UGG Boots: Cleaning & Storing

How to Clean & Store Your UGG Boots

Your UGG boots kept your feet warm and cozy, kept them dry and comfy – all winter long. A now that UGG season is almost to an end, we thought we’d remind you of all the wonderful things your UGG boots did for you so that you remember to treat them with great care while storing them for next winter!


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UGG Care Kit

UGG Care Kit – Footwear etc.

Aside from cleaning your UGG boots, at some point you will notice that the fluffy goodness on the inside of your shoe may start to flatten after a while. If you want to bring the fluffiness back, you can! The UGG Replacement Insoles are simply placed inside your boots, on top of the already existing insoles. This will give you the fluffy, snug fit of a new pair of UGG boots. You can buy the UGG Replacement Insoles here!

UGG Replacement Insoles at Footwear etc.

UGG Replacement Insoles at Footwear etc.


If you have any questions about taking care of your UGG boots, you can call Footwear etc. customer service and we’d be happy to guide you through! 1.800.720.0572

If you take care of your UGG boots, they will last for years to come!



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