Transition Your Birkenstocks for Fall

Transition Your Birkenstocks for Fall

Fall Birkenstocks

Just because the cold weather is upon us doesn’t mean you have to say goodbye to your beloved Birkenstock sandals! You know what you need? Birken-socks!

Birkenstock SocksBirkenstock has an incredible line of socks that are so cozy and look so good slipped under the straps of your classic Arizona sandals. Yes, the exposed sock trend is hot right now but do you know who started it long, long ago? Birkenstock.

I personally love wearing these socks with my Birkenstock Arizona sandals and as an added warmth layer in some of my boots. I’ve also started slipping into these at home just to keep my feet warm as it gets colder.

Birkenstock SocksBirkenstock SocksBirkenstock Socks






Don’t forget to apply the cork sealant and leather/suede protectant to your Birkenstocks every 3-4 months (depending on how often you wear them). As the weather gets colder and damper it’s important that you protect your Birkenstocks from the elements! You can find the Birkenstock Care Kit here:

Birkenstock Care Kit

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