Popular Spring Colors to Incorporate Into Your Wardrobe

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This spring, the fashion experts have chosen to embrace fresh, contemporary colors. Often, mixing cooler undertones with bold, hotter hues produces an electrifying effect! So how do you incorporate the chicest spring colors into your footwear? Keep reading!

The Pantone company is often referred to as “the world-renowned authority on color,” and heavily influences the fashion scene. Each year, it highlights trending colors that are expected to make a splash, so we thought we’d give you examples of how to wear their picks of placid blue, violet tulip, hemlock, sand, paloma, cayenne, freesia, celosia orange, and dazzling blue.  Each of these hues is quite unique and presents many possibilities for the spring.

Placid Blue  

We’re all familiar with the color blue, one of the most popular hues of all-time, but it’s time to get to know this particular shade; this particular variation is tranquil, peaceful, calm, and reassuring. It is the perfect tint to tastefully complement a bold outfit, or add soft femininity to darker, powerful pigments. Combine it with dreamy whites and pastels for a springtime look to die for. While it works with many different kinds of footwear styles, consider incorporating it with a simple lace-up for a fresh, sporty look.  Another option is to use it to soothe your nerves after a long day of work, with placid blue slippers like these.


This color is exactly what it sounds like: sand found at the beach. It also resembles a neutral skin tone. This color, which is often referred to as “nude,” is being celebrated as one of the top color choices for elegant heels. Pumps, sandals and heels reflect this look best as it is tastefully suggestive and subtly elongates the leg.


This tint of green is a more subdued and reserved cousin to mint, thanks to its blue undertones. Hemlock is a gentle pastel that reminds us of sitting at a nice spring picnic as the wind tickles our skin; it is also brings to mind “Mother Nature.” It works wonders when paired with silver, so perhaps you can use Hemlock sandals with metallic embellishments.


Paloma is, simply put, another shade of grey. The good news is that this particular pigment goes with every other color on the color wheel, making it the ideal hue for your favorite pair of shoes. It has a pacifying effect so, if you’re going to be wearing a show-stopping red dress, a Paloma-colored shoe will be both stylish and balanced.


Whether or not you’re a fan of the Netflix show, there’s no denying that orange IS the new black. This color is eye-catching and is considered to be the most outgoing of all the hues. The particular tint of Cayenne is fiery, bright, and lets the world know that you’re ready for the summer and whatever adventures life throws your way. When featured in shoes, this orange can liven up soft pastel outfits; it is the perfect color to accent your feet.

Radiant Orchid 

The final color we suggest happens to be the Pantone 2014 color of the year. This honor isn’t just handed out to any old tint of purple. Radiant orchid is unbelievably expressive and embracing; the hue exudes joy, love, and health. There is no wrong way to wear this color. To that point, radiant orchid is soft enough to blend with other shades, but has plenty of power to stand alone from head to toe. Hobo handbags makes a full range of wallets and purses that display many different colors including, of course, radiant orchid!

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