Great Shoes for Nurses!

Dansko Professional Blue

This title should probably be expanded to anyone who stands on their feet all day long – like teachers, restaurant workers, other medical professionals, etc. But here at Footwear etc., we get a lot of questions particularly from nurses about the best footwear they can get for their particular occupation. We have several brands that excel in everything a nurse needs: great support, lightweight, stable, holds up well over time and in sometimes mucky conditions, and affordable. Looking for shoes that meet these criteria? Here are several brands that you might find indispensible in your life!

Dansko makes a wide variety of styles that make standing on your feet all day a pleasure. (I can attest to this, as a former teacher, that Dansko clogs are wonderful for all-day wear.) My favorite: the Professional. It’s available in a rainbow of colors (including white). Recommended by the American Podiatric Medical Association, Dansko Professionals are amazingly comfortable and provide outstanding stability and shock absorption, a deep heel cup, wide toe boxes, and a mild rocker sole that helps propel you forward while maintaining rear stability. They’re easy to get on and off, and are made from very high quality leather. I’ve spotted these on my hairdresser, my husband’s surgeon, and teachers. There’s a reason why these shoes are so popular with men and women on their feet all day!

If you love brightly colored/patterned shoes, look no further than Alegria. They also have a mild rocker outsole to help propel you forward, yet remain stable in the rear of your foot. The removable insoles have latex, memory foam, and cork to provide outstanding fit and comfort. What really sets this brand apart is the wide variety of colors and patterns of each model. These are the happiest-looking shoes you’ll probably ever come across, and are a favorite among nurses everywhere. Who needs boring shoes in the workplace? Have some fun with Alegria shoes!

Need slip resistance? Check out shoes by Genuine Grip. Slip resistance is the company’s mission in creating these shoes, and reducing slip and fall accidents is its specialty. Slip resistance is very important in many occupations, like in medicine or restaurant work, and that feature along with outstanding comfort and durability is tantamount to a successful wearing experience. Men and women have a wide variety of choices of styles, from slip-ons to booties, and various styles are available in either black or white. These rugged shoes are designed for all-day comfort, and are a great choice for nurses and other on-your-feet professionals.

Sanita shoes and clogs are another great choice for women. Endorsed by the American Podiatric Medical Association, these shoes contain anatomically-shaped footbeds that feel great to your feet. The synthetic outsoles absorb shock, and are skid-resistant. Your toes will not feel constricted since the toeboxes are wide, and the uppers are made from high quality leather. Sanita excels in all-day comfort and durability, so you can rest assured that your footwear won’t make you conk out before you’re ready to relax!

If you’re on your feet all day and need really comfortable shoes, check out these fantastic brands at Pamper your feet while you work!


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