New Superfeet GO Insoles Available!


I love my Superfeet insoles, but now Superfeet has come out with EVEN BETTER insoles: the Superfeet GO Premium Insoles. These are higher-end insoles with additional support and comfort features, so they are slightly more expensive than the other Superfeet models. Why should I even consider switching to the latest and greatest product from this company? There are lots of reasons!

The first feature to catch my eye is the deep heel cup. This will definitely provide shock absorption and stability, even more than in the regular Superfeet insoles.

Each of the GO Premium insoles is extra cushioned. You can feel the difference in the density and the thickness of the cushioning.

Depending on which insole you use, you can experience all the benefits of a couple of types of top covers. The GO Pain Relief insole contains a Vibram Diflex top cover, which consists of perforated durable foam blended with an anti-microbial and anti-fungal treatment. This molds to your foot so that you can achieve a personalized support experience. The rest of the GO Premium Insoles (GO Comfort, GO Men’s ¾, GO Women’s ¾, and GO Women’s High Heel) contain a Clarino top cover, which is a plush and durable microsuede fabric that feels great on your feet. Each insole even contains an EVOLyte orthotic cap, which is a carbon fiber blended polymer that provides strength and support.

Here are the features of each insole:

GO Pain Relief: contains Vibram Diflex top cover, a closed cell base foam, a convertible heel stabilizer, EVOLyte orthotic cap, and a deep structured heel cup.

GO Comfort: contains Clarino top cover, Poron slow recovery memory foam middle layer for extra shock absorption and comfort, neutral rounded heel, EVOLyte orthotic cap, and a deep structured heel cup.

GO Men’s ¾ and Go Women’s ¾: this ¾-length insole is designed to fit in a wide variety of dress as well as casual footwear. It contains a Clarino top cover, a neutral rounded heel, EVOLyte orthotic cap, and a structured heel cap.

GO Women’s High Heel: specifically designed to fit into high-heeled (2”+) footwear. It contains Clarino top cover, EVOLyte orthotic cap, and a shallow structured heel cup to assist with all-day impact protection.

The added benefits of Superfeet Go line are incredible, and you’ll really be able to feel the difference. If you need exceptional comfort and support, and relief from pain, these insoles made with premium materials and professional-grade support will fit the bill!



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