Tina Fey in her Dansko Clogs

Tina Fey in Her Dansko Clogs

USA Today recently published a wonderful piece on the very busy Tina Fey,  star of 30 Rock and now famous Saturday Night Live Sarah Palin impersonator.

A busy woman clearly needs comfortable shoes, and the article notes her footwear choice:

“In an industry in which a woman can be either gorgeous or funny but rarely both, she’s the rare exception. Fey can star in her own American Express ads, chasing Martin Scorsese through an airport, and rock a fancy David Meister frock on the red carpet. But she’s still a comedy nerd, not entirely at home in the spotlight and still most comfortable in her broken-in Dansko clogs, which she slips into on set when the camera stops rolling.

And therein perhaps lies the key to Fey’s appeal. Even when she was first garnering attention for her writing on Saturday Night Live, Fey came across not as a ham, but as the smart, polite girl next door — even as she gently layered on the sarcasm and wit.”

Take a look at what Footwear etc. has to offer in the way of Dansko clogs. We can’t guarantee you’ll be transformed into the next SNL writer/performer when you slip them on, but we’ve heard from many customers that Dansko shoes offers great comfort for those on their feet all day.

Naot Shoes Fit for the Environment

Green Street Naot Shoes ArticleFor most of us a stylish pair of comfortable shoes is a dream come true. They look good, fit well, and make me look fantastic. What more could I ask for?

How about a shoe line that fits the above bill AND walks lightly upon the environment! It’s not enough to think about ourselves these days. With each purchase we now need to ponder, “How will this affect my children’s future on this fragile planet. Is this product ‘green’?”

Naot is a line of footwear we’ve carried for quite some time and now two of their styles, the Naot Matai and Esteem, were featured in the 2008 Going Greener issue of Footwear Plus.

Give these Naot styles a try and comfort of feet can be accompanied by comfort of conscience.
Naot Mary Jane

MBT Shoes for Breast Cancer Walk

MBT Breast Cancer Walk Gear

When Team Territory Takers asked if we’d sponsor their participation in the Breast Cancer 3-Day Walk we decided to send each member a pair of MBT Women’s Boost (Rose colored, of course, in honor of the pink theme) to ease their long journey. Here is what they wrote after completing the arduous trek:

I am so happy to say that WE MADE IT!  The MBT shoes were absolutely terrific and 4 of the 5 ladies of our team managed to complete the full 60 miles without blister or problem (including no aching feet or muscles).

In the end the event raised over 4 million dollars towards the fight against breast cancer and we were so happy to be able to contribute to this cause.  There were so many inspiring stories along the way from breast cancer survivors, their spouses or people walking for friends or relatives, as well as how the funds have aided in this fight.  It is an event that has profoundly affected my life and I am so glad to have been able to do it.

MANY people asked about the MBT’s and we saw some other walkers with them as well.  We made sure everyone knew that Footwear Etc. was the place to get them and also sported the logo on our t-shirts.

Breast Cancer Walk: Team Territory Takers

Thanks again for all your support.


Team Territory Takers

You too can make a difference in the fight against breast cancer and the search for a cure. Consider participating in the Breast Cancer 3-Day event when it takes place in a city near you. Take a look at their website for more information.

Oprah and MBT Shoes

O Magazine

MBT Shoes have made it onto the radar of O Magazine this month!  Check out the article from the September 2008 issue.  The author talks about her own experiences trying out the MBT M. Walk Pink Shoes and the experiences of others including “a chic art gallery owner, a fellow beauty editor, and my own mother.”  As we consistently hear from our own customers about MBT Shoes, the article’s author heard familiar comments about better posture, toner muscles and a firmer fanny!

Pink MBT Shoes

So head over to O’s website for a quick read, and then get back to Footwear etc. so that you can start enjoying the many benefits of MBT Shoes for yourself!  Even though you already know, it can’t hurt to remind you that all MBT Shoes receive Free Shipping and Free Return Shipping.  In addition, we are proud to offer our Low Price Guarantee and Lifetime Return Policy on all orders at Footwear etc!

Falling Head Over Heels for the Taos Serena Sandals


Summer is the time for a lot of things… but most of all, it is the season of love. I’ve certainly had something get my attention this summer, and I’m not just talking about the cute guy who works at the coffee shop down the street. Yes, in addition to my infatuation with that java-brewing Matthew McConaughey look-alike, I’ve also fallen for the Taos Serena Sandal. The Serena leather T-strap is adorned with rugged metal grommets and stitching and is secured by a buckle that is embellished with earthy, colored stones. They’re casual yet trendy, classy yet funky and perfect to show off my freshly pedicured toes. When I find myself walking to the corner for yet another iced vanilla latte, I dress to impress in a tank top, denim skirt and my red leather Serenas. In addition to the red, you can also get them in colors similar to the iced coffees that my beautiful blonde barista serves… in mocha brown, black or with cream!

Once I’ve had enough caffeine, I get on my health kick and walk a few blocks past the coffee shop to the juice bar. Luckily the Serenas are such great walking shoes, I don’t have to worry about going the extra quarter mile for my healthy protein smoothie. Taos sandals give such great support with the molded EVA footbed that contours and cushions like no other, and the Serena sandals are no exception. They’re so breathable, so durable and so comfortable that it’s hard to believe they can feel as good as they look. And the rubber outsoles absorb shock and provide traction, it’s almost as if they’re giving as many benefits as the extra vitamin boost that I add to my Banana Berry Blast.

The Taos Serena Sandals are the perfect blend of something that has both good taste and is good for you. Now if we could invent a beverage to do both things, I’d only have to make one stop!