Cuticle Care: Be Sandal Ready!

Foot CareYou may have the cutest new summer sandals ready to wear, but are your toe cuticles ready to be shown off? Here is a great guide to maintaining healthy, beautiful nails by taking care of your cuticles – when it’s time to pull out your favorite new sandals you’ll be ready!


Follow these steps for cuticle care:

  1. REMOVE OLD NAIL POLISH | if you have any old nail polish on, remove it with a acetone-free nail polish remover. Acetone is harsh and causes your nails and skins to dry out which is why we recommend a polish remover without it.
  2. MOISTURIZE YOUR NAILS | there are plenty of cuticle moisturizers you can purchase, however, we think hair conditioner works just as well! Rub a small amount onto each cuticle.
  3. SOAK TOES OR FINGERS IN WARM WATER | soak your toes or your fingers in warm water for about 3 minutes to soften the cuticle.
  4. PUSH BACK CUTICLES | after soaking in warm water, dry fingers/toes and gently push back the cuticles with a soft cloth. Don’t cut your cuticles! Cuticles offer protection from nail infections and cutting them takes away that defense.

When you take care of your cuticles not only does it make your sandals look even better, it provides a clear, healthy area to apply new nail polish for a smooth, professional look.

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