Arcopedico Shoes: Lightweight, Vegan, and Some are Machine Washable!




One of the most easy-to-wear brands around has some new models available! Arcopedico shoes are incredibly comfortable and come in a wide variety of styles. Many of them are machine washable (check each model specifically to make sure that it is), and provides some beautiful, casual styles for everyday wear. What’s new and interesting? Check these out….

The Arcopedico L15D – this is a fabulous shoe for everyday wear. It has a Lytech upper, which is a blend of Lycra and polyurethane. Why does this matter? It means that the upper is water resistant and breathable. The fabric upper also stretches over your foot, which is phenomenal for a whole variety of reasons: 1) you get a customized fit. 2) The fabric moves along with your feet, and stays comfortable and secure. 3) If you have foot problems like bunions, the fabric stretches over your foot so that you won’t have anything stiff rubbing against your bunion. You get arch support, but if you need orthotic support you can remove the insole and add your own orthotic. It’s a lightweight shoe, which makes it ideal for traveling, and vegans can rest assured that these shoes contain no animal products. A particularly nice feature is that you can pop out the insole and machine wash the shoe. (Just let them air dry.) How easy is that? Even the outsole is helpful in providing shock absorption and grip. This shoe is available in Red, Orange, or Black Lytech, so you have color options for your wardrobe.

Like Mary Janes? You’ll love the Leina. While the L15D is more of a ballet flat, the Leina adds a little style and even more secure fit due to the strap across the top of the foot. It’s so easy to wear that you can slip it on and off with little effort, yet it will hug your feet without being constricting. This is a fabulous shoe for casual wear for work, weekends, running to the store, or any other casual purposes. The upper is stretchy and provides good air circulation, while molding to your foot for great fit. It’s machine washable, as long as you pop out the insole (and let the shoe air dry; do NOT put it into the dryer!). The footbed contains an anatomically-designed arch, so that you can feel support as well as lightweight comfort. The durable polyurethane outsole lasts for years, and can help you keep your footing on a variety of surfaces. Arcopedico shoes are especially helpful for users with foot problems such as bunions and other shape issues, since they will mold to the shape of your feet and not irritate the usual pressure points. This shoe is available in Beige Lytech, Black Multi Lytech, or Navy Lytech. Mary Jane styles are incredibly versatile and this particular shoe would make a fine addition to any wardrobe.

If you crave easy-to-wear shoes that you can wear in comfort all day long, check out the fabulous new styles from Arcopedico. Its lightweight comfort and ageless designs are perfect for the spring and beyond!

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