Rock Spring Shoes – Elastic Comfort and Fun Styles

Rock Spring Cape Town

If you’re in the mood for something a little different – without sacrificing comfort – take a look at shoes from Rock Spring!

These are the only shoes I’ve ever come across that have a totally-elastic upper. The elastic bands are woven together to create a fabric that stretches for your every movement.  This fabric gives when you need it to give, and molds to your feet. They’re vegan friendly, and even machine washable (up to 86 degrees)!

I love the bright, happy colors that many of these shoes contain. Need a Mary Jane? Take a look at the Cape Town in Tutti Fruitti/Black Elastic! You literally could wear these shoes with any color in your wardrobe! Like a variety of colors but a little more subtlety? The same shoe comes in Cookies Elastic, which is a blend of browns, taupes, and tans. But if you want that Mary Jane in all black, it comes in that too. Note that you can remove the heel counter and turn this shoe into a clog!

A simple slip-on is the Cape Horn. It’s available in Black/Tutti Fruitti Elastic or Pastel Elastic. It’s reminiscent of a huarache shoe but has the complete versatility of being composed of all fabric and man-made materials. You can also turn this shoe into a clog by removing the heel counter.

Like sandals? Check out the Tropicana WP. It’s available in Cookies Elastic or Black Smoke Elastic, both of which contain many colors, but are subtle in appearance. It’s a great casual sandal that you could wear to the beach, to go shopping, or as you enjoy the great outdoors. The toe box of the shoe is wide, and gives your toes room to spread and relax. What more could you want in a casual sandal?

There’s even a great wedge, in the Nevada. It’s available in Red or Black elastic, and can go with all sorts of attire. This shoe works well with jeans or casual skirts, and is a fun addition your wardrobe. You’ll love the comfort and shock absorption that this shoe offers.

If you like to be unconventional, check out the shoes from Rock Spring. You’ll love the colors and fun styles!

Great New Styles from UGG Australia – Perfect for Valentine’s Day!

UGG Fluff

The folks at UGG Australia have just come out with some fabulous new models that will make your Valentine’s Day shopping easy! Not only are they fantastically comfortable as all UGG Australia products are, they are especially appropriate for Valentine’s Day!

First up: the UGG Classic Short Hearts. It’s available in Red Hot Sheepskin or Fruit of Fuchsia Sheepskin, and has a decorative heart print trim! They’re fun and festive, and have all the phenomenal comfort features you find in any UGG boot: high quality sheepskin, durable and lightweight outsole, reinforced suede heel and raw seams. It’s a classic design updated for the fun at heart!

Another awesome model is the UGG Fluff Flip Flop II slipper. This cushy slipper puts your feet into a state of luxury! With its cozy sheepskin straps and footbed, the Fluff is girly and comfy, and adorable with its decorative bow accent. It’s perfect for Valentine’s Day, or anytime throughout the year. Available in White, Black, Purple, and Pastel Pink Sheepskin, there’s a color for any wardrobe.

Need inspiration for Valentine’s Day? Start with a pair of comfy boots or slippers from UGG Australia. She’ll find them ADORABLE!

Four Seasons Salt Stain Remover – Perfect for the Sloppy Weather!

Salt Stain Remover

The winter months can be a tough time for your footwear. Snow, salt, and rain can all take their respective tolls on your shoes. Given all the snow and ice the U.S. has been experiencing this season, it’s only a matter of time before your shoes take a real beating. There’s a great product out there that can help extend the life of your leather footwear: the Four Seasons Salt Stain Remover.

This liquid can make your leather goods look like new! Those ugly salt stains can be a thing of the past. All you have to do is remove any surface dust and dirt from your footwear, apply the Salt Stain remover liberally all over the stain, and wipe off the excess with a soft, clean cloth. Depending on the severity of the stain, you might need to repeat the process.

If you have nubuck or suede shoes, you can use this product with a suede brush.

Why throw out shoes that have been damaged by salt? You can bring them back to life with the Four Seasons Salt Stain Remover. Don’t slip on the ice out there!

Deer Tracks Shoes – Made in the U.S.A!

Deer Tracks Cloud

Here at Footwear etc. we have a lot of customers who would really prefer to support U.S.-based companies. If you’re one of those folks, here’s a brand you can love: Deer Tracks!

This company may have its origins in Eastern Europe, but it is now based and manufactures its shoes in Baltimore, MD! It even has certified pedorthists and podiatrists oversee the product development. Deer Tracks shoes excel in high quality comfort; and all shoes are made with anatomical, removable footbeds. You can even get the shoes in 3 widths: Medium, Wide, and Double Wide.

But it’s the technology that really sets this brand apart. These shoes have a special Heel Cradle System that stabilizes the shoe and absorbs shock. There’s an extra shock absorbing foam insert in the ball of the foot area to relieve stress from the metatarsal area of the foot. The air circulation helps keep your feet cool and dry with its ventilation openings in the outsole. And the double rocker outsole helps distribute your weight all through the gait cycle.  These shoes may have the most shock absorption of any you’ve ever tried!

The Deer Tracks Collection contains models for both men and women.  Looking for a walker? Men have a great choice in the Deer Tracks Men’s Walker.  It’s got soft, leather upper with a large toe box, and adjustable hook-and-loop closure to ensure the perfect fit. Available in both brown and black leather, you’ve got your two basic colors for your wardrobe!

Women have a great choice in the Miracle. With dual hook-and-loop straps, this shoe allows for the fitting of orthotics or braces, and even has extra depth in the toe box. It’s available in black, and is a fantastic shoe for everyday wear.

A girlier model for women is the Deer Tracks Women’s Cloud. Available in black leather or bronze leather, this shoe is a fisherman style and has an adjustable buckle strap. It has the same comfort and orthotic properties of all the other models, yet is an attractive shoe to wear even to work or out for a casual evening.

Check out all the great styles from Deer Tracks. With all of their comfort features, being made in the U.S.A is merely an added bonus!

PediFix Forefoot Compression Sleeve – Extra Support for your Forefoot!

PediFix Compression Sleeve

If you’ve ever gotten a stress fracture in the metatarsal area of your foot, or suffered a sprain in that area, you know how much a little extra support can help enormously. I’m prone to stress fractures in that area of one of my feet, and I have tried a wide variety of aids just to help it feel a little more secure. Orthotics only help just so much, a little compression makes a big difference. That’s why I’m delighted to discover the Pedifix Forefoot Compression Sleeve. Finally, I can get some relief and support for that area, and nobody even has to know I’m wearing anything!

This fantastic compression sleeve fits into your shoes. Made from nylon and synthetic elastic, it’s hand washable so you can use it repeatedly. It easily fits into your shoes so you don’t have to advertise your injury!  I can’t believe the difference it makes feeling a little extra support on that part of my foot. If you’ve had surgery or suffered an injury in that area, the sleeve can help reduce swelling and speed healing. It feels a little like an ace bandage, but with far greater ease of use, easy on-off, and stabilizes the entire front of your foot. This is finally the product I need to add a little support and comfort to the metatarsal area of my foot.

If you need a little extra support for your forefoot, or if you’re recovering from surgery or have suffered a stress fracture, give the PediFix Forefoot Compression Sleeve a try. It could make a huge difference in your life!