MBT shoes and Ankle Fusion

We frequently hear our customers sing the praises of MBT shoes — “I am truly amazed at the difference the MBT’s have made in just a month. I am walking better, my posture has improved, I can work a double shift without my legs or knees hurting, I am more relaxed when walking and I am sleeping better than I have in years!” — but recently we received feedback regarding a medical condition that stood out:

“I have an ankle fusion and hate shopping for shoes. However, Footwear etc. carries the MBT shoes – the only shoes I can wear — in many styles, and I receive them quickly with no extra fees. I love the free socks they sent with my last order!” – Lauren B.
Curious to learn more about “ankle fusion,” I turned to Google and found MBT shoes mentioned often in connection with this surgical technique. It is a challenge to fathom that doctors utilize surgery to get the bones around the ankle to grow together, but it seems to reduce the pain caused by ankle arthritis.

I imagine mobility is severely limited by having one’s ankle bones fused, yet I find that walking and even running is an active part of post surgical recovery. So how do MBT shoes help? With the range of motion limited by the fusion, shoes with proper support and rolling motion appear to assist in comfortable movement.

If you have experience with ankle fusion surgery and MBTs, we’d love to hear from you. Attach a comment below.