Ankle Supports – For When You Need a Little More Stability

ASO Ankle Stabilizer

In my house, we’re veterans of ankle support usage. For years, it seemed like someone always had a sprained ankle, or some sort of strain in the area. Ace bandages would sometimes work, but were a pain to adjust. Some ankle supports were difficult to get on and off. Some of them would make our feet and lower legs sweat, making us even more uncomfortable than when we first put them on! But now there are a variety of products that make ankle support much more comfortable. Check out the following items available here at

Med Spec ASO Ankle Stabilizing Orthosis – this is a popular ankle brace that provides enough support that even athletes can find it helpful. Recommended by medical professionals as well as athletic trainers and coaches, this brace can fit into almost any shoe! It’s easy to get on and off with the Speed Lace Closure, it’s machine washable, and will fit in any type of shoe.

Aircast Unisex Airport Ankle Brace – this durable brace actually contains foam-filled aircell cushions. You can get both compression and stabilization with this brace, and the shell around your ankle is semi-rigid. This particular brace is excellent if you are recovering from a substantial ankle sprain.

The Orthosleeve Unisex Foot Sleeve FS6 – this sleeve functions like a compression sock around your foot and ankle. It can help for mild sprains, but is superb for foot conditions like Plantar Fasciitis. You can feel the compression right under the arch of your foot, which really helps alleviate Plantar Fasciitis symptoms, and the mild compression in the upper portion of the sock adds slight support. It’s a viable alternative to an ace bandage for mild sprains, and the compression can also help conditions like Achilles Tendinitis and circulation issues.  It also fits perfectly into all of your shoes, since they are much like a compression sock. since I have personally found these to be helpful when Plantar Fasciitis rears its ugly head in my life.

Need foot and ankle support? Check out these products at and you’ll wonder why you haven’t used them before now! They can really make a difference in your everyday movements.



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