Dansko Shoes for Work and Play

Dansko Sela

My sister, who works as an RN in labor and delivery, swears by her Dansko Professional Clogs. She claims she can stay on her feet for hours on end without pain appearing in her knees or back with these classic comfort shoes on.

Recently, however, she’s been singing a new tune following her purchase of a pair of Dansko Sela sandals. “Most comfortable, versatile pair of sandals I’ve owned in years,” she told me. “I can wear them with dresses, capris, or crop pants and they always look great.”

After trying on a few pairs she recommends that you order one size above your measured size. They seem to run a little small.

Footwear etc. offers this style in a variety colors.

Travel Channel’s Samantha Brown wears Ecco Shoes

Samantha Brown, from Travel Channel’s Passport to Great Weekends, is now sharing her passion for Ecco shoes. Can you identify any of the Ecco styles she’s wearing in the commercial. Send in your ideas and we’ll provide a 20% off coupon for the first three correct answers in the comments below.

Wikipedia informs us that “In September 2007, [Samantha] was in Beijing filming Passport to China, to be aired in June and July 2008, just ahead of the 2008 Olympics.” Keep an eye out for it.

Beautifeel Shoes for Formal Occasions

Beautifeel Prague

We are not the only store recommending Beautifeel Shoes for formal occasions. Another blog, BarkingDogShoes, shares their interest in the Beautifeel Prague. (Click on the link to see what their writer has to say about being a middle school teacher in need of standing for long periods while looking stylish during an open house evening.)

They list another store as a good source with a price of $291.00. Footwear etc. sells the elegant and comfortable Beautifeel Prague for $285.00 (with free shipping).

The May 2008 issue of Footwear News highlights Beautifeel’s style by sharing how the comfort company “adds a floral touch to a peep-toe pump” in an effort to get “romantic.” As far as I recall, romance began on my wedding day after I kicked off my shoes.

Footwear News Magazine Cover

Spenco Insoles

Spenco Insoles

Walking around town on my vacation I noticed my tennis shoes didn’t feel quite right.  Sitting to rest at a local cafe, I checked inside of my shoes and found the insoles had holes in them.   I had heard that Spenco made great insoles, so using my trusty web enabled cell phone I found the nearest seller of Spenco products and purchased a pair of the Polysorb Cross Trainers.  I felt like a new woman; my feet felt like new too!

I trimmed them slightly to fit and they slipped easily into my shoes. Once I was walking again I could feel the difference.  Even though they were a soft insole they had the arch support I needed as well as the shock absorption in the heel.  With all the walking we had to do on this trip, Spenco surely saved the day.
They also make more of an orthotic insole with a cast on the base to give a much firmer feel to the foot.

Try Spenco, you wont regret it.

Vacation Shoes: Travel Light

The San Francisco Chronicle Travel editor, John Flinn, has written a wonderful article on packing light for travel. With airlines now charging for check-on bags, the tips given by John are well worth considering.

One suggestion given in the article is to pack fewer pairs of shoes, choosing styles that can serve several purposes. Here is what John, an avid traveler, recommends based on his experiences:


Ecco Track IV:

John writes, “Choosing a single, versatile pair of shoes that meets all your needs is one of the keys to packing light. The Gore-Tex lined Ecco Track IV, described as a ‘rugged hiking Oxford,’ sports leather uppers that pass muster in West End theaters and lugged soles that perform well on pub walks in the Cotswolds.”

Footwear etc. has a few styles of Ecco shoes Track IV. Take a look by clicking on the picture of the shoes.

Merrell Chameleon:

John adds later in the article, “for hiking trips with just a little bit of city, I bring a pair of light hikers, as they’re called, low-top hiking shoes such as Merrell’s Chameleon.”

Waterproof, sturdy, wonderfully comfortable — what more could you ask for in a stylish hiking shoe? We have a few styles of Merrell shoes similar to the Chameleon at very good prices.

New Balance Country Walkers:

John concludes his shoe recommendations with the following advice: “For trips more or less divided between city and country, I wear New Balance’s Country Walkers, a good all-around compromise.”

One great advantage of New Balance shoes is that they come in a wide range of widths and sizes. Footwear etc. is proud to carry a large selection of New Balance shoes in all widths from 2A to 6E.

What do you wear on vacation trips? We would love to hear your suggestions. Click on the word “comments” below and share your hard earned recommendations.