Fantastic New Models from Gravity Defyer!

Gravity Defyer Genevy

If you’re a fan of Gravity Defyer shoes, you’re not alone! The fabulous VersoShock Trampoline Technology makes a huge difference in how comfortable your day is. Gravity Defyer shoes have made a real impact on many people who just want to have a little “spring” in their steps! In fact, there’s even a new partnership between Gravity Defyer and Bernice A. King, CEO of The King Center. Ms. King is a well-known minister and daughter of civil rights leader, Martin Luther King, Jr., and started out her relationship with Gravity Defyer as a satisfied customer.

The reason why Ms. King is collaborating with Gravity Defyer is because she wants to bring attention to wellness issues and feels strongly that Gravity Defyer products really help promote good health.  The many styles of products for both men and women make choosing a comfortable shoe for any occasion easy!

Why are Gravity Defyer shoes so amazing? It’s all about the VersoShock Trampoline Technology. In a nutshell, it absorbs shock, propels you forward, and helps keep you energized. There’s a master shock absorber in the heel with two smaller twin stabilizers that literally provide the “spring” in your steps. The removable insole provides outstanding arch support and helps keep your tired feet feel energized. All of these technical features work together to provide an energetic experience that you can enjoy in a wide variety of styles.

Men have some phenomenal options for both athletic purposes as well as dress wear. The Super Walk is a classic athletic-styled shoe. Available in White/Blue Mesh, Grey/Orange Mesh, or Black/Red Mesh, this shoe is lightweight, breathable, and incredibly supportive. Need a dress shoe? Try the Windsor. This classic wing tip oxford shoe is beautiful enough to wear to the office or to a dressy event. It’s available in Black Leather, or Two Tone Brown Leather, and you’d never realize that it contains such advanced technology by merely looking at it. You’d have to try it to believe how fantastic it feels on your feet.

The Super Walk is also available for women. It’s available in White/Pink mesh or Black/Purple mesh, and it’s a stylish shoe for those times you want to do exercise walking or even just go out to the store. Customers have reported that leg, foot, and back problems have been alleviated due to the superior shock absorption of these shoes, so you’ll love the results you’ll see with these.

My favorite dressy shoe for women is the Genevy. It’s a beautiful slip-on shoe that you can wear with casual or somewhat dressy clothing. The quilted patent leather upper and smooth toe is very fashion-forward, and you’ll love how it looks on your foot! Available in Brown Patent Leather, this shoe contains all the comfort features you’d expect in any Gravity Defyer shoe, and you get the versatility of a dressy looking shoe! You won’t have to change your shoes if you go out after a long day on your feet, these shoes fit the bill.

Don’t just take the word of other happy customers (and Bernice King), check out the fantastic new models from Gravity Defyer today!


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