Best Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis

If you’ve never heard of Plantar Fasciitis consider yourself blessed.  If you are familiar with the foot burning symptoms caused by this painful strain, you are not in need of an explanation here. You may, however, be looking for solutions to this often debilitating syndrome. The video below appears to offer some assistance:

As the video shares, shoes can make a difference. Our customers have shared success in alleviating pain related to PF utilizing the following products from our stores:


Dansko Professional clogs:

Doctors and nurses who spend entire days on their feet swear by their Dansko shoes. To help people feel better for longer Dansko adds shock absorption, a rocker bottom, and solid arch support to reduce strain your legs, back, and feet. Type “plantar fasciitis” and “Dansko” in a search engine and you can read quite a few testimonials of happy Dansko owners.


Merrell Encore:

From their air cushion midsoles, Q-Form®  footbed, supportive Trailspring® technology, and innovative sole designs, Merrell shoes offer comfort and performance in a variety of environments. Dr. Davis S. Wander, while sharing his recommendations for shoes for those with plantar fasciitis, writes: “I often recommend Merrell shoes to my patients and the overall consensus is that patients are very happy.”


Superfeet Premium Insoles:

Many customers share with us that orthotics or insoles help tremendously with the pain associated with plantar fasciitis. We offer Superfeet Insoles. With Superfeet insoles in your shoes, your feet are being consistently balanced and supported. Instead of your feet collapsing inward and stressing surrounding muscels, joints, and ligaments, Superfeet helps you move the way nature intended.

MBT Physiological Footwear:

We receive dozens of testimonials from our customers who suffer from plantar fasciitis telling us about how MBT Shoes have alleviated their pain!   Here is just one example from a MBT believer:

“I developed chronic plantar fasciitis in both feet while pregnant with my first baby.  For 2 years I tried podiatrists, orthotics, pain killers, anti-inflamitories, ultrasound and massage.  I couldn’t be on my feet for more than an hour a day and couldn’t sleep from the pain in my feet at night.  I was totally miserable and trying to cope with my baby.  I bought a pair of MBT Shoes 4 weeks ago and think they are a miracle shoe!!  Each day I can walk a little longer and today went for a small jog!!  Thank god for MBTs.”

Read more MBT testimonials from real customers who suffered from plantar fasciitis.

For more information on Plantar Fasciitis, try turning to

Share with us what shoes or orthotics have helped you with plantar fasciitis.  Please leave your comments below.

Mephisto Babata Shoes: May the Cork Be With You


Until now, I’ve had two uses for cork. It’s the material on the back of my bulletin board that I tack shopping lists to, and it’s the little stopper that seals my champagne. So when I hear that cork can also be comfortable on the soles of my feet, I become as bubbly as a bottle of brut.

Allow me to introduce you to the Mephisto Babata sandal. It turns out that the same low-density, high-elasticity, near-impermeable cork material that holds up my list of supermarket needs, also contours to my foot and cushions to offer arch support like no other. So that’s good. But then the real question that I know is on your mind:

Can a shoe this therapeutic also be cute? Well, I’m so glad you asked!

While the footbed is cork, the upper is soft calfskin leather that comes together to form a fun and flirty flower. Thanks to the floral accent, the Babatas can easily be dressed up or dressed down. The 1-inch heel also offers a nice slimming effect to the legs, so don’t be afraid to pair them with that cute short skirt either.

So whether you’re running errands to cross items off your grocery list, or at an event where you’re popping open bottles of bubbly, the Mephisto Babatas with the cork support are the perfect combination of comfort and style, both casual and dressy. Anyone who tells you differently… you can tell them to put a cork in it.

Footwear etc. offers a wonderful selection of Mephisto shoes; if the flower on the Babata is too ornate for your taste, take a look at the simpler Mephisto Helen.

Keen on Keen Shoes for Cancer Walk

Keen Womens Newport H2 - Navy Dream
Yesterday I walked 5 Kilometers in my Keen sandals during the Lance Armstrong Livestrong Challenge in San Jose, California, and felt like I was strolling on soft clouds the entire distance. I love my Keen Newport sandals — they’re ultra-comfortable, form fitting, supportive, and the toe cap protects my vulnerable toes from bumps and scrapes (frequent for a klutz like me). I own this style in several colors and wear them for informal family gatherings as well as hikes with friends in the foothills.

Shoe mavens will talk at length about the advantages of this finely designed “outdoorsman” sandal: it’s completely waterproof (and machine washable), has gripping non-slip tread, an anti-microbial in-sole, and so on. What sold me on these Keen shoes was COMFORT. If I can walk five kilometers on the asphalt roads of a major metropolis to help raise thousands of dollars for Cancer patient support and return home with happy feet and knees, I’m certainly ready to share how keen I am on Keen Newport.
Footwear etc. has many Keen choices (many surprisingly stylish) worth trying on. Visit us on-line or in one of our many stores.


Geox Shoes Help Feet Breath Free


My feet sweat. By the end of a day in a simple closed shoe I feel like I’m walking in puddles, fearing those striding beside me can hear the “squish, squish” emanating from my shoes with each step. Aside from the unwelcome discomfort of soggy feet, what most worries me is the stinky stench that may waft about when I take the shoes off to get some much needed ventilation. My simple solution has been to wear stylish sandals as often as possible, but I’ve always dreamed of a good looking shoe that would breath with each stride.

Geox shoes claim to have designed “the shoe that breathes.” I find their television advertising delightful — worth watching a few times over (click the play button below) — and frightfully close to home.

Customer reviews on a variety of websites are compelling:

“I’m a believer! I used to be a die-hard fan of Aerosoles for my daily office workhorse shoes, but I am a Geox convert now. . . [F]or anyone who suffers from hyperhidrosis (sweaty feet), these are just unbelievable.”

I have to admit that the designers of these shoes have devised a seemingly clever system — micro-holes in the rubber outsole that let perspiration from the feet out of the shoes with the protective breathable membrane keeping water out and the feet dry.

What is clear from the comments of those who wear Geox shoes is that they are comfortable:

“Great, comfy shoe! This shoe is so comfortable and cute! The cushion is so soft and thick, it feels comfortable to walk in all day long! I put them on as soon as I got them and they felt comfortable right away.”

UGG Zippered Knightsbridge Boot, I Dub Thee Fabulous!

UGG Knightsbridge… where do I begin? They’re basically the Classic Tall UGG, which I swear I wear every single day in the winter months, but with a zipper in the back!

Because here’s the thing, UGGs are here to stay. They are insanely comfortable and warm and convenient and they look cute with everything.

I love the mini-skirt with tall UGGs, UGGs with a tunic and leggings, UGGs over skinny jeans, UGGs with the sweats tucked in, and then my personal fave — UGGs under pajama pants when my sweetheart Miley (the labrador retriever, not the pop star) wakes me up at 5 a.m. to go for a walk.

I’m as snug as a bug in my UGGs. And now, with a zipper, there’s less of a fight to take them off… because yes, sadly, sometimes you do have to take them off.

Footwear etc. sells this style in Espresso, Black, Sand, and Chestnut Sheepskin colors. With free shipping, the price can’t be beat.