Athletic-styled Shoes from Dansko? Yes!

Dansko Shayla

Dansko has been producing shoes for over 20 years and has an incredibly loyal following. I love the mild rocker sole and outstanding support that their shoes and clogs provide. Dansko is known for a wide variety of types of footwear, all of which have outstanding quality and workmanship (probably due to the fact that the company is 100% employee owned!), and now they even have athletic-styled shoes!

If you’re looking for a true athletic shoe, look no further than the Shayla. It’s a great shoe for running or walking, and the support and quality is everything you would expect from a Dansko product. Not only is the support exemplary, but the shock absorption is also outstanding – just what you’d need in a walking/running shoe. Its footbed is ergonomically contoured to provide the support you’d count on, and the multi-density footbed provides great comfort. Particularly notable is the slip-resistant outsole; so if you are walking in the rain, you can feel more secure than you would in shoes from other brands. The leather and mesh upper is breathable, which keeps your feet cool and dry. I love the sporty accents! The shoe is available in Grey Nubuck (with sporty orange accents!), Black Nubuck (with pink and blue accents) or White Leather (with yellow and grey accents). It’s a fabulous shoe for exercise or just your usual running around town. This shoe is even endorsed by the American Podiatric Medical Association. Who knew that Dansko could come up with a fabulous athletic shoe?

A wonderful alternative to the traditional athletic shoe is the Elise. It’s a sporty shoe that provides all the support and comfort of an athletic shoe, yet has the versatility of an oxford style. The slip resistance is so good that many hospital and restaurant workers swear by this model – and it’s even certified slip-resistant by Precision Labs using the Mark II machine. Not only that, this shoe has received the Seal of Acceptance by the American Podiatric Medical Association. This shoe can be the perfect sporty walking shoe for everyday wear! Available in Grey Suede, Black/Purple Suede, Red Suede, White/Blue Leather, White/White Leather, and Black Leather, the Elise is easy to clean and stain resistant, flexible, and lightweight. If you wear orthotics, not to worry; you can remove the footbed so that you can accommodate any special needs your feet have.

How many ways do I love Dansko products? Let me count them: they are outstandingly supportive, they are durable, long lasting, certified slip resistant, lightweight, versatile, a great value, and cute! With so many colors to choose from, it’s hard to make a decision. You can greatly expand your wardrobe and your options with these athletically-styled shoes, yet have all the comforts your feet require. Wear them on a rainy day, or to work, or for casual outings…the possibilities are endless. Dansko works hard to make sure that its shoes provide the perfect comfort experience, give them a try and see if you agree!


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