SoftWalk “Grey’s Anatomy” Brand: the Meredith!

Softwalk Meredith

If you’re a fan of the medical drama, “Grey’s Anatomy,” you can understand why medical professionals require easy to wear, comfortable shoes. The typical hospital setting does not give you any time at all to deal with discomfort of your own! You might need to be on your feet for extended hours at a time, and your feet will have to deal with whatever support your shoes contain. Clogs are often the choice for medical professionals as well as teachers, restaurant workers, and others who need to be on their feet all day long; but not all clogs are created equally. Hence, SoftWalk – which is known for its outstandingly comfortable shoes, sandals, and clogs – has come up with a special model of shoes honoring the TV show, “Grey’s Anatomy.”

SoftWalk has produced the model called Meredith. It’s a clog for women that is perfect for wearing all day long, and being on your feet all day long. Nurses in particular will love this shoe because it provides every benefit a nurse would need, and help alleviate any existing foot pain as well. Specifically, this shoe is lightweight and flexible, with slip-resistant rubber inserts in the sole – great for a busy ER, doctor’s office, or even a commercial kitchen. The upper has a nice, wide toe box so that your toes have room to move, yet your foot can stay secure in the shoe.

With its padded color and side v-elastic goring, the Meredith provides comfort properties that really make a difference as the hours spent in the shoe add up. The dual density footbed is ideal in supplying cushioning to pamper your feet all day long. That footbed is lined with a soft, antimicrobial microfiber lining with heel and arch inserts for great support. The lightweight, flexible outsole actually returns energy with each step you take. There’s even a nylon shank in the sole to help ensure that you stay stable in the shoe.

As with all SoftWalk shoes, the patented eggcrate footbed cushions your feet and makes you feel like you’re walking on air. It’s almost like you’re taking your feet to a spa, even if you’re just going to work!

And they’re cute! The Meredith comes in a variety of colors: Dark Grey Brush Off Leather, White Box Leather, Navy Leather, Black Patent Leather, Black Box Leather, Black Leather, and my personal favorite: White Floral Patent Leather. It’s the perfect shoe for nurses (especially if you enjoy wearing patterned scrubs). Any of the black leather clogs would be perfect to use in a restaurant setting. If you need a dressier shoe, try the black patent leather version!

SoftWalk products are perfect for everyday wear, and the Meredith in particular is great if you need slip resistance as well as outstanding cushioning and support. You don’t have to be a “Grey’s Anatomy” fan to appreciate the beautiful style and comfort that these shoes provide, but if you ARE a fan, you can doubly appreciate what medical professionals have to go through on a daily basis. Let SoftWalk’s Meredith help you get through YOUR days with comfort, control, and style!

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