As Seen in “The Hunger Games:” the Naot Dafna Scout Boot!

Naot Davna Scout

If you love “The Hunger Games” movies, here’s something else to love: the Naot Dafna
Scout boot! It is the actual model of boots that were worn during the filming of “Mocking Jay, Parts 1 & 2. “ If it’s good enough for Katniss Everdeen, it’s good enough for you!

Military in style, this hiking boot is as versatile as it is famous! What makes this boot so special? It’s all about the comfort and durability. It’s rugged; you can wear it out in the woods, on uneven terrain, out on the trail, etc. The canvas upper is breathable and tough, and you can depend on the polyurethane sole to hold up over time. But it’s the part you don’t immediately see that makes this boot so comfortable: the cork footbed. Made from latex and cork with a memory foam front and covered in microfiber, the footbed actually molds to your foot, and provides incredible comfort as it supplies a custom fit. You can rely on superior shock absorption (perfect if you’re running away from tributes!) as well as arch support and a deep heel cup to protect the heel bone and provide stability.

These boots, like all Naot products, are made on a kibbutz in northern Israel. Naot supplied over 600 pairs of the Dafna Scout boot for use in the making of “The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 and 2.” That’s a lot of army boots!

The boot is available in both Grey Canvas and Black Canvas, for both men and women.  This is a fabulous hiking boot for anyone, and if you like military style, this is definitely for you!

Check out the Naot Dafna Scout Boot – it’s perfect for rugged wear in Panem and beyond!

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