New Balance 980 Shoes: A Brand New Running Experience!

New Balance 980

If you’re looking for a new experience in running shoes, check out the New Balance 980. It contains a brand new technology called Fresh Foam, which is created from a single piece of foam. Why does this make a difference in your running experience? Read on….

New Balance had the sense to take actual runners’ data and incorporate that into a shoe that could suit their needs. Answering the calls for lightweight, stable, high performance running shoes, the 980 has shown it has what runners want.

The 980s have a lower midsole, to give you a more natural feel under your feet. Yet the Fresh Foam is very soft and stable. It has an approximately 4 mm drop as you run, and the outsole is made from blown rubber. The cushioning really sets this model apart from the rest. Some users have reported that it feels like you’re running on a cloud, or even cotton balls!

The breathable mesh definitely helps keep your feet cool and dry, a necessity in a high performance shoe. This is in keeping with a minimal upper, so the performance features really occur in the rest of the shoe.

Not only does the cushioning make a huge difference, there are no sew overlays on the mesh upper. This is important because there are no seams to potentially rub your feet and potentially irritate them.

There have been a lot of positive reviews in an assortment of running magazines, such as:

Awarded “Best Ride” in the Competitor Magazine Spring Shoe Guide (March 2014)
Awarded “Best Neutral Running Shoe” by Running Network (March 2014)
Featured in Prevention Magazine’s “2014 Awards, Sneaker Buying Guide” (April 2014)

Interested in a great new running shoe? Try out the New Balance 980s. See if they can help improve your performance as you enjoy the fabulous new technology. See them at today!

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