Fun New Socks for Men and Women!

wacky socks

Sometimes men feel gypped because they don’t necessarily have the opportunity to wear FUN socks. What I mean by FUN socks is socks that have interesting colors or patterns. A brand that clearly fits the bill is Vannucci!

Vannucci socks are anything but dull. If you like puzzles, there’s a pattern for you! Stripes? There are several patterns to choose from. Like polka dots? No problem, there’s a style you can love! Even the ubiquitous argyle/diamond pattern is represented with some striking colors. Who needs to wear boring white crew socks (or black, or brown, for that matter) when you can wear models that are far more exciting?

With Vannucci socks, you won’t sacrifice quality and comfort for style. These socks are made with mercerized cotton, which means that the cotton was treated with sodium hydroxide. This treatment makes the fibers swell. As a result, the fibers have a more lustrous appearance, feel softer, and are stronger and accept dye better.

For truly unique socks, check out the men’s K.Bell 3D socks! Yes, that’s right, you can get a 3D effect with these socks. Each pair even comes with a pair of 3D glasses! Available for both men and women, the 3D socks are not only comfortable (with their 60% cotton, there is a lot of breathability), they are a fashion statement! Perfect for parties and novelty occasions, 3D socks by K.Bell are the novelty socks you’ll show off!

Women have loads of choices available for FUN socks. Some of my very favorite novelty socks come from Hot Sox, Davco, and K.Bell. If you love puppies, you can get socks with puppies on them. If you are a cat fanatic, there are socks just for you. Love wearing socks for particular holidays? You’ll find socks reflecting almost any holiday you can think of. There are even socks with animal prints! Some of my favorite socks contain wine glasses, Hanukkah dreidels, cupcakes, and even teacups. Another popular model has flip flops – perfect for the summer wear aficionado! These novelty socks typically come 1 pair/package, and are cotton/nylon/acrylic/polyester blends that allow for breathability, durability, and overall comfort. Look for models that wick moisture to help keep your feet dry and even MORE comfortable!

Smartwool also produces particularly comfortable, decorative socks. They come in different sizes (as opposed to one size fits most), and have all of the benefits of wool socks (warmth, breathability, durability). I particularly like the Azalea. It’s a gorgeous berry color with a floral motif, but it actually has an arch brace to keep the sock in place, and mesh zones to maximize ventilation. This particular model is available in Berry Wool or Charcoal Wool, so you have several options for your wardrobe. This is an outstanding product that is will last longer than your typical non-wool product and provides loads of soft comfort for everyday wear.

If you want to add a little FUN or pizzazz to your sock wardrobe, check out the many brands available from Footwear etc. Don’t let your socks be boring!

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