How to Choose the Right Socks for Your Lifestyle


Selecting the correct shoe for your daily activities is important: if you frequently hike, climb, run or even work out at the gym, you know the importance of specialty footwear. Shoes are an essential investment towards comfort and performance during recreational activities. However, just as important to your health is the process of selecting the socks that are best for your particular feet and lifestyle. These days, there are many more options than the simple cotton we are all familiar with, each designed to promote good foot health. Before you make your purchase, there are considerations you should take into account.

Your Activities Count

If you are a runner, you know that your socks should provide not just comfort, but also adequate cushioning to protect your feet from the jarring that comes when you run. If you are a hiker, you know that your socks must become a buffer between your boots and your feet. Before you buy socks, you must first know what features they need to provide for you; the socks you would purchase to complement your dress shoes are much different than those required on a long day outdoors with the family. No matter the activity, the socks will need to keep your feet cool and dry to prevent rubbing, bacteria and irritation – the right sock can wick moisture away from your feet, keeping you comfortable for miles.

Temperature Matters

As mentioned above, understand that your sock should be selected in response to planned activities, environment, and weather. Thermal insulation to keep out the cold is a key consideration when shopping for socks. If your plans include traipsing through the underbrush in search of a trophy buck or cheering on your football team at a wintery outdoor stadium, you’ll wish you had socks to warm up your feet.

BYOS (Bring Your Own Shoes)

It does you no good to buy a sock that won’t work perfectly with the hiking boots, or running shoes you’ll be wearing. The retailer you buy your sport shoes from understands this, and will allow you to try them on ahead of purchase. At Footwear etc., we offer easy, no-hassle returns and exchanges to ensure that you receive the perfect online purchase.

The sock must fit snugly, but shouldn’t be too tight. You don’t need a sock that will slip or wad up under your toes, as that is an open invitation for blisters and burns. Also, remember that if you are tall, you may need a longer sock so that your boot tops don’t abrade your skin. It’s impossible to enjoy activities thoroughly when you’ve developed an irritating blister or chafe due to ill-fitting footwear.

Fantastic Fabrics

Once upon a time, all socks were cotton. Sadly, cotton absorbs moisture like a sponge and dries at a snail’s pace. Today’s fabrics are critically important– and because you pay a pretty penny for good athletic footwear, you want them to earn their worth. If your sock’s job is to wick moisture away from your foot while you jog, you may want a sock made from merino wool – like those from Smartwool Socks. Perfect for both hot and cold days, socks made from this fabric are not itchy like you’d expect wool to be. There are also socks made from spandex and other synthetic materials that utilize technology designed to inhibit sweat from your hard-working feet.

Health Benefits

For certain health conditions, the right footwear can be the answer to numbing aches. For example, compression socks can help limit edema, thrombosis and varicose veins. Additionally, diabetics can benefit from specialized socks that limit friction and the growth of bacteria on their particularly vulnerable feet.

When you’re searching for the best socks to pack in your athletic bag, be sure to fulfill your purchase with a physical or online store like Footwear etc. that understands your unique needs for differing sports and activities. Check out our full assortment of high quality socks to find the right pair for you.


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