Keeping Your Feet Soft and Smooth

Gilden Tree Crystals

It’s easy to ignore how your feet look during the cold-weather months when you hide your feet in your shoes. But during warm weather, sandals keep your feet visible. If you want to keep your feet looking their best, you don’t have to have weekly pedicures. There are some procedures you can do at home to keep your feet looking and feeling their best, while spending minimal amounts of money on products. With a little care, you can greatly improve the health of your skin!

First, keep your feet clean. Wash your feet daily with a gentle soap, and dry them carefully. This is especially important for diabetics, or anyone with sensitive feet. One product that is great for diabetics as well as anyone else is the PediFix Diabetic Defense Daily Therapy Foot Wash. This outstanding product can be used every day, is gentle on the skin, and helps protect the skin from skin infections. If you have Athlete’s Foot, a product that can be very helpful is PediFix’s Funga Soap. Using this soap can help relieve itching and discomfort from Athlete’s foot, and helps soothe the skin.

It is easy to build up skin cells on your heels, and areas of your feet that rub against your shoes. Soaking your feet in a product such as Gilden Tree’s Revitalizing Foot Soak Crystals can help soften and moisturize your feet. This product contains sea salt as well as epsom salts, which are known to be helpful ingredients for your feet. It even helps detoxify your body!

Once you soak your feet, exfoliate that old, dry skin. You can use a pumice stone, or the Silk Feet Foot Exfoliator from PediFix. Get rid of that rough skin that looks unsightly, and can even catch on socks!

Once you have your feet smooth and exfoliated (or even if you haven’t exfoliated them), you need to moisturize them. There are a variety of products that can help keep your skin soft and smooth as they moisturize, such as the PediFix Deep Healing Foot Cream. This non-greasy cream adds vital nutrients to the skin, and you can feel a difference after even just one application! It can even help soften hard skin, like that which forms on your heels. The bonus perk is that it is gentle enough even for diabetics.

If you like aromatherapy, you’ll love the Foot Petals Pedi Fume Cooling Gel. It’s also designed to moisturize your feet, as well as provide cooling properties. It smells like vanilla and lavender, two scents that can help you relax. It also contains tea tree oil and cardamom, which help disinfect your feet and reduce odor. This gel goes on cool and helps your feet feel refreshed.

Sometimes wearing a sock with a moisturizer at night can be very helpful for keeping your feet hydrated and soft. You could put lotion or cream on your feet and then wear a sock to bed, or you could use a product like the Ralyn Night Care Gel Heel Sock. This product applies mineral oil directly to your heels, which softens tough skin. Use this product up to 3 times a week; it can make a huge difference in how your heels feel!

These are just a few products available to help make your feet feel soft and smooth. Check them out at!


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