Athletic-styled Shoes from Dansko? Yes!

Dansko Shayla

Dansko has been producing shoes for over 20 years and has an incredibly loyal following. I love the mild rocker sole and outstanding support that their shoes and clogs provide. Dansko is known for a wide variety of types of footwear, all of which have outstanding quality and workmanship (probably due to the fact that the company is 100% employee owned!), and now they even have athletic-styled shoes!

If you’re looking for a true athletic shoe, look no further than the Shayla. It’s a great shoe for running or walking, and the support and quality is everything you would expect from a Dansko product. Not only is the support exemplary, but the shock absorption is also outstanding – just what you’d need in a walking/running shoe. Its footbed is ergonomically contoured to provide the support you’d count on, and the multi-density footbed provides great comfort. Particularly notable is the slip-resistant outsole; so if you are walking in the rain, you can feel more secure than you would in shoes from other brands. The leather and mesh upper is breathable, which keeps your feet cool and dry. I love the sporty accents! The shoe is available in Grey Nubuck (with sporty orange accents!), Black Nubuck (with pink and blue accents) or White Leather (with yellow and grey accents). It’s a fabulous shoe for exercise or just your usual running around town. This shoe is even endorsed by the American Podiatric Medical Association. Who knew that Dansko could come up with a fabulous athletic shoe?

A wonderful alternative to the traditional athletic shoe is the Elise. It’s a sporty shoe that provides all the support and comfort of an athletic shoe, yet has the versatility of an oxford style. The slip resistance is so good that many hospital and restaurant workers swear by this model – and it’s even certified slip-resistant by Precision Labs using the Mark II machine. Not only that, this shoe has received the Seal of Acceptance by the American Podiatric Medical Association. This shoe can be the perfect sporty walking shoe for everyday wear! Available in Grey Suede, Black/Purple Suede, Red Suede, White/Blue Leather, White/White Leather, and Black Leather, the Elise is easy to clean and stain resistant, flexible, and lightweight. If you wear orthotics, not to worry; you can remove the footbed so that you can accommodate any special needs your feet have.

How many ways do I love Dansko products? Let me count them: they are outstandingly supportive, they are durable, long lasting, certified slip resistant, lightweight, versatile, a great value, and cute! With so many colors to choose from, it’s hard to make a decision. You can greatly expand your wardrobe and your options with these athletically-styled shoes, yet have all the comforts your feet require. Wear them on a rainy day, or to work, or for casual outings…the possibilities are endless. Dansko works hard to make sure that its shoes provide the perfect comfort experience, give them a try and see if you agree!


Basic Tips to Preventing Blisters

Just like a splinter or scab, blisters are an experience we’ve all had at some point or another in our lives. While it isn’t uncommon to have them pop up on our hands, our feet is where the majority of blisters occur. They’re visually off-putting, physically irritating (sometimes downright painful) and, most importantly, they’re entirely avoidable. Keep reading to learn practical tips to circumventing this all-too-common problem.

First, the basics: blisters are those unsightly, uncomfortable bubbles that appear when skin is damaged through either friction or heat. In order to heal, small pockets of liquid develop in order to protect the area and allow the zone to mend itself without further aggravation. The liquid that fills the blisters is called serum, which is blood plasma that is a clear fluid. To that point, some blisters may be a dark color; in such cases the liquid is blood, hence the name “blood blister.”

So, now that you know the specifics of what a blister is, what steps can you take to avoid that all-too-familiar rubbing of the shoe against your toes or heel?

1)     Wear proper shoes that fit well and are suited to your foot type. When walking around in your new footwear for the first time, be mindful of any areas of the foot where the pain shifts slightly instead of moving uniformly with your body. Though seemingly unimportant at first, hours of rubbing can easily lead to blisters. If you’re prone to blisters, consider purchasing footwear that can be laced up to ensure a secure fit.

2)     Wear socks that have moisture control capabilities (i.e. sport socks), and for comfort buy socks with extra padding like Thorlo Socks. This will help to reduce the friction between your shoe and your foot.

3)     Old fashioned products like Vaseline and deodorant can be applied to your skin to have your shoe glide over your body rather than coarsely buff the top layers. This is especially helpful if you anticipate an elevated amount of movement, like those times you go hiking or jogging.

How to treat blisters

1)     First of all, do not burst the blister because, as previously mentioned, the liquid is there to protect the damaged area as it heals; the liquid prevents the under layers of skin from being touched. Prematurely popping them can lead to infection.

2)     Temporarily change up your footwear. If your favorite pair of sneakers continuously hits the same exact spot on the back of your heel day after day, the problem will get worse, not better. Therefore, give your body some time to recuperate by switching up your shoes if you can. If the blister is on your toe, consider wearing options with a wide toe box, like many of the shoes made by Dansko.

3)     To further defend the blister, wrap the region with pads, gauze or moleskin. Make sure to keep the area clean with gentle washing. To help the blister do its job of healing the raw skin underneath, keep it moist with aloe vera gel or one of our many foot and body lotions.

There’s no denying blisters can be quite a nuisance. While they are undoubtedly a fact of life, being mindful of the above tips will help to minimize their occurrences so you can continue to benefit from healthy feet.


We’ve got Slip-Resistant Shoes!


New Balance MW968BRHere at Footwear etc., we get a lot of phone calls from customers who are not only on their feet all day, they can be in slippery conditions. Footwear that doesn’t slip is key to them, and we’re happy to offer a bunch of different models that can fulfill that need. So if you work in a restaurant, a factory, or even a hospital, check out the slip-resistant models so that you can feel secure and comfortable on your feet all day long. Here are a few choices:

For women: check out the Klogs Mirage. It’s a casual leather walking shoe with a classic oxford design. This shoe is very appropriate for use in casual or work situations, and is lightweight, odor-resistant, and latex free. The shoe contains outstanding support and cushioning, and the sole made from industrial strength molded polyurethane. This shoe has tested for slip resistance against the American Society for Testing Materials (ASTM) F489-96 standard under wet and oily conditions, and exceeds those standards. This is a great all-around shoe for workhorse security.

The Dansko Pro XP is a casual clog with a slip-resistant outsole. It is available in a variety of colors, and is phenomenally comfortable due to memory foam in the footbed! This is a fantastic shoe for slip-resistance, and for being on your feet for hours on end. Many teachers, medical professionals, and restaurant workers swear by these shoes for outstanding durability, comfort, and stability; you can make this part of your life too!

Wolverine makes an outstanding lace-up shoe with a slip-resistant sole, called the Aurora ICS. It’s an oxford style, and is a great casual shoe for everyday wear. Available in Black Leather, the Aurora is a durable, comfortable shoe that is a classic style for any workplace. You can be assured of comfort due to the fully-cushioned footbed with its mesh sock liner.

Men also have several options: New Balance makes a fabulous casual walking shoe called the MW968BR Country Walking Shoe. It’s available in waterproof brown leather, and is the perfect shoe to wear in wet, mucky weather. The upper is waterproof, and the footbed is very cushioned and provides excellent stability. The slip-resistant outsole meets the ASTM F1677-96 standard, and the midsole adds comfort with superior shock absorption. This is the perfect weekend shoe, or even everyday shoe if you want to explore the great outdoors.

The Wolverine Slip-Resistant Steel-Toe Static Dissipating Mid Athletic boot provides the security of ASTM F2413-11 rated certification as well as the peace of mind given by the steel toe. This boot helps protect your foot from hazards, reduces fatigue, stabilizes your feet, and provides comfort from a full-cushion footbed. This boot is great for work, hiking, or other types of rugged wear.

A phenomenal boat-style shoe is the Sebago Clovehitch II. With a nubuck and full-grain leather upper with mesh panels, the shoe is breathable to help keep your feet cool and dry, and gentle enough for Diabetics! Its wide toe box and stable footbed make this a good choice for sensitive feet. And it’s slip resistant too, making this shoe an all-around great casual shoe for men. Support, cushioning, breathability, and slip resistance mean that the Clovehitch II is a superb shoe for work or play.

If you need slip resistance in your footwear, check out the many styles at You’ll feel more secure on your feet!


New Vionic with Orthaheel Technology Styles Available for Spring!

Vionic Wall

The new Vionics are in, and do they have phenomenal style! You know you can always rely on Vionic with Orthaheel Technology to provide amazing support, stability, and comfort; these new models also supply a wide variety of different styles and colors so that both men and women can look and feel great at the same time! Orthotic-grade arch support and deep heel cups create neutral alignment, so that your feet and legs can function efficiently and therefore alleviate pain. If you have Plantar Fasciitis, these features can significantly help alleviate pain. These shoes are endorsed by wellness expert, Dr. Andrew Weil, and have received the seal of approval from the American Podiatric Medical Association. But are they attractive? You bet they are!

Vionic with Orthaheel Technology is known for its sandals. There are a bunch of new styles out, including wedges! One that I really like is the Cancun. This ankle-strap sandal has a very stylish herringbone-patterned wedge, that coordinates beautifully with the black strappy upper.  (This shoe is also available in Bronze and Fuchsia leather.) This is the perfect shoe to wear for slightly dressy occasions, like work, or out to dinner. Your feet will rejoice at the comfort and gorgeous style of this shoe!

The Women’s Grenada is a flip flop that’s also on a wedge sole. Available in Black, Tan Leopard, White, or Fuchsia leather, this elegant flip flop is appropriate to wear with jeans or even maxi dresses.  The orthotic footbed provides outstanding support, and the raffia-wrapped wedge heel adds superlative style!

Need an athletic shoe? Try the women’s Zen. It’s available in White/Pink leather, White/Blue leather, Black, Silver, or Raspberry leather. It’s a lightweight walking shoe that can help alleviate pain from Plantar Fasciitis, and pain from pronation issues. Designed to keep your feet cool and dry as it absorbs shock as you walk, this is a great shoe for everyday wear, or exercise walking.

Men also have some great choices in footwear. Vionic with Orthaheel Technology has come out with some gorgeous new dress shoes for men – perfect to wear to the office or for more formal occasions! One style I particularly like is the Joseph. This lace-up, leather shoe is available in Black or Coffee Leather, and looks and feels luxurious. The outstanding style only augments the superb orthotic support you get from all Vionic with Orthaheel Technology models. This classic design can only enhance your wardrobe.

A casual slip-on shoe is the Men’s Parker. This moccasin style is available in Black or Chocolate leather, and is a great shoe to wear with jeans, casual slacks, or even shorts, and for any casual occasion. The patterned tread supplies good traction, and this may be one of the easiest-to-wear shoes you’ll own!

Given that flip flops from Vionic with Orthaheel Technology are the ultimate in stylish, comfortable, casual footwear, of course there’s a fabulous new flip flop for men: the Joel. This shoe with leather straps comes in Black/Charcoal Leather, or Chocolate Tan Leather. The perfect flip flop for beach or around-town wear, you’ll have all the arch support and alignment properties you’d expect in a Vionic product. Even if you have foot issues like Plantar Fasciitis, you can wear this shoe all day long and find that it helps relieve pain. The Joel has classic style with phenomenal support.

These are only a few of the new models from Vionic with Orthaheel Technology; check out the entire catalog at and discover how comfortable and stylish your footwear can be!



Cute New Sandals from Gravity Defyer!

Gravity Defyer display

Gravity Defyer shoes aren’t just for athletic wear. In fact, Gravity Defyer has come out with some adorable new sandals just in time for warmer weather. I love the comfort properties of Gravity Defyer shoes, and they really help alleviate foot and back pain. (They have helped alleviate my plantar fasciitis symptoms.) These new sandals are really stylish as well as comfortable, and I can’t wait to try them out to see how they work with my wardrobe! Here are a few that caught my eye:

The Women’s Camelia – a strappy sandal with an adjustable buckle ankle strap.  It’s casual enough to wear with jeans, yet dressy enough to wear with summer dresses. The outstanding shock absorption that all Gravity Defyer shoes contain is disguised in the heel, so you won’t even realize how it puts a spring in your step until you walk in the shoes.

The Women’s Peony – a gorgeous new slide with decorative beading. This shoe is fully adjustable with two hook and loop straps, so you can obtain a custom fit. This beautiful shoe is dressy enough to wear to work and beyond! I love how the beading makes the upper so elegant.

The Women’s Rosemary – this beautiful ankle-strap sandal is very dressy, so you could wear it out on the town! With adjustable straps, you can make this shoe fit like a glove! It’s available in Black leather or a stunning Turquoise leather.

You can’t go wrong with any of these gorgeous sandals from Gravity Defyer! Put a spring in your step with some really attractive sandals!