Work-Ready Shoes from Dansko: Work Wonders!

Work Wonders Camellia

Dansko has an outstanding reputation for providing superior quality and style for incredibly comfortable and supportive shoes and clogs. They have long been favorites of restaurant workers, medical professionals, teachers, and anyone who needs to be on their feet all day. Now, Dansko has a specialized line called Work Wonders, which caters specifically to folks who need slip-resistant shoes.

Who benefits from these types of shoes? Factory workers, chefs and other restaurant workers, people in the medical profession, hairdressers, and anyone else who encounters wet floors on the job.  (They are also great if you’re merely klutzy and would like to feel a little safer on your feet!)

What makes these great? The outstanding shock absorption, the slip resistance, the Cleansport NXT Organic Odor Control and moisture-wicking linings (to keep your feet fresh all day long!), the removable footbed (to allow for the use of custom orthotics), the easy-to-clean properties, the phenomenal arch support, and superior durability make these shoes the perfect shoes for people who need their shoes to really perform over time.

An added bonus is that these shoes are easy to clean, and unlike many clogs, are lightweight! This is a fantastic feature that can be particularly appreciated by those who are on their feet all day. (Who wants to pick up a seeming lead weight on your feet at the end of the day?) Also note that they have been tested for dry, wet, and oily/wet indoor surfaces.

Two examples of these fantastic shoes are the Camellia and the Clover. The Camellia is a fun clog that fits similarly to the Dansko Professional, but has slightly different styling on the upper and on the sole. The outstanding arch support and shock absorption make this clog a favorite among nurses, and you’ll love how they make your feet feel over the course of a long day.  This is definitely a favorite of mine for those days when I find myself standing a lot during the day.

The Clover is a classic and stylish Mary Jane with an adjustable hook and loop strap. This shoe can be worn with casual or even dressier attire, and may just prove to be your favorite Mary Jane shoe ever! With its exceptional comfort and classic styling, you can feel confident that your feet will look great while the shoes provide slip resistance and support.

Work Wonders by Dansko is a fabulous new brand dedicated to those who work hard and need their shoes to work hard right along with them. Feel confident and comfortable in these shoes today!


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