Shoe Trends in 2014: Marvelous Metallics

Alegria Coco

Shining, glittering, sparkling shoes are all the rage this year. Why? Because there is something simply enticing about a metallic look! Much like strappy kitten heels and neon-colored shoes, a metallic sparkle draws the eye downward to create the illusion of longer legs for a flatteringly-slim appearance. Furthermore, it’s an appealingly unconventional way to add oomph to your outfit, as normally sparkle is reserved for the earlobes or the neck. For fun ways to incorporate this hot trend into your closet, keep reading!

Color Combinations

Silver and gold can be compared to gray and brown, two colors that are lauded for their ability to smoothly pair with almost any color. There are no hues in the spectrum with which metallic won’t look great. Furthermore, you can use metallics to balance the undertones of your other garments; for example, if you are sporting a dress that features cooler tints of blue and lilac, you can use gold pumps to add a dash of warmth.

How to Accessorize

A set of sensational metallic shoes or sandals can make a solid first impression. However, be careful not to overplay your hand when accessorizing with sparkle. The more intense the metallic of the shoe is, the less intense your other jewelry and/or clothing should be. A good rule of thumb is that no more than two elements in your outfit should feature metallics; choose between your shoes, one article of clothing and/or your jewelry.

For Work or For Play

Like all your other shoes, you’ll want to match your glimmering footwear with the activity you’re anticipating. If it’s a day at the beach or a casual weekend, strap on the silver flats. If you’re going to work, look for a pair of the many hybrids available today in trendy shoe shops. (By “hybrid” we refer to shoes that feature two different colors, allowing the metallic to serve as a tasteful accent that is appropriate for the office.) For a similarly reserved aesthetic that is ready for the workplace, consider footwear that has a subtle metallic finish rather than a very shiny finish. However, once you transition from day to night, don’t be afraid to break out of your shell and bring on the shimmer and shine. Boldly metallic footwear is a fantastic way for a woman to feature sparkle without appearing too childish, so a stylish pair of silver heels can truly spice up that beloved little black dress.

 Maintain Comfort

What truly makes metallic footwear so wonderful is the fact that it automatically dresses up any outfit, allowing you to sport comfortable flats and yet look fashionable for the evening or office. Because high heels can cause a number of health problems for women, adding a touch of sparkle to flats and other comfortable styles is a great way to help you avoid bunions, hammer toe, corns and ankle injuries. Plus, your overall enjoyment will be increased as you will be able to move about confidently without wobbling or fear of falling!

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