Just in Time for the Holidays: Boots from EMU Australia!

EMU Ladybird Sparkle

Don’t just assume that there is only one brand of sheepskin boots out there, there’s another really great brand with styles you will love! EMU Australia is based in Victoria, Australia, and ships to over 70 countries worldwide. Why should you consider this brand? There are some really unique features that have me sold, like:

Great quality, durable, breathable sheepskin. This sheepskin is used across the entire brand, in all of its styles. Having soft, comfortable sheepskin that really lasts is essential. I won’t just buy any sheepskin boots, I will only buy boots with the best quality sheepskin. You can feel the difference in softness and warmth, and your feet will remain comfortable and dry.

Superb quality leathers and Merino Wool. They hold up well, provide tons of comfort, and look fantastic!

Phenomanal styles. I especially LOVE the styles for children. Don’t you know someone who would love to wear sharks or monkeys on their feet? (I wish those styles came in adult sizes!) I know of several kids on my holiday list who would go crazy for these styles.

A comfortable, durable footbed. Some models contain a molded foam insole, others a sheepskin-lined insole. Either way, you’ll get cushioned comfort and support. What more could you ask for?

And what I think is THE BEST feature of all: certain models are completely waterproof. That’s right, sheepskin boots that are completely waterproof. You can splash in puddles and not only stay dry, you won’t damage the sheepskin. How is this possible? There’s a special breathable, waterproof membrane between the outsole and the lining. Also, there is a coating on the outside of the boot, so that water just runs off of it rather than absorbs into it. So yes, Virginia, you CAN have puddle-proof sheepskin boots. They should even work well in some snow.

Need further enticement? Take a look at a few of my favorites:

The Little Creatures Ladybird Sparkle – how adorable is this boot? Ladybug themes are so cute, and this one is no exception. Made from premium suede and natural Australian Merino Wool, this boot will keep your favorite child’s feet warm and cozy. If only they made it in MY size…

The Heysen – I love ankle boots, and this one is really interesting. I particularly like how EMU uses the oiled full-grain leather to add visual interest around the ankle. (It almost looks like the leather is folded down, but it isn’t!) With its side zipper, it’s easy to get on and off.

The Charlotte – my personal favorite, since it’s part of the waterproof collection! I love the stitching accents and decorative buttons. Being a mid-calf boot with button closures in the back, these boots can fit my legs well. The absolute best part is that I have peace of mind when I wear these during inclement weather. My feet stay dry! No longer will I have to baby my sheepskin boots at the threat of some wet weather, I can go out and not worry about it. The last thing we all need is to worry about the state of our footwear when the weather is lousy!

Sheepskin and Merino Wool lovers, rejoice! EMU Australia has some fantastic models for this holiday season and beyond. You’ll love the style, comfort, and durability that these bring.

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