I enjoyed reading this article about how a running enthusiast turned his Samuel Hubbard walking shoes into his daily running shoes – it really shines a light on how comfortable and well-made Samuel Hubbard shoes are!

 article by Samuel Hubbard Shoe Company.

To say that Burr Purnell loves to run is an understatement. Enjoying his life in Marin County, CA, Burr follows a routine that has him logging almost 50 miles per week – including a 15-mile “commute run” to work every Tuesday and Friday.

“I run from my home to the office, take a shower there, and then change into my work clothes and shoes,” says Burr.

Samuel Hubbard | FOOTWEAR ETC.That routine worked fine until one day when he forgot to leave a pair of work shoes in the office on a Thursday night. That meant he’d have no shoes to wear during the day after his Friday morning run to the office.

That’s when the idea struck: “I’ll just run to work in my Hubbards.”

So that’s what he did. His running buddy thought it was crazy, and the cyclist who pedaled by had a good laugh. But the shoes performed just as Burr had hoped.

The Hubbard-run took Burr across the Golden Gate Bridge to his office under the Bay Bridge – 15.6 miles in all, averaging a nine-minute mile for his Friday commute.

“I never felt uncomfortable, unsafe or un-anything,” says Burr. “My Hubbards never stretched or broke down in any way.” Yet during a run of more than two hours, he put more stress on those shoes than most shoes get in several months’ time.

What’s next in Burr’s footwear future?

“I’m looking forward to trying the Hubbard Go To Work shoes,” he says. Of course, as far as Burr is concerned, Hubbard already makes “Run To Work” shoes – even if they were never quite intended that way.


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