attend soon, I am excited to see the stunning new styles out now from Marchez Vous. Here are a few that really speak to me:

The Rose – a beautiful new pump with gorgeous curves around the foot, a peep toe to show off your pedicure, and a floral detailing on the heel for feminine visual interest.  It’s available in Natural Leather with red accents, or White Leather with black accents. If you’re concerned about the 3.5” heel, rest assured that there is great cushioning in the footbed – Poron is the material originally developed by NASA that acts like memory foam! Not only that, there’s a hidden platform to alleviate the stress of the slope of the heel. This shoe is incredibly beautiful, and you’ll want to wear it for more than just special occasions!

Sometimes, you just need a flat shoe. For those instances, the Liza fits the bill. This elegant ballet flat works well with almost any type of outfit, and as a result is amazingly versatile. It’s so comfortable (due to that Poron foam) you’ll want to wear it to work and then out on the town! I love the simplicity of the shoe, and the snub nose design of the upper. This shoe is available in Black Leather or Natural Leather (which looks like cork!), so you have two neutral colors to choose from! This could be your next go-to shoe for any situation!

An absolutely adorable slide is the Ophelia. The 2” heel makes the shoe easy to wear, and the beautiful raffia and patent leather upper adds casual elegance to the design. I love the accented cut-outs on the top of the shoe, and the kitten heel! This may just be the shoe I wear to my niece’s wedding. Yet it’s casual enough to wear with less formal attire, since the upper is made from raffia. See what works with YOUR wardrobe!

Choose Marchez Vous shoes for elegance, timelessness, and comfort this Spring and beyond!


What is Gout and How to Reduce Its Effects



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If you have Gout, you understand a thing or two about severe and relentless pain. What is it and what causes it? Read on….

What is gout?

Gout is a form of inflammatory arthritis that occurs when there is an overabundance of uric acid in the body. Uric acid is the byproduct of the metabolization of compounds called purines, a step that is necessary for our body to create energy. Purines are naturally produced by our body’s cells and can be found in certain foods as well. While the generated uric acid should effortlessly be flushed by our liver and kidneys, there are times in which the body is not able to cleanse itself as fast as the rate of production. As a result, uric acid then accumulates in the bloodstream, causing a condition called hyperuricemia.  The excess uric acid takes on a crystalline form that congregates around the joints.

How does this feel? Acute Gout is characterized by the sudden onset of pain, redness and swelling, most commonly around the base of the big toe. However, other joints such as fingers, wrist, elbows, and ankles can also be affected. The first acute attack can last between 3 to 10 days. If left untreated, subsequent flare-ups can last longer and become more frequent.

Who Does Gout Affect?

Gout can affect anyone, but more often affects middle-aged men and post-menopausal women. It is often associated with the eating of rich, fatty foods and too much alcohol, earning the label “the disease of kings.” Research shows that overconsumption of beer, being overweight, and consuming foods rich with purines can indeed increase uric acid levels. While these lifestyle choices can clearly increase risks, other factors such as heredity and thyroid issues can trigger incidences of gout.


An examination of the affected region and an overview of your medical history will give your doctor the information needed to determine the underlying cause and treatment of your joint pain. Diagnostic tests may include withdrawing fluids from the area around the inflamed body part, as well as blood and urine tests.

Are there treatments for Gout?

While Gout is a chronic disease, under most circumstances it can be managed. Flare-ups can be reduced and possibly prevented with medication and/or lifestyle changes. Early intervention during an episode medication can lead to a decline in frequency of acute attacks, and prevent permanent damage to joints and the kidneys.

Home remedies

  • Ice Packs – apply cold packs or cold compresses to the area to minimize inflammation and lessen the pain. Ice the joint for 20 to 30 minutes several times a day.
  • Rest – to hasten the healing process, rest the inflicted joint on a pillow that is raised above your heart to lessen throbbing.
  • Hydrate – when you’re dehydrated, the uric acid in your blood will be more concentrated. Therefore, drink plenty of water.
  • Avoid Purines – consumption of seafood, organ meats like liver, and sweets can contribute to your uric acid imbalance. Avoid eating too many purine-rich foods and beverages; instead, focus on incorporating complex carbohydrates and fruits like apples, grapes and cranberries.

 Choosing The Right Footwear

The shoes you wear can aggravate Gout-related symptoms. Women should avoid wearing heels that put unnatural pressure on the front of their feet. Both men and women should look for shoes with wide toe boxes, so that their toes have as much room to move as possible. The outsoles should also be designed to absorb shock. Luckily, brands like Dansko,  Vionic by Orthaheel, New Balance, and Drew manufacture wellness shoes for men and women that meet all of these qualifications to provide the utmost comfort possible.