Need Slip Resistant Shoes? Try Genuine Grip!

Genuine Grip Dress

Here at Footwear etc., we get a lot of phone calls from people who need to have slip resistant shoes for work. These folks include restaurant workers, medical professionals, and even factory workers. When you need slip resistant shoes, it can mean the difference between being able to tackle your job without having to worry about safety, or falling and potentially injuring yourself on the job. No company takes this concept lightly; it can cost a tremendous amount in terms of dollars, wasted time, medical expenses, etc. If you need slip resistant shoes, GET slip resistant shoes!

A great new brand for us is Genuine Grip Footwear. They’re available for both men and women, and come in a variety of styles.  You can get them dressy, you can get them sporty, you can get them utilitarian; there’s a style for every situation. Genuine Grip’s mission is to help ensure that people avoid injuries due to falling, and their products set out to do just that.

How do they help you stay safe? It’s all in the rubber outsole. The diamond pattern and texture of the outsole is specially made to help reduce slippage. Genuine Grip uses the latest technology to ensure that the shoes perform to industry standards. In fact, all of its footwear has been tested for slip resistance by Precision Testing Laboratories using the Brungraber Mark II Slip Tester, and certified slip resistant based on ASTM Standard F1677. If these shoes can pass testing with oil, water, and shortening on tile, they MUST be slip resistant. I can think of a bunch of restaurant workers who NEED these shoes.

These shoes are not just slip resistant, they are comfortable too! The footbeds have an ergonomic design to help reduce stress on your feet, legs, and back. They’ll help you get through a full day of work! Each shoe contains a polyurethane footbed that is specifically designed to help reduce shock, and the insole also contains Dri-Lex® fabric, which is designed to reduce moisture and help keep your feet cool and dry. You might not ever find a more comfortable work shoe!

Both men and women have a variety of styles from which to choose. Men, if you need a sporty, athletic-styled shoe, check out the 1010 Jogger. It’s a great shoe for work, or for jogging around the neighborhood. This may be the only athletic shoe you’ll ever find to help reduce slippage from the rain. The women’s version of this shoe is the 1110 Jogger. It’s perfect for casual environments.

How about a dressier shoe? Men have the 7100 Oxford, and women have the 420 Oxford. Both are available in black leather, and provide a more formal appearance yet still retain their outstanding slip resistance.

For an easy-to-wear slip-on shoe, try the Men’s 4700 Slip-On, or the Women’s 410 Slip-On. With its elastic goring, you can get this shoe on and off very easily, yet still be assured of the comfort and grip you expect from any Genuine Grip shoe.

A men’s shoe that’s merges the world of slip resistance and formal attire, there’s the 9540 Dress Oxford. This is about as dressy a shoe as you’ll ever need, and still provides comfort to get through a long day of work, while supplying outstanding slip resistance. I can easily see waiters in fine dining restaurants wearing this shoe – even with a tuxedo!

Why risk an injury on the job? Check out the slip resistant shoes from Genuine Grip today. You may just avoid a nasty fall with these shoes!


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