Be “Zen” this New Year: Vionic Active

Vionic Tourney Pink Rose

Vionic Tourney Pink Rose

We all know and love Vionic shoes and sandals for their incredible arch support and on-trend styles. But you’re about to know them in a different way… a zen way! Recently Vionic has added an athletic twist to the brand’s line and we love what they are doing. The most recent campaign is their ZenFitness30 Method paired with their active line of Vionic shoes, which promotes a comprehensive health approach from your feet up.

Vionic worked with integrative medicine practitioner Dr. Jim Nicolai and fitness expert Juliet Kaska to develop the ZenFitness30 Method, a 30 minute workout that energizes the mind, body and spirit. The workout is simple and quick, a great practice to pick up for New Year’s Resolutions! So not only do they make amazing shoes, they developed a workout to go with them. Get the ZenFitness30 Method free here: ZenFitness30 Method.

Now the shoes… Vionic has come out with some fantastic athletic styles and even a new tagline to go with them: “Walk. Move. Live.” And these shoes certainly let you do just that. They look amazing enough to wear with that cute new athletic outfit you got that you never intend to actually work out in, but they are also built to support you and your feet through mild to vigorous exercise routines. Here are some of my favorite new Vionic active styles:

Top of the list: Vionic Tourney. The patterns on these walking shoes are incredible and make this podiatrist designed shoe look like a designer athletic shoe. We carry this shoe in Grey Leopard, Blue, Tan Leopard, Blue Rose, Pink Rose, and Pink – naming the colors doesn’t do them justice, you have to take a look at these patterns – they are amazing! My personal favorite is the Pink Rose, featured up top. Aside from the gorgeous designs, they feature the famous podiatrist designed orthaheel technology that helps your body find its natural alignment. The footbeds are removable if you choose to use a custom orthotic.

The Fyn is another new Vionic active shoe that just arrived. It has the same wonderful technology as the Tourney, but has a stretch textile upper that allows incredible flexibility and breathability. The colors go from bright (Cobalt and Grey/Yellow) to subdued (Black and Light Grey), a little something for everyone.

The Vionic Walker for men and women is action packed with technology. Like with most Vionic shoes, the Walker features a removable orthotic, but it also has a .5 inch elevation on the midsole to smooth the heel-to-toe movement, midfoot stabilizer, and a firm, thermoplastic heel counter for increased stability and support.

So whether your New Year’s Resolution is to look good, feel good, or be active, Vionic shoes has you covered! To see the Vionic shoes mentioned here, or to see the other wonderful styles we carry, go to Don’t forget you get free shipping on orders over $60!

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