Product Spotlight: Birkenstock Arizona!

Birkenstock Arizona

Birkenstock sandals have been around for many years, and one of the quintessential models is the Arizona. It’s available for both men and women, and has been consistently popular for a very long time. This year is no exception; this model is selling very well and customers continue to rave about its comfort. What makes this particular shoe such a big deal?

It’s all about the footbed. It’s made from cork and natural latex, and is anatomically shaped. This footbed provides outstanding arch support, a deep heel cup, and a wide toe box so that your toes won’t feel confined. There is even a toe bar that lets your toes grip and flex, which in turn helps stimulate circulation, and helps you to maintain balance. All of these features work together to distribute your body weight along the entire shoe, and help keep your spine and legs in proper alignment.

The greatest thing about this footbed is that it ends up molding to your feet over time. What a great way to achieve a truly custom fit! Many customers report that the shoes actually become more comfortable over time! Your feet will love the superb shock absorption and breathable footbed. And if you ever need to replace the footbed, you can do so without having to get an entirely new pair of shoes!

Other great features about the Soft Footbed include the high sides, which help provide stability and motion control, and the extra layer of cushioning foam between the top layer suede footbed liner and the layers of cork and jute. If you want to pamper your feet, this is the way to do it!

The upper for the Arizona is available in leather, patent leather, suede, or Birko-Flor, which is a unique material made of acrylic and polyamide felt fibers that feels like a smooth leather. The styling isn’t girly or especially masculine, which makes it a great shoe for anyone. The Arizona is available in a variety of colors, so there’s a version perfect for everyone. The two large buckle closures let you customize the fit, and thus satisfies my criterion for making this shoe comfortable and versatile.

Take a look at the Birkenstock Arizona. It’s a classic for comfort and style, and your feet will love all the wellness properties built into it!


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