Fantastic New Product: OrthoSleeve Calf Sleeve CS6!


If you suffer from calf cramps, poor circulation, shin splints, or even Achilles tendonitis, you will love the new OrthoSleeve Calf Sleeve. It’s a compression sleeve that fits over your calf, offering graduated support the length of the sleeve.

Does it really make a difference? Yes it does, more so than compression socks. You can really feel the difference in a product with graduated compression.  It’s also designed to help relieve pain from exercise, Achilles tendonitis, and swelling. Compression Zone Technology offers zoned support, so that you can stabilize the calf area with firmer compression than around the ankle or at the top hem.

I really like the fact that this is easy to get on and off, and it’s designed to be worn under socks or alone. The fabric wicks moisture, so your skin can stay cool and dry. This product can make a huge difference for people who are on their feet all day as well; you can feel relief immediately and for long periods of time. (But don’t wear it more than 8 hours at a time.)

Compression levels range from light (10-15 mmHg), to moderate (15-20 mmHg) to firm (20-30 mmHG).

Give the OrthoSleeve Calf Sleeve CS6 a try if you have any issues with leg pain due to poor circulation, Achilles tendinitis, shin splints, or even general fatigue.  It can make a big difference in how you get through your days!

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