Keeping Your Shoes Stink Free!

2Toms spray

Some people have the misfortune to just have sweaty feet. Others find that their feet sweat when they exercise. Sweating is actually a necessary activity, because it helps cool down your body. But when sweaty feet turn stinky, that can be hugely embarrassing. It’s especially a problem with shoes, because odors linger. What to do?

First, choose footwear that breathes. Materials like leather and mesh are perfect for this. Avoid shoes that are closed and synthetic (without mesh); those typically can turn your feet into complete sweatboxes.

Footwear etc. carries products specifically designed to deodorize shoes, bags, etc. (Where were these when I needed them on my daughter’s dance bag and in her dance shoes?!) Using these products can make an enormous difference in the smell of your footwear, and the surrounding area! Here are a few products to try:

2Toms Stink Free Spray – this spray is specifically designed to deodorize your shoes. It also is effective on bags, so if your gym bag is getting a little ripe, this is the spray for you! Use this spray 2-3 times per week, allowing for the shoes to dry between applications. (If you have really aggressive foot odor, you might need to use this more often.) It’s safe to use on all sorts of footwear and accessories, like athletic shoes, dress shoes, gym bags, even hockey and football pads!

Four Seasons Odor Away Spray – this spray blocks the natural odor produced by foot perspiration. Use it in any shoes that have developed odor. The 4 oz. size is perfect to put in a purse, or tuck in a gym bag. You can even keep it in your glove compartment!

Kiwi Fresh Force – this spray actually guarantees 24 hour freshness! All you do is insert the applicator into your shoe and press down. It’s great for shoes, boots, sneakers, etc., and is safe for all materials. This spray is an easy way to freshen up your shoes regardless of how much wear you’ve given them! Keep it in a locker, gym bag, glove compartment, purse, etc. to always have it handy.

Foot Petals Pedi Fume Cooling Gel – this product is the aromatherapy answer to removing foot odor! It’s a gel that features Lavender and Vanilla, which have been proven to help you relax. This product is not used on your footwear, it’s intended for your feet! Tea Tree oil and Cardamom help disinfect your feet, and eliminate bacteria that cause odor. It’s quick drying and helps your feet feel and smell great.

Eliminate those stinky shoes (and bags) with deodorizing products from Footwear etc. Your family, friends, co-workers, and even acquaintances will thank you profusely!

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