When Plantar Fasciitis Flares Up: What Shoes do I Choose?

Naot Kirei

Since my very first bout with Plantar Fasciitis a few years ago, I’ve had flare ups every few months. I try to wear sensible shoes, and I do exercises that my podiatrist prescribed for me, but now and then I still have to deal with this pesky and painful condition. Certain shoes, however, make my feet feel better during these times. What you need to remember, especially during flare-ups, is that the key to getting through it and choosing the right footwear is picking shoes that have outstanding support. The shoes don’t have to be cushioned, just really supportive. Avoid high heels. A mild rocker sole is helpful; it propels you forward as you walk. A deep heel cup helps keep your foot in its anatomically correct position. But first and foremost: be sure to have adequate arch support. Here are my go-to shoes for when the flare-ups happen:

Dansko Professional Clog: I’ve been a huge Dansko fan for many years, and back when I had a job where I was on my feet a lot of the time, I found that these shoes made a huge difference in the quality of my day. Now when I feel those stabbing pains in my heel, I know that I need a really supportive shoe. Even though the footbed of the Professional is hard, the support that the shoe gives me makes all the difference in the world. The firmness of the footbed actually feels good!

I also really like my Naot Mary Janes. I happen to have the Toatoa, but the Kirei is also really popular and comfortable as well. The anatomically correct cork footbed molds to my feet, providing support exactly where I need it. With this extra support, it helps my balance, and gives my feet the break they need. They are casual enough to wear with jeans, yet are dressy enough to wear with a skirt.

Any of my Vionic with Orthaheel Technology shoes. The absolute best slipper I have ever owned is the Gemma Luxe. This clog-styled slipper provides phenomenal arch support and stability. I always feel like my entire body is realigned back to its proper position when I wear these. My favorite winter dress boot is the Point – it’s the perfect bootie to wear to work and go out afterwards. With other brands, I’d have to bring a pair of flats along with me to save my aching feet, but I don’t have to do that with the point. The heel is just chunky enough to give me adequate stability, the arch support is the usual superb amount that all Vionic products provide, and I love how it’s dressy and easy to get on and off, yet is comfortable enough for this non-heels person to actually wear a heel now and then.

Lastly, there are the MBT shoes. While there have been no actual medical studies done to prove that the rocker sole technology helps Plantar Fasciitis symptoms, many customers report that the rolling motion helps alleviate their pain. I find that the rocker sole helps my feet feel better as well.

What are your go-to shoes when you experience pain from Plantar Fasciitis? We’d love to hear what helps you!



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