Newer Models of MBT Shoes have Waterproof Sensor!


Customers have expressed concern for years about the durability and water resistance of the MBT Masai sensor for many years. This is significant because unless you purchased a GTX model, the sensor was NOT waterproof. In fact, it could easily be damaged by water. Traditionally, we recommended that you try to avoid wearing them in wet weather, or if you did get them wet, that you take time to dry them off with a towel as best you could. Did you know that the new models of MBT shoes have an upgraded sensor? This is a brand new feature with shoes introduced in Spring 2014 and forward. Why does this matter? Let me elaborate…..

If you look closely, you can see that MBT has added what appears to be a plastic coating on the triangular wedge piece in the sole. In some models, this is brightly colored; in others it is dark or light to complement the colors of the shoe. You can’t tell by the color of the sensor whether it is waterproof or not, you can tell by the fact that it is slick and looks like a plastic covering, typically with some rectangular patterns on it. The photo above shows the difference between how these sensors look.

Note that this feature is only included in models created for Spring 2014 and later. For those models, you no longer have to worry about wearing your MBT shoes in the rain, or accidentally stepping into a puddle. You’ll be protected against the elements, and you won’t have to worry about the sensor breaking down (and eventually crumbling) like they did in older models.

Note that if you see a model with GTX in the name, it’s a Gore-Tex shoe in which the Masai Sensor has a waterproof coating. Those shoes are the only older models that are water resistant. Also note that for the shoes with waterproof sensors, that does not make the entire shoe waterproof. It just means that the sensor will not deteriorate in the rain. Your foot will still get wet, particularly in models with mesh uppers.

The models created with this new sensor are: the Amri, the Afiya (slip-on or lace-up), the Simba, the Nafasi S, and the Zuberi.

If you have any doubts whether a model has the waterproof sensor or not, call Footwear etc. at 1-800-720-0572. The representatives will be happy to help you identify what is what. But this news is HUGE for MBT fans. Now the rain can’t rain on your parade; your MBT shoes should hold up just fine in the wet weather.

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