MBT Sport 3 in Pink?! Yes!!

Sport 3 pink

If you love MBT shoes, you’ll be familiar with the Sport 3. It’s the quintessential athletic shoe put out by the company specializing in rocker sole technology, MBT. People have been wearing MBT shoes for many years, and new models like the Sport 3 have been flying off the shelves like hotcakes here at Footwear etc. It is the perfect shoe for walking, whether around town or for exercise, and has been an extremely popular model for a couple of years.

But now….directly from MBT…..is the Sport 3 in PINK. That’s right, PINK. This limited edition style is exclusive to Footwear etc.! You can’t find this shoe anywhere else in the world. This shoe contains a touch of femininity to this athletic model, and otherwise has all of the features you’d expect in an MBT shoe.

What are those features? MBT’s patented rocker bottom sole makes you feel like you’re walking on sand. This is important because it forces you to find your own center of balance, and in doing so, helps you to align your body properly. Customers have reported an alleviation of pain in their backs, legs, and feet, and the rocker sole disperses stress and provides great shock absorption. Customers have even noted that sometimes this technology alleviates pain from Plantar Fasciitis.

Another perk to this shoe is that the insoles are removable. If you need to wear a custom orthotic, you can always pop the insole out and insert yours in.

The Sport 3 also provides excellent traction, is highly breathable, and really helps your entire body feel great.

Check out the fabulous MBT technology now, especially with the beautiful, new Sport 3 in Pink! You can be fashionable and exclusive with this limited edition while helping your feet and legs feel wonderful!

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