Hoka One One – Incredibly Lightweight and Cushioned Running Shoes!

Hoka One One Challenger

There’s a new kid on the block here at footwear etc., especially for runners or anyone who loves to wear super cushy shoes. This brand was originally created for serious runners to help improve performance, but the product line has been broadened to help all runners achieve maximum benefits. Hoka One One is a division of Deckers Outdoor Corporation, which specializes in products for casual lifestyle and high performance activities.

Why is this brand getting so much attention? Imagine a high performance running shoe that is 15% lighter with 50% more cushioning than the typical running shoe. That can make a huge difference in how you feel as you run, especially if you are a distance runner. But even if you’re not a distance runner, you’d be amazed at how nice a lightweight, very cushioned shoe feels.

Hoka One One embodies the concept of “maximalist” running shoes. When this brand was first introduced, minimalist running shoes were all the rage, and those contained basically no support or cushioning whatsoever. Minimalist shoes were intended to basically just protect your feet from whatever surface on which you’d run, giving you the feeling of “barefoot running.” This concept is the complete opposite of what Hoka One One shoes encompass. This brand deliberately goes out of its way to provide maximum cushioning and stability whether the terrain is pavement or rugged trails. Reviews on this brand have been very positive from competitive runners.

The technology is actually kind of interesting. Besides the 50% more cushioning for fabulous shock absorption, there’s also a rocker sole, called the Meta-Rocker midsole. The shoe may still be stable if you’re standing still, but the midsole and outsole are sculpted in the heel and toe areas, which encourages a smooth and guided foot gait cycle. It helps propel you forward! The Active Foot Frame midsole also allows your foot to sink deeply into the midsole, for outstanding stability.

There are models specifically designed for running on roads vs. trails. The Odyssey and Valor, available for both men and women, are intended for running on man-made surfaces and contain the Early-Stage Meta Rocker for propulsion. These are smooth-riding shoes that provide outstanding protection on paved surfaces.

A model specifically designed for trails is the Challenger, for both men and women. 4 mm lugs provide all-terrain traction and rubber pods add stability so that you can feel a little more secure on uneven terrain. With the Early-Stage Meta Rocker for propulsion, this shoe is an outstanding shoe for all sorts of surfaces.

If you’re an avid runner, whether competitive or not, take a look at the exciting new models from Hoka One One. They are unlike any running shoes you’ve ever tried before!



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