Propet Rejuve Shoes: When Your Feet Need a Little Extra TLC

Propet Helen

Propet has long been a manufacturer that has offered quality footwear for a wide variety of sizes, or feet needing special care. Now, Propet has new technology that helps you restore your gait to its optimum position for wellness: Rejuve Motion Technology!

Designed by Podiatrist Dr. Harold Schoenhaus, the Rejuve Motion Technology is designed to cup your heel and give your foot correct alignment. This helps you control the position of your heel with each step you take. Without the features of the Rejuve Motion Technology system, your feet may not only start out being misaligned, your feet may pronate (roll inward) as you proceed through the gait cycle. This improper alignment as you walk can cause pain in your feet, knees, and even back. That is why the Rejuve Motion Technology system is so vital: to keep your feet in the optimal alignment so that you can reduce improper stress on your joints. Those of you with Plantar Fasciitis should take note: these shoes may help alleviate your symptoms!

The Rejuve Motion Technology system is built into a multi-layered footbed. The top sole is contoured, and contains an asymmetrical shape to add cushioning and stability. The cut-out deep heel seat contains a U-shaped design that provides lateral and medial support and a deep cup so that your foot remains aligned properly. The EVA Midsole is a layer of cushioning that provides excellent shock absorption. Lastly the rubber outsole supplies traction and excellent durability.

A great model that reflects this outstanding technology is the Women’s Helen. It is available in Gunsmoke/Pink Nubuck, or Denim Blue/Silver Nubuck. It’s a casual sandal that is perfect for everyday or weekend outings. The three hook-and-loop straps help ensure as customized a fit as you can get, and the microfiber sock lining helps keep your feet cool and comfortable. The upper contains comfort padding, so that you can not only feel that the shoe stays on and fits properly; it’s also soft on the top of your foot. The EVA midsole is cushioned for comfort all day long. Durability is ensured by the high performance rubber outsole, which also gives you some great traction!

If you’re looking for some phenomenal shoes that help keep your feet from pronating, as well as having a wide selection of sizes for feet needing extra TLC, check out the Women’s Propet Helen Rejuve. This may be the shoe that really sets you free from pain!

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