Thorlo Socks – Now Even More Comfortable!


If you like Thorlo socks, you’ll really love their new product change. They have introduced a new fiber called THOR•WICK® COOL. Why should you care about this? It replaces the COOLMAX fiber system that Thorlo previously used. Thorlo is really looking out for customers, particularly those who require high performance socks. The new features make these socks even more wearer-friendly than they previously were!

THOR•WICK® COOL is a brand new fiber that is produced in the United States. It is a polyester fiber that has outstanding moisture transport properties and superior softness, making the foot environment as healthy as possible. This fiber helps retain the right amount of moisture and helps keep the foot cool and comfortable. What’s more, it even helps color retention in socks of bright colors.

The reason why Thorlo switched from COOLMAX to THOR•WICK® COOL is to give consumers the highest quality products possible, consistently. The THOR•WICK® COOL fibers produce more predictable product quality through the manufacturing process. Thorlo values its customers so much that it actually performed external tests where consumers compared the THOR•WICK® COOL vs. the COOLMAX fiber. Consumers couldn’t tell the difference, so overall this is a win for the consumer as well as a win for Thorlo!

THOR•WICK® COOL is available in a wide variety of products, including the running socks, and the hiking socks. Check out these phenomenal products today!

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